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So very torn...

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Aod42286, Feb 11, 2021.

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  1. I've been on Mineplex survival for about 4yrs now. I've rolled with the punches. Learning how it works cause it's not typical MC. Dealing with the servers being down randomly or when updates happen. EVEN losing all my hard work to a reset. The changes of taking so many blocks/items away. (Kills me not to have an elytra ). Now I'm torn. Stick with it or find a new MC server. I get servers go down. But for days. WEEKS at a time. I'm over it! I spend so much time building. Helping others. Trading. Giving TONs upon TONs of stuff to new players. Teaching and helping those who are new how to play and not get bullied. I know I get get TP into the game if a server is down... but not everyone will help you in the lobby. It's so frustrating. Been a week now one wanted to play but server 4 is unavailable and I havent found a single nice person to help TP me into a different server.
    I'm over it! I want to play. I want to continue on my large bases to show off and help others. I'm so over all the BS. I just wanna play and build with others. And now I feel I need to find a new place to play. Mineplex has been my online MC home since I started playing online public servers.
    I'm saddened. I'm hurt. I dont like all this nonsense. I'd give my own $$ if I thought it would help. But nothings changed for the better in the years I've been here. No way I'd give my own hard earned money. I even tried to be a MOD hoping to be apart of Mineplex to help.
    I feel it's time to just leave. Before more negitive changes happen. Mineplex survival isnt a place for "long term" players. Just a scam to young people to have their parent pay for stuff that doesnt even advance Mineplex. That's why so many players never stay in my opinion.
    I really dont want to abandon my base I've spent time on since the reset. But... it seems better to start all over and have acces to play over keeping what I've worked on only to have it unavailable for days or weeks at a time.
    *heavy sigh*
    Rant over.....
    Posted Feb 11, 2021
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  2. Hey there Angelofdeath!

    I am sorry that you have been experiencing these issues in your gameplay, and I can completely understand your frustration. Unfortunately, this is a common issue that lots of players experience when the servers go down for maintenance. There's truthfully no way to prevent the servers from going down for maintenance. (This is a normal occurrence.) In addition, I’m sure you know that there isn't a way to officially check when the server is going to be back up online other than clicking the Survival NPC in the lobby. I know it’s a lot to ask for but, it’s best to remain patient until the server comes back up online from maintenance. I know it can be super frustrating, but that’s all we can do unfortunately. You’re always more than welcome to play on another survival server that is online while the current one you play on is down for maintenance. To do that, you should be able to access other servers by /party or /ftp. A thread where you can ask questions and view current FAQ about Bedrock Survival can be found here. I will be locking the thread, as it revolves around “leaving.” Should you have any further questions and/or concerns, you’re more than welcome to reach out to me!

    Thread Locked | “Quit/Leaving” thread
    Posted Feb 11, 2021
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