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Soup Generator

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Baloo, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Reasoning:
    Currently, giant 8 chunk soup farms are the main source of money in the clans economy. As you can get stacks upon stacks of mushrooms with just one use of the farm and then sell them as mushroom stew for a major profit. These farms are an issue mainly SOTW where power clans can push to finish a farm within 2-3 days of a reset. These farms not only can inflate the economy but also lag out the server as running water and specific blocks (woods planks) can be an issue with most farms. So, there are two ways to go about dealing with the problem. You can either remove the feature to sell mushroom stews, meaning that these farms won’t be as effective as they once were when it comes to producing money, but that won’t stop people from building them to sell only mushrooms (not stew) or just to have stew for pvp purposes. The other option would be to limit the number of mushrooms that can be placed within a claim (or how high / low they can be placed, similar to chests and other storage devices. However, the second option makes it more difficult for smaller clans or new players (who frequently will manually farm mushrooms for soup to pvp) to get into the game and compete with power clans. So, with some inspiration from @kznny in this post, I’ve come up with something that should help both the economy and the lag.

    Well, what is the soup generator? It would be a purchasable block (Cauldron) that has its own GUI, similarly to the cannon. Basically the soup generator will produce mushrooms (red and brown) over time so that players can insert bowls and get out stacked soups (see picture below). It would generate 2 mushrooms (one of each type) every 30 seconds, meaning you would be able to get a full stack within 32 minutes. I feel this time could be increased but shouldn’t be overly long as it creates an issue where clans have to wait around for soup before they can go out and pvp or do raids. There would be 3 tiers to the mushroom generator where each tier would increase the total mushroom cap, for instance. Tier 1 is 1 stack, T2 is 2, etc. I don’t believe soup generators should be able to non-stop produce mushrooms (as in they have no cap) as it could lead to an easy way to crash the server (dropping stacks upon stacks of mushrooms on the ground) and could generally cause lag (as the generators would constantly be updating their mushroom count). Also, as cauldrons can be filled/drained with water using buckets and water bottles it would give the cauldron the option to physically change appearance based on how full the generator is. This way, another armor stand isn’t needed to show players the status of their generator. (However, you would have to make sure people can’t fill water bottles or remove dye from leather armor by using the generator or there could be potential bugs). It would also be cool to change the water texture inside the cauldron to resemble soup but it’s based off the “still water” texture so that would make moats/lakes look like giant pools of mushroom soup.


    Quick Q/A with my opinions on the topic:

    Q: Why can’t you just take out the mushrooms?

    A: Well, being able to just take out the mushrooms means you could go off to shops and sell them, I don’t like the idea of a soup generator paying for itself like this. As within a day or two you could have sold enough mushrooms (not stew, I think the ability to sell stews should be removed / free) to buy another generator.

    Q: Why do you need to input bowls?
    A: I think its an interesting mechanic, where you input a certain number of bowls (1-64), shift-click on the mushroom stew in the middle and it would use up that many mushrooms and give you stacked soup. The generator would be another easy way to get stacked soups besides going to shop and buying some.

    Q: Why the different tiers?
    A: I like the idea of being able to upgrade the generator, I don’t think you should be able to get an endless amount of soups (no cap) but don’t think it should be relatively low either (less than 64). Being able to upgrade the generator to the next tier would allow you to not have to constantly watch it to know you aren’t wasting soup generation time. (As in, it would fill up and then stop generating soups).

    Q: How would you upgrade it?
    A: I believe the best way to upgrade it would be to force players to pick it back up (as it still is a block you can mine, even if it has armor stands attached like cannons do) and take it shops. After getting it to shops you would be able to purchase the next tier from the Organic Produce shop (To purchase the next tier you would have to have the previous tier in your inventory). After purchasing the new tier it would remove the old one from your inventory. The reason behind taking it to shops is that there should be some risk involved in getting an upgrade, upgrading it allows you to hold more soup but you risk dying with it on the way to shops.

    Q: What would the price be?
    A: Well I think it shouldn’t be cheap is the first thing, this gives you a pretty nice and hands-free way to get soup for pvp. Maybe to start off Tier 1 would be 100k and then it would increase by 50k for each new Tier (so Tier 2 would cost 150k). That way the total price for a Tier 3 generator would be 450k. I would like opinions on this as pricing isn’t something I know how to balance.

    Q: How many can you have / Can you move it?
    A: For lag reasons, and for general OPness, I don’t believe you should be able to have more than 1 generator placed inside your claim. This way instead of purchasing multiple Tier 1 generators you are pushed to upgrade it instead, meaning that it brings some risk into getting more soup for your clan, as you might get picked off on your way to shops when trying to upgrade it. As for moving it around 100% yes, the block would be a Cauldron meaning even though it might say “Soup Generator Tier 1” above it with armor stands you should still be able to mine it / have the armor stand names go away. That way you aren’t forced to put it in one spot.

    Q: Can it be broken by other clans?
    A: Currently there are issues with cannons where other clans can glitch them via abilities like explosive arrow, although I’m not sure why the glitch occurs it could be because cannons have health points and are able to be destroyed, meaning that certain abilities might bug out the armor stands and just outright kill them without inflicting the damage to “remove the cannon” if that makes sense. Since the soup generator block wouldn’t have HP it hopefully wouldn’t be affected by the same issues. But no other clans can’t just get in your base and mine the generator and leave. However, if you were to get INVADED by another clan I think that it should be free game for stealing the soup generator, as its a valuable item and you should be at risk of losing it.

    If you have any other suggestions or potential issues you see with this please feel free to leave a comment and let me know (or if you notice some grammar error I need to correct).

    Thanks for reading!
    Posted Jun 29, 2020,
    Last edited Jun 30, 2020
  2. I really like this idea and pretty much everything you have said here. I think it would be so much better to have this than huge farms that lag the server. I really hope this gets added to the game
    Posted Jun 29, 2020
  3. Epic Idea,

    I had the idea of this but with cobblestone, this is very similar to hypixels skyblock generators, but in my opinion the price should be 300k-500k.
    Posted Jul 1, 2020
  4. +1, great idea, price is literally perfect, I'd love to see something like this in-game.
    Posted Jul 1, 2020
  5. add this in already

    FAT +1
    Posted Jul 2, 2020
  6. Instead of editing this to add on something else I thought might be interesting I'll just reply so people can see either option. So talking with Fallen, a fellow Trainee and CI, he had the idea for an event drop for a type of "Soup Generator Upgrade Token" kind of like how you would get Old Silver's from bosses. When killing a boss or from maybe UC, Cap point, or Raids you have a chance to get a green firework drop called the "Upgrade Token" which could be an enchanted gold ingot. The item would have the sole purpose of upgrading your Soup Generator from 1 -> 2, and then 2 -> 3. The upgrade process would remain the same though. So to upgrade your generator you would first have to mine it and then take it to shops, this provides some risk to upgrading it as other clans have the chance to kill you for your generator. Once you get it to shops you would have to go to the Organic Produce villager with the generator in your inventory, which would then unlock the Tier 2, as you can't outright buy a tier 2 until you have a tier 1 in your inventory. (Essentially the higher tier is blocked until you have the tier before it in your inventory). Then when you buy the Tier 2 it would remove the Tier 1 and the upgrade token from your inventory. The reason behind doing it this way is so Power Clans won't always be the first to get a max generator, as the whole purpose of this is to nerf powers clans by removing their need to make giant mushrooms farms and sell stews. It's easier to make these farms when you have a lot of people for big claims, and a lot of people to work on the farm. Sure power clans need more energy to stay claimed but they have more people available to use their daily and mine cobble for gold, so its already balanced in that sense. Having the upgrade token drop from any event allows smaller clans who can clean events or go to Cap Point and UC a chance to upgrade their generator before power clans as this changes it from being "How much gold can you mine in a day" to how lucky you are at events. Let me know what you guys think, I'd love to hear some more ideas and potential changes to the Soup Generator. Overall I really like this idea so far and would love to see it added.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 7, 2020
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