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Not Planned Small idea; who knows?

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Cagayan, Jun 27, 2019.


Whatya think?

  1. I want this!

  2. It'd be nice...

  3. Nah.

  1. I've been on this server now for a while, and during my time I have collected quite a lot of gadgets.
    You may know where this is going.
    I'm probably not the first one to think of this but, maybe an idea can be to trade gadgets for shards or gems.
    What do you guys think?

    EDIT: My hypothetical costs of gadgets to shards in down below in a reply to Hestong.
    Posted Jun 27, 2019,
    Last edited Jun 28, 2019
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  2. A 1 for 2 (1 gadget for 2 shards) ratio would be fair cause noone is ever gonna use 10000 paintballs or whatever
    Posted Jun 27, 2019
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  3. Yeah I was think the ratio wouldn't be much; only 1-10 gems/shards per gadget.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 27, 2019
  4. Hey there,

    I believe this is a good idea. I have a lot of excess gadgets that I just do not find myself using anymore. It would be great for them to be used for shards instead of just sitting in my inventory. I believe the suggested trade of 1 gadget for 2 shards is pretty balanced, it doesn't replace playing games as the main source of gaining shards. Overall, great thinking, good luck with you getting your idea implemented!
    Posted Jun 27, 2019
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  5. Hi! I think that this is a good idea. I typically find myself not using any of my gadgets when I'm in lobbies, and it would be easier to just trade them for shards that I could use to open chests. The idea of 1 gadget for 2 shards also seems like it's pretty reasonable. It wouldn't give players a reason to stop playing games and would allow for players who don't want their gadgets to use them elsewhere. +1 to this idea!
    Posted Jun 27, 2019
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  6. Yo,
    Not a bad idea, although how would it affect the inflation of shards? I don't really know how many gadgets the average person has - I don't even know how many I have - so how will it affect the obtain ability of massive amounts of shards? Also, could we be more specific with the ratios? If I'm correct some gadgets may be less common than others, so maybe that warrants the use of more gadgets or more rewards for a gadget.

    Good idea, though. +1 from me
    Posted Jun 27, 2019
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  7. Here's my thinking right now for each trade:
    The most common gadgets (which I'm gonna say are Ethereal Pearl, Fireworks, TNT, Melon Launcher, Flesh Hook, Paintball Gun, Bat Blaster) would be 1 of these gadgets for 2 shards (or gems, who knows).
    For the less common gadgets, such as the ones found in seasonal treasure boxes would be around 1:5.
    For the Power Play Club Reward gadgets, they would be around 1:5-1:10.

    Notice how each gadget really isn't worth much. At a glance, this seems pointless, but for someone who has over 3600 flesh hooks on its own, it adds up quick.

    ALSO! These ratios are by no means final. This is still an early idea.

    Thank you for your feedback!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 27, 2019
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  8. Hey!

    I love this idea! After being on the server for years now, I have also collected many unused gadgets. For me, I mostly have fireworks and melon launchers, which I absolutely never use. I would love to see some sort of option available to replace these for shards or even gems. To be quite honest, I would also love to see a gem to shard converter as well, although that has been discussed many times on the forums. However, although I could definitely see this idea implemented, I would assume that it would be 1 shard per 1 gadget, which I believe is the most fair as well. Overall, I am completely down for any idea that converts items into shards, as they are the most desired item currently, as gems seem to be coming obsolete for players who already have all of the kits. Nicely done, +1!
    Posted Jun 28, 2019
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  9. Nice idea, I definitely think it would be worth implementing.

    I like the idea of being able to trade gadgets for either gems or shards. (Maybe 1 gadget for 1 gem or 1 gadget for 2 shards (for common items) since most kits cost below 5000 gems, but shards can be spent super quickly considering mythical chests costs 10,000 shards. It would be more gems/shards for rarer cosmetic items like said above.)

    I definitely think this would be useful for newer players. I’m sure most newer people are eager to get access to better kits, being able to trade in cheap cosmetics for gems would be extremely useful for them.

    Nice idea!
    Posted Jun 28, 2019
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  10. Thank you for your feedback! I hope I can get others to read this and give their opinion.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 28, 2019
  11. Hey!

    I personally love this idea! I have so many gadgets that I will 100% never use an that I need to get rid of. This would be a perfect way to do this! I really hope this gets implemented into the game and that it catches the eyes of many Mineplex Staff Members! Great idea!
    Posted Jun 28, 2019
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  12. Thank you!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 28, 2019
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  13. I've seen this idea before and unfortunately, it's been denied before by Production (or Marketing). I suggest this a few months ago, and it was denied due to being previously denied. I am for this idea, because a lot of players have too many Gadgets that they don't want to use, so I wouldn't be all against it. This wouldn't be that useful for players that have already collected all of the cosmetics, but useful for those still trying to complete their collection.

    I know that this won't be implemented, so I'll be giving this a -1.

    Maybe trying to suggest a different way for players to better utilize their Gadgets would work out better for this type of idea. Too many Gadgets is a problem and I'm sure many players would be for some sort of solution to the problem. No, this "problem" isn't game-breaking, but a solution would be nice for the server.
    Posted Jun 28, 2019
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  14. I really like this idea! Over my years of playing on Mineplex, I have collected tens of thousands of unused gadgets. Every day when I log on, they just sit there, and I always wish there was something I could do with them. This idea is great, and it would allow us players to be able to use these gadgets for something that we are actually interested in (i.e., nobody wants to sit and use 30,000 paintballs, but would sit and open 20 treasure chests).

    Overall, you've got a +1 from me!
    Posted Jun 29, 2019
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  15. Hey there!
    Super interesting idea you've presented. A lot of players have suggested ideas similar to this where a trading or more like a returning system should be developed. I personally find that many users may potentially benefit from getting more shards but since this idea has been rejected in the past I must say that there are a few reasons why I do see this idea not being too great.

    Gadgets are a lovely addition to the server but really I think it would be quite unbalanced and unfair if gadgets could be traded for gems and shards. Gems and shards are used specifically for game cosmetics and chests but if you were able to collect enough gadgets and then sell them all for shards (for example) you'd instantly get a lot of shards therefore allowing you to buy an illumination chest which therefore gives you an upperhand at getting a rare/legendary item which does not seem balanced to me. In this case it would be an unfair trade between an uncommon item to a potential legendary item.

    I think that although your idea seems interesting and does feature a nice trading system, I don't think it'll work out in the long run and can easily be changed around to potentially deliver high-rarity items. Since this idea has been denied before, I think that I'll also go by saying this might not be the greatest addition to the server. I hope to see more of your ideas on the forums, keep it up. -1
    Posted Jun 29, 2019
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  16. Not Planned

    Late on this discussion but first off, I'd like to thank you for the suggestion and that this seemed like an interesting concept. A suggestion similar to this was actually made quite a bit ago but unfortunately was denied by Marketing. Don't have much else to say but if you have another idea, feel free to create another thread. I'm going to leave this one open though in case you want to discuss it further, I will go ahead and leave a Not Planned prefix on it as well.
    Posted Nov 19, 2019

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