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Some problems with CW

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by Ocean1212, Aug 8, 2020.


What problems do you not like?

  1. Timers

  2. Team system

  3. Teamers

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. QUICK NOTE: The problems I have in the below section are some that I don't see addressed, but I feel like they should, as some of these are still very common.

    As a Mineplex bedrock player, I play alot of cake wars, and over my time in the game, I have noticed some important bugs that sort of cripple the experience. Firstly, this cannot be fixed, but it could be reduced by displaying a mesage in chat before the game to at least try to dissuade people who do this, but the problem is, whole teams leave at the same time, leaving only 1 or 2 members left, when there are 4 people on one team, I can say this because it's happens to me, A Lot. Secondly, this one is not nearly addressed as much, but it is TEAMING. Its Its re annoying especially when your team is like an underdog in the round until the end when the last 2 or so teams team up and you don't have a way to get away. Third, the teaming system. It's kind of bad, because parties don't get out together, and sometimes the team numbers aren't even fair. Parties who join Will most likely want to be on the same team, but of they have more players than a team or 2 teams can hold, why can't they join a empty lobby? So they will be split up in teams, but they will still have only each other inside the game, instead of everyone getting into different teams. And this has gotten rarer now, but teams having 2 and another having 4, NOW THAT'S NOT FAIR. Sometimes a team will have 4 and everyone else 3, that's not fair, especially when those 4 people have kits! Lastly, the timers. The timers in the game are useful sometimes, like running from hackers or cheaters, but other times, not so useful. Like when there's just one kill left to win the round and your right in front, then the game ends! And you don't get any rewards, at least get the rewards for the kills in the game and such if your going to end it. Another is joining the lobby, trust me, I'm sure you know what it feels like to join a lobby with 10 or even 5 seconds left and you have to equip a kit and join a team if your in a party, it's no fun. Sorry it was so long, I just have a lot of problems :D

    Wow this took forever to type especially since I am on phone lol
    Posted Aug 8, 2020
  2. We can’t control over what a player does in game. That’s up to them. Normally in cakewars, if there are 12 players in a game, the game should divide into teams of 3. If it’s a full game of 16, the game should divide in teams of 4. However if it’s an odd number, a random team gets the spare. If your team only has 2 and the other has 4, it’s most likely because your teammates have left the game.

    The party system isn’t perfect. However I have found it to be more reliant now than it was before. If the party system was fully fixed, this would eliminate the need to pick your teams and instead have plenty more time to choose your kits.

    As for timers, it wouldn't hurt to add some sort of bar at the top to indicate how much time you have left, or implement the same type of system already existing in skywars.
    Posted Aug 9, 2020
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  3. Okay, first and foremost, respect for typing all of that on a phone.

    Now, on to your issues.

    This typically happens when a party aren't all on the same team, or just pure coincidence. Sadly enough, I don't think a message in the beginning wouldn't be very effective.

    Teaming is actually against the rules, so you can always report it here! I really recommend reading this guide beforehand.

    I understand what you mean. When in a party, everyone wants to be on the same team. I honestly think you should only be able to have a max party count of four in CakeWars, and if you want more you can just split teams.

    I personally like the timer, but would love for the option to see how much time is left, instead of the game just ending with no notice.

    I hope this helped a bit, and I'm really glad you posted this!
    Posted Aug 9, 2020

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