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Spicing up the Rotation in Turf Wars

Discussion in 'Turf Wars' started by realmraka, Sep 3, 2019.


Do you want the old maps to be reintroduced to the current map rotation in Turf Wars?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Hello again,

    My name is RealMrAKA, and I've been a Turf Wars main on Mineplex since 2015. I'd say I'm pretty experienced when it comes to this game, and I try to keep myself updated on the community whenever I can. Anyways, what I wanted to bring up right now is something I brought up in GI recently, and got mixed support ranging from 100% agreement to flat out refusal of the idea. I thought bringing it here would be a good idea. I'd also like to say that this is a post about the Java edition of Turf Wars.

    Basically, my idea is to bring back the old maps that have been removed. When I say old maps, I mean the maps that have been removed due to aesthetic reasons.

    I want to go over why that is. In the game of Turf Wars, aesthetics are simply not as important as in games like Survival Games, Skywars, etc. The game is so fast paced that players care more about the gameplay rather than what's around them. In fact, what gets people going in Turf Wars is actually how the gameplay differs in each map NOT the aesthetics. For example, if there's elevation, void holes, big spawn, etc. players find variety and enjoyment in that. No player (if they're playing Turf Wars correctly) is going to be admiring the aesthetics of every map while the game is going. In fact, over my 4 years of playing this game, I've found that people take pleasure in how each map has different gameplay rather than the differing aesthetics.

    A great example of this is Double Forts, which was a map that had great gameplay but simple aesthetics. It was probably the most popular map for turf players back in 2016 and even though the map was relatively simple, people liked it for the smooth gameplay without too many distractions, obstacles, etc. My point is that aesthetics really aren't important in the game of Turf Wars, and bringing back maps that have been removed due to aesthetic reasons in Turf would be a non-issue.

    Adding the old maps back into the current rotation of new maps is what I want, solely due to the nostalgia old maps bring and the variety they will reintroduce to the game. First let's talk about the nostalgia factor. Many of the removed maps (like Double Forts) were maps that the Turf community has been playing on for years, bringing back these maps would entice many players to come back and play on them, as well as please current players who remember them. With Mineplex's player base being surprisingly "old", many people would recognize these old maps and honestly I only see a benefit from bringing them back.
    Also, there is the variety factor. The game of Turf Wars can get quite repetitive, and the only thing that changes from game to game is the map, so basically it's up to the map every game to deliver a new gameplay experience. Adding back the old maps not only fulfills this with how different the building style was back then (think about "Old Mineplex" and "New Mineplex" mixing), it also adds a lot more maps to the rotation. In a game like Turf Wars, it's crucial to have a very large map pool, as the game is much more repetitive than many of the others on Mineplex. Adding back the old maps would take the map rotation to over 50, but I think this would overall have a net benefit as each game will be a new experience!

    Currently, Turf Wars has gotten to be a bit of a drag as it seems the same 8 or 9 maps seem to be the top voted every time, this goes against the very nature of the game. As I said above, the map is the only thing that is different about each turf game, so having more maps is a good solution to the staleness of Turf currently.

    Here's a list of the maps I want brought back, as they were removed due to aesthetic reasons:
    Fire and Water, Double Fort, Tracks, Railways, Ombre, Loading Dock, Lava Field, Kingdom of Ulu, Jungle Kingdom, Hidden Courtyard, Forgotten Haven, Entrancing, Daybreak and Ancient Propylon.

    Thanks for reading!
    Posted Sep 3, 2019
  2. I agree that some of the maps were simple, but enjoyable to play - sometimes simplicity can also be appreciated and the simpler maps have already proven themselves throughout the years. However, I will have to disagree because in a way, the maps represent Mineplex and having Double Forts as the first map a new player plays on would not be a desirable outcome. Instead, bringing one or two simpler maps back permanently would be beneficial for both sides. I remember "Fire And Water" and "Hidden Courtyard" as maps that were my cup of tea and I'd be happy to see them back.
    Posted Sep 3, 2019
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  3. Hey Thenorn,

    In my opinion, the simplicity of Double Forts is honestly an aesthetic in and of itself. It's a style of building that Mineplex left behind, but when Double Forts is added to the current rotation, it would be refreshing to see a simple map like that after a few crazy maps. It'd also help to add variety as no other map is as simple as Double Forts is. What do you think?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 3, 2019
  4. I'm not sure I see it the way you do, but I'm not explicitly against having it back. It's just that since it was removed for aesthetic reasons, I don't think the Build team will have a lot of understanding for your suggestion.
    Posted Sep 3, 2019
  5. As a frequent Turf Wars player myself, I agree with bringing back some of the older maps! ^-^ Some of the older maps were really good for gameplay that I didn't really care for aesthetics in that map whereas some people may have. For me,perhaps it has gotten something to do with nostalgia and the fact I'm more *tryhardy* than just the regular players that play, who may find fancy buildings and colours to be more appealing than the actual gameplay itself - it's a possibility.

    The maps you listed weren't all removed for aesthetic reasons, but others were removed for having practically the same or just a small differing gameplay difference. There was nothing unique about some of them, which can make Turf Wars veryyyyy boring and repetitive. Keep in mind, there was a ton of maps and it got to the point where I, like many other users, couldn't even remember how the map looked when I saw the name (and I still don't remember the look of some of them), that's what made them not really that special as they were kind of all the same.

    I wouldn't mind the build team remodelling and bringing back Double Forts. It was a simplistic map and it's what we need at times because sometimes the gameplay of other maps can be annoying. But, I wouldn't like the map to be "massively reformed" due to the nostalgia the map has to offer.
    As for Kingdom of Ulu, I'm aware there was previously some terrain cover that was offered by rocks on the map and I thought that they should maybe bring that map back with those rocks as it would certainly spice up the gameplay a little by having some natural cover; it did set that map a part from all the other flat maps. I just don't understand why it was scrapped entirely as it wasn't a horribly bad map either.
    Hidden Courtyards wasn't bad as well except I'd open the spawn doors a little as they seem to be a little small and cramped. Maybe also add a second height to the map around the side and extending the size of the mountain terrain at the side. I would suggest Agni Kai returning (but I know it's now back, so that's a plus! ^-^)
    The rest of them can go bye-bye, some of them were just straight up stupid (for lack of a better term) and immensely irritating to play.

    Anyways, enough said. I would give this a +1 for some of the older maps to be remodelled and brought back.
    Posted Sep 3, 2019
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  6. Hey chocochunk, and others.

    I think we're missing the point of what I'm trying to say. What I'm saying isn't really my opinion that every single one of the maps I listed above are perfect and should come back. As turf players, we're not all the same, and I know obviously that not everyone likes the maps that I've listed. Honestly speaking, the current maps in the rotation aren't all that great either, anyone can agree with that. I really want some maps out of the rotation too, but other people may like those maps. Does that mean we should just remove all the controversial maps? No, different opinions are valued and Mineplex certainly can't cater to everyone.

    My point here is that bringing back the old maps definitely increases variety and I'm sure we can all agree on that. You just said it yourself, you like some of the maps I've listed, other people may like the maps you dislike. That's always going to be the case, so the best Mineplex can do is supply as much variety as possible, right? To please the most players.There's also the fact that some players may not like the actual map, but just want it back for the nostalgia, which is definitely an acceptable reason. So variety and nostalgia are still the focal points of my idea, I'm not saying that every map I've listed is perfect, as no map can achieve that.

    Hopefully I've made more sense.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 3, 2019
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