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Skywars Main Problem

Discussion in 'Skywars' started by GAM, Aug 26, 2020.

  1. To start off I want to point out that the latest Skywars update was amazing! It really helped bring a more “normal” feel to Skywars which is what I love. I can now play the game for hours with out getting annoyed because of the old kits. Okay, moving on past that, I want to talk about what I think the main problem is right now. What that main problem is, is that there is nothing to grind for. Yes you could say there is leaderboards, but that’s nothing like a new kit or something like that. The thing I think Mineplex needs is a rewards for completeing certain things in Skywars. For example I think there should be cosmetics people can grind for, one of these cosmetics could be a kill effect, that you get for ex:100 wins, and you could make stuff harder and harder, and easier. What this would do is make stuff that people want to show off that they are a Skywars grinder and enjoy playing the game. You could have a win effect for maybe a 25 win streak or let’s say 1k wins, or maybe even higher things. Another thing that could be added is cosmetics for kills, wins, win streaks, and so much more. By adding something to grind for this would help players to want to grind the game, a lot more, and play more, and spend money more which will help Mineplex. Let me know what you all think! Also I think cosmetics like this could be great for many games.
    Posted Aug 26, 2020
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  2. Hello!

    I'm happy that you enjoy the new Skywars update, it does give a classic feel to the game. Regarding your view on Skywars, you could apply the same concept to every other game on the Mineplex server, in fact any game in general. You pointed out that you could grind to get on the leader-board which should be prideful and something to celebrate. Getting thousands of win in itself should be its own reward and does not need additional cosmetics at least in my opinion. Your argument revolves around the point that you want to show off, but that is what the leader-board is for. I constantly check the leader-board for most of the games I play in, so if there is a leader-board player in my game, I point that out and I bet they feel a sense of pride. In addition, with the new Skywars update, there is tiered achievements (afaik), where you get additional rewards for every certain amount of kills and wins. Gaining levels from gaining experiences unlocks many cosmetics through level rewards like particles, chests, shards, etc. Overall, I see where you are coming from, but I don't find it that necessary and something that if implemented should be low-priority.

    One last point is that I play games for the fun experiences during those games, and I believe many others do the same.
    Posted Aug 26, 2020
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  3. Ahh, you make some great points here that I think are really well phrased. I agree with you in many points, but personally I think that many players would love have a win effect that shows there detitcation to a certain game, and they could show that they are a grinder. This is obviously just an idea, and I greatly appreciate your thoughts. Thank you! Have a great day.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 26, 2020
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  4. grind for leaderboard and clout lol

    though i would like a skywars win effect for being like top 100 or above 1500 wins that would be cool
    Posted Sep 23, 2020
  5. same
    Posted Sep 23, 2020
  6. I am fully against rewards being offered because it could incentivize cheating. Seen hypixel ranked skywars? That mode is cheater infested, and who knows MP players might do that as well. I agree there is nothing to grind for, but unless we get a better anti-cheat I do not want these modes to be filled with even more closeters.
    Posted Sep 23, 2020
  7. Hypixel duels has a reward system and a ranking system for wins in certain modes. Their are like 5 tiers in every sort of rank and it’s done like 100 wins, 250 wins, 500 wins, 1000 wins, 5000 wins, 10000 wins (something like that xd). if his and a winstreak system were to be added. would motivate more people to play and make it more competitive.
    Posted Sep 23, 2020
  8. sw is honestly about as bad as sg in terms of the legits, insane amounts of hoppers and then the several closeters who never get banned. they made a big mistake when they made the kits completely useless, and the game is basically just running to mid to get diamond gear and pearls before everyone else. kinda was that way before but not nearly as bad since your island resources could actually do something beneficial. the metal kit gave a decent reason to not just rush to mid, but now, if you dont go to mid you basically will lose 90% of the time. the win achievement is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too high and would be perfect if set at 100-200. a game that needs a bigger win achievement like 500 would be cake wars, since you can actually play it anytime of day and it's popularity makes more sense for that. 30 wins for SG achievement is a cake walk and should be 100 but thats besides the point. i personally think the new update ruined the game and was most likely incentivized by high status players to cater toward their wants. thats my two cents
    Posted Sep 24, 2020
  9. i would like a reward for being #1 sw2 non cheater
    Posted Oct 6, 2020
  10. lmfao fr
    Posted Oct 7, 2020

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