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So. Much. Iron. Armor...

Discussion in 'Survival Games' started by Hznter, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. So I was playing an SG game this morning and near the end of the game, I looked in my in inventory and saw all this iron armor, probably the most I've ever seen in a game of SG. So I thought I'd share it with the community :)

    Here's the link to the image ---> https://imgur.com/gallery/MQQqqGO
    Posted Aug 7, 2020
  2. Helloooo

    Yeah, if I even get one piece of iron armor in an SG game I become happy. I don't play SG very often, but this seems like a really neat accomplishment(?). You obviously acquired many kills throughout the game, unless you're simply amazing at looting chests. Either way, it's very impressive that this is even possible. In addition to all of that, three diamonds too? It's a bit overkill at that point. I really hope you won that game, haha :) Very interesting, thanks for sharing!
    Posted Aug 7, 2020
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  3. Don't worry I did win the game and had 9 kills in total :)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 7, 2020
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  4. Heyo!

    Honestly I'm super impressed with your ability to gather that much iron armor. In my opinion, if I get even an iron sword it's a good game. I'm assuming you gathered all of the gear by killing other players, which I am still impressed with because I'm not the best at PVP haha. Overall this is super cool and an awesome accomplishment and I definitely hope you won that game :) Thanks for sharing!
    Posted Aug 7, 2020
  5. Wha-

    That is way too much armor lol.

    Posted Aug 7, 2020
  6. oh my god it is so funny when this happens to me.... i always take screenshots and i have like 4 sets of iron armor lol
    Posted Aug 7, 2020
  7. Hey...

    If we're being honest that much iron armor just indicates a high skill level. I'm going under the assumption you gathered that by killing other people and, if that's the case, is incredibly impressive. I wish I was better to be honest, but I'll have to settle for being good vicariously through you. See you around & thanks for sharing.
    Posted Aug 7, 2020

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