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Discussion in 'Map Guidelines' started by Build Team, Dec 16, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Skywars should always consist of 12 floating spawn islands, surrounded a central island in the middle. You also need to make connecting islands between the middle island and the spawn islands.

    Each Skywars spawn islands needs the following requirements.

    • 1 Green Spawn Point​
    • 2 Brown Data Points (The Chests)​
    • At least 5 logs​
    • At least 3 cobwebs​
    • At least 1 crafting table​
    • Be about 600 stone blocks big (You can check this by selecting the island and doing //count 1)​
    • A small cave​

    Once the spawn is created. Replace about 1/3 of the spawn island stone with DIAMOND_ORE
    Just select the island and do //replace 1 34%56,66%1

    Always follow these simple steps when making a Skywars map.

    For information on data points in general, click here.

    Also note the following data points:​
    • Use a LIME data points in the middle for the TNT spawner.​
    • Use about 4-6 GRAY data points for second tier chests per connecting island.​
    • Use about 12-14 BLACK data points for tier 3 chests (The ones at mid)​

    The Guidelines are as follows:
    • Player islands should be easy to run around in. It should not be difficult to find the cave or crafting table if it’s the player’s first time playing on that map.​
    • Connecting islands NEED to be big enough to pvp in without being able to easily push someone off.​
    • Try to have a unique but balanced layout. We don’t want the gameplay to get repetitive.​
    • Keep in mind the thickness of any islands you make. If they are too thin everywhere it will be be an easy map to destroy with TNT.​
    • Keep in mind the 6 chunk render distance currently on Mineplex. Players should be able to see player islands from the middle.​
    • DO NOT use spiderwebs in PvP areas. They are annoying for all reasons.​
    • DO NOT use water. If you have a place for it, just use blue glass instead.​
    • DO NOT use snow on your map. You could very easily get a shovel and farm snowballs.​
    • NEED at least 2 anvils and 2 enchanted tables somewhere in the middle island.​
    • Make sure tier 2 and 3 chests are in spots to speed up gameplay. Do not be putting chests under the map.​
    • Make sure every spawn island is even with the next. Every island should have equal chance of getting to the large island in the middle, as well as islands next to them.
    • Mid Island needs to be no smaller than a 30x30 circle. You need enough room for PvP!​
    Posted Dec 16, 2016
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