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In Discussion Skywars - new kit :D

Discussion in 'New Kit Discussion' started by fallacious, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. let me introduce you to the: dooms
    this kit is probably the most fun kit to play if they care to add since it will turn players to a nuke clear bomb , what it does is it absorb incoming damage include bow , tnt and melee attack too , anything that does damage except snowball or eggs.
    players will be given the nether star or anything else that look cool, to use it we need to right click the ns but heres the point ,the more energy the players have , more powerful the nuke will be, the power level will be show in the exp bar and the only way to gain energy is taking damage , 1 melee attack = 5 point , 1 bow shot = 2 point and a tnt right ifo the players will be 20 point , the maximum power level is 100. With each 10 point gained , the radius of the nuke will increase by 1 block.

    this nuke will do 1 dmg in 10 points, 2dmg in 20 points and 5 damage in 50 points , if the player have maximum power level , they will deal 8 damage ( which is 4 heart if no arrmour ), the further the players are to the center of the nuke , the damage will be decreased. 10 Points deal 50% kb , 50 points deal 100% and maximum power level deal 200% kb , not very much but compare to other kit , this is fairly balanced.

    player will spawn with 1 wooden sword and other tool and no arrmour ( obvious lul )

    player take decreased damage by 1 from melee and 0.5 from bow shots , none from tnt.
    Posted Mar 21, 2020
  2. tbh i dont think there should be a new kit so i disagree
    Posted Mar 21, 2020
  3. atleast talk about the kit bruh , thats just sad
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 21, 2020
  4. Hey!

    I like the idea around the kit. It reminds me of Black Panthers suit, the damage that he gets hit with gets reflected back but harder. The kit name should be changed though, something more relevant to the kit but dooms seems good. I agree with the fact that eggs and snowballs don't count towards the damage taken. The point system you have for this kit makes sense and would totally work out. Spawning in with a wooden sword is sort of pointless so I would just say not to spawn in with that or let them have something else. Also I think the explosion it will cause should do more damage then what you put. Not that much more though, but make it make sense. Anyways, I'm not really sure if this kit would be good for Skywars, and we really don't need another kit added but I do like the idea of this kit. Overall I have mixed opinions on this kit.
    Posted Mar 21, 2020
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  5. Hiya!
    I disagree with adding this kit for a couple reasons. One being that all of the kits in our Skywars game mode are revolved around the same type of abilities, fire, water, air, etc almost like air benders (lol) . The kit name doom doesn't really revolve around the rest of the kit names, which yes isn't that big of a deal however it does play a role into the equation. Maybe changing it too something related could work. Another reason I don't see this kit working on is it doesn't really have enough to do to counter the other kits. In my opinion the Earth and Air kit could easy defeat a player with doom, because the doom player would have to recharge their ability while the air can leap across/above and kill. I love the effort you put into the idea, and I do agree with the amounts of damage you assigned each thing. However, since the max damage requires 100 points, I feel like zero players will max out. I mean Skywars is usually a fast paced game and I don't see a player being able to gain 100 points to gain the most powerful "nuke". Overall I love the effort you put in, however I don't see this kit working out.
    Posted Mar 22, 2020
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  6. Hi,
    As epicbuilder said, one of the main problems with this kit in my opinion is how long it would take a player to achieve 100 points for the kit to be worth using. Realistically, I don't feel like anyone can get that many points in one game as Skywars games take quite a short amount of time to complete. I also feel like since the nether star takes so long to get the points for the explosion to be worth it, it could easily be taken out by other kits while the doom kit player is trying to get enough points.
    Posted Mar 22, 2020
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