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Something against invisible players

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by Geodas11, May 2, 2020.

  1. There is a problem on Bedrock server - there are so much rule breakers, what are using fully invisible skins (no name, no skin, no particles....). It is impossible to fight these players. I played survival games, and there were min. 4 these players. In another game there were min. 5 these players, and in my last game, there were min. 3 these players. It is impossible to play on Mineplex with this. That players can easily get free wins, and can get to the leaderboard. So now a lot of players playing something like Dragons, because there it is okay with them. But in PvP - impossible thing. Bugs (there are a lot of on Bedrock!), does not matter to me, but hackers..... On different Bedrock servers was also this problem with these hackers, but it is already solved somehow. On Mineplex, players are able to have this skins, so all of them playing here. It seems like this to me. And normal players cant play. I fully understand that, Mineplex income is like 80% from Java (I am also Java player), but on your Bedrock server is playing 2x more players. And as i said i dont care about bugs, but about hackers. So i am promising you to solve this problem. Please. It is unplayable. Also i am sure that after you will solve that bugs on Mineplex, players will play there, and they will buy more your Ranks :) It is favourite server with a lot of minigames, but mobile players have like 25 FPS on Mineplex. That can be a reason, why only computer players buying some Ranks. But only to minigames, where is no-PvP, because of invisible players. I am raging from them. I am sorry, this is only my opinion. I will surely play on Mineplex more. But please improve something against that hackers. I hope my English was okay (not so bad). Best wishes, and good luck :)
    Posted May 2, 2020
  2. Hey, hey! I'm so sorry to hear you encountered people with invisible skins. This is a bug that has to do with Microsoft, so Mineplex can't really do anything about it. You can read more information that Jacvb supplied over at this thread.
    Posted May 3, 2020
  3. I think there is something specific with Mineplex, because I have just randomly turned invisible after playing like an hour of Skywars, and came against may people who were also invisible. I only found out because someone pointed it out to me.
    Posted May 4, 2020
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  4. Well the thing is, the staff team has already stated that these are skins that are approved my Microsoft, so Mineplex can't really do anything about it. I honestly don't believe it's something up with Mineplex.
    Posted May 4, 2020

  5. Im new here but I always encounter this problem too most of the time that I play Turf Wars. I think it would be good that Mineplex should provide skins when playing against people so that it would be fair.
    Posted May 4, 2020

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