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Skywars Strategy

Discussion in 'Skywars' started by Talahai, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. Hello everyone! Hope you'll are having a great day today! I just wanted to ask one question someone could answer. What is the best strategy in Skywars in order to win? Thank you for answering my question! Again, have an amazing day!
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
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  2. I don't play Skywars a lot, but I can tell sometimes the gameplay is to only initiate in fights that you think you are going to win to. For example, if you are wearing all chair armor and another guy barely has any armor, but has a better sword than you, you can easily win that fight, and possibly get good loot. Basically strategizing whether a certain fight is winnable or not is key too surviving in Sky wars. Also, you don't want to camp a lot in the place where you spawn in the beginning of the game. A lot of loot is valuable in the middle of the map, and you can quickly get loot outside of where you spawned, then always come back to camp. As well, I would say camping is a good strategy to stay alive against people that are constantly fighting each other. If you ever want videos on tips for pvp in general, feel free to PM me as I am not sure if I can link it in the Mineplex forums. Being good at the PvP is probably the most important reason to win a Skywars game. Most of it is related to ping, cps(clicks per second), how good your aim is, and the frames/graphics you get in Minecraft. Otherwise , hope I answered your question in detail.
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
  3. Hey there, I have something to add on to what Wiz said. I feel like the best strategy to win a Skywars game would be to rush the middle island as fast as you can as it contains the best loot in the game and it'll easily get you ahead of everyone else in the game if you can get the mid island gear. I feel like this strategy is the best one for this game-mode and I hope that I've helped you out! Good luck in your future games!
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
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  4. I've been waiting for this day!

    • Remove unnecessary items. Here is a little secret: your hunger bar never decreases in Skywars. Therefore, you don't need to stack up on cooked chicken because it's a waste of space.
    • Use slots wisely! Sword in slot 1, bow in slot 3 and pickaxe in slot 4. Slot 5/6 can be your blocks and then Slot 7 can be your lava bucket, ender pearls or throwables. Always leave your arrows in your inventory and not slot bar.
    • Use ice kit/air kit. If you use the ice kit then you are able to prevent falling in the void should you end up falling. All you do is quickly right-click the ice block and then place a block to prevent falling. With the air kit, you just need to right-click the eye of ender and you will go back to the last safe location.
    • Use the ender pearl to save your merciless soul! You will always face someone with a full iron kit and enchanted diamond sword, so if you have an ender pearl use it to get far as possible and regenerate your health.
    • Aim to get the best sword and armour. You will do more damage and take less damage if you choose correctly. Always aim to get a diamond sword and full iron kit. Enchant your sword with sharpness to do more damage!
    • Kill zombie guardians. They do more damage than you think and are not helpful when you are already cornered by a player. They also drop valuables sometimes, so you have nothing to lose.
    • Attack from behind. This will let you do more damage and makes it nearly impossible for the other player to react in time.
    • Attack players right after they have been in combat with another player. They would have lost lots of health so use it to your advantage!

    Last but definitely not least, always try and get players thrown off with your eggs/arrows/snowballs. This is literally the best way to instantly kill a player and you won't have to worry about them once they're gone.

    These are all the tactics I try and use. There may be more and if there are I will comment again in the future.

    Good luck with your sky battles!
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
  5. Thank you so much! I've been trying this strategy recently.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 1, 2020
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  6. As a longtime Skywars player I can heavily vouch for Jo9711's strategy of rushing mid as quickly as possible and I can add onto it a bit. Try to find an axe or make an axe before you get to mid, and then once you are there, use the axe to break open 4-5 chests until your inventory is full and grab the TnT. Find a safe space for 15-20 seconds (I like to build up and jump on roof for mid) and sort through all the gear and weapons in your inventory. You should then be geared up enough to start finding and killing players using your compass and pearls. IMO, this is the best way to consistently win Skywars games.
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
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  7. Heya, try using these methods to win your next skywars game!

    • Practice your PvP skills -- Being good at PvP is a pretty big one when it comes to skywars, you can get pushed by a player at any time, and being ready to absolutely obliterate your opponent is key! Try pressing W then letting go, block hitting (pressing the left mouse button aka hit and the right mouse button aka block at the same time) then stop moving again, and press S. This is called W-Tapping but pressing S after your hit deals SO MUCH MORE KNOCKBACK and could possibly knock them off the map In just 1 hit depending on where you are!
    • Use Kits that you're comfortable with -- I recommend that you use a kit or class that you really like to use! I prefer the air kit since I'm used to it and it's helped me get some nastyyyyy plays! The current kits in skywars as of 4/13/20 are Ice Fire Air Metal and Earth. Each of these kits come with it's own unique perks that let you design the way you want to play the game!
    • Try using other players' techniques -- Have you seen other players play skywars? If you see a really nice skill that another player does, hop into a creative world or MPS and just try to recreate it until you get comfortable with it!
    • Don't Focus on getting kills -- What I mean is "Don't rush every person you see" Try rushing mid and getting all that god tier loot! Then start pushing 1 player at a time and slowly get your eliminations! This ensures that you get a higher chance of a dub since you already have great loot and you can get the extra EXP from the end of your game!
    • Be a good sport -- The best way to feel like a winner even if you don't win the match is to just be a good sport! Say "glhf" before every game as a way of kindness to the rest of the lobby! And when you die say "aw gg" or "Nice! How much health?" after you die. So many players will treat you differently (in a better way) and will look up to you as a great person!

    Anyways, I hope this helped!

    Posted Apr 13, 2020
  8. One of my favorite strategies is to take the fights close to the edge. There, it doesn't matter if they have better gear - if you knock them into the void, you win. Of course, this strategy is very risky, so as Wiz said, a good rule of thumb is to only fight players that have worse gear than you.
    Posted Apr 13, 2020
  9. Some good strats above!! I have been playing a lot recently and would like to share my thoughts (very similar to post above)
    1) Get to mid!! - You will have the best chance at winning if you can get some iron Armour and diamond sword right away! That will help you defeat some of the better players in the game and maybe a chance at daily leader-boards!!!
    2) Focus on strategy rather than pvp - Sometimes using your brain to figure out a way to win rather than just leaping into a fight can help! Work on a lava trap, or tnt or bowing! Maybe sit on mid and swoop down for a kill!!
    3) Don't be afraid to cross - You have to get to mid quickly so don't be afraid to cross right away without taking some chest from your home base. If you can get to mid quick enough not taking those chest from your spawn point can actually help you in the long run! You have to beat other players to mid though... and don't be afraid of other people hitting you off.
    4) Don't use your ability right away - Bridge with blocks first and then use your ability (leap, ice kit, etc) to get to mid. It will help you get there faster and get better gear much much easier. The distance to mid is usually longer than to your semi-island.
    Posted Apr 14, 2020
  10. When I play skywars which happens often as it's my main game I quickly bridge over to mid. While going there I find my neighbors already bridging so sadly I have to kill them. Once the job is done I go to the middle and get good gear. I try to find enderpearls and soups as well as a diamond sword and armor of course and once I have all that I just pearl to people and i kill them. Kills give more xp so they are important. I don't really make strategies I just play super aggressive and if it works it worked I guess but it does work most of the times.
    I even made a video which shows how I play and I'm sure many people play like this as well.
    Posted Apr 26, 2020,
    Last edited Apr 26, 2020
  11. Hello there, even though you may know how to play Skywars I will review common strategies so you could play better.
    (P.S I am not very skilled at Skywars my best, but I know enough to give the strategies)

    Here are three strategies:

    1. You have to stay at your island as long as possible and try to get the best weapons and armor possible.
    2. Sooner or later you leave the island and go to the smaller islands which should contain a chest and try to knock players off or kill them as they come.
    3. Go to middle when you're ready and make sure no one sees you going to middle.
    4. Try to survive as long as possible on the island.

    1. You open the first chest in your base
    2. You try to get to the smaller islands, possibly collect items.
    3. Go to middle as soon as possible and try to survive. Kill players along the way.

    1. Collect items in your island.
    2. Knock players off as they go to the smaller islands.
    3. Try to get kills in the smaller islands and then go to middle.
    4. Try to just survive in middle and leave middle if there is too much fighting.

    Hope you are doing well and good luck in Skywars!

    Thank you for reading :)
    Posted Apr 26, 2020
  12. From those 3 only the 2nd will work.Camping will get you killed by the player who is already in the middle later on anyways. Casual might get you killed too because you are wasting time instead of rushing the mid and getting the best loot.
    Posted Apr 26, 2020
  13. Alright. Well thanks for clarifying.
    Posted Apr 26, 2020
  14. get blocks and possibly a sharp 1 stone sword.. rush to 2nd island, kill someone with a wnch stone sword, combine in anvil, get iron full, killl everyone, 1000xp for free
    Posted Apr 26, 2020
  15. Yo!

    Skywars has to be one of my favorite games on Mineplex. The amount of XP given if you win is very generous which keeps me motivated while playing. There are tons of different play styles to choose from, whether you mine at spawn, rush other players, or take it slow. I prefer to rush. If I'm given a stronger sword, blocks, and some armor the best thing for me to do is rush to middle. Being able to get to the middle first has its advantages as all the armor, stronger weapons, and other items are handed to me. Once I get stacked up I will try to locate players and kill them. Or, I'll enchant my weapons or armor just to be extra careful. Overall, rushing is by far one of my favorite strategies in Skywars and will help you receive that win! (:
    Posted Apr 28, 2020
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  16. So everyone seems to be saying the obvious rn, just rush mid and get good loot. But there are a couple of things that set the best apart from everyone else, which I will list here.

    • Speed Bridging. This will let you get to places much faster. If you need help learning how to do this, there are countless tutorials on youtube. Just search up, "Speed bridging tutorial." and look for something that suits your needs.
    • Rod/Egg. If you are caught in a fight with someone that knows how to use these, and you don't, you will probably lose. Eggs and rods allow you to get easy combos by egging them just before they are in range. Again, search up tutorials on these items on youtube if you need help learning how to use them.
    • Mine your chests. You are able to get iron axes in Teir 2 and Teir 3 chests, (2nd island and mid respectively.) If you can get to mid quickly and mine all the chests and get out of there, you will have a massive advantage as you peacefully put on gear out of harm's way, while not allowing anyone to get items they might have found usefull.
    Posted Apr 28, 2020,
    Last edited Apr 29, 2020
  17. Hello.
    I found that when I play skywars, rushing to mid often works the best for me. Mid is where all of the OP armor and weapons are which are helpful when in combat with a player. It almost always has a bow and some arrows which are great for trying to knock a person off. I find that if I do not have a bow and arrows, I almost always have snowballs or eggs in my inventory which are also great for this situation. Getting your weapons and armor enchanted at mid, along with grabbing a few enderpearls will definitely help your winning chances. I hope this helped.
    Posted May 20, 2020

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