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SkyWars Kits

Discussion in 'New Kit Discussion' started by Wolveszq, May 15, 2022.

  1. Mineplex, You should add a separate game but with kits. The main reason I like cakewars is because of kits. I understand that you have to make it mainly chest loot. But skywars earn a lot of gems. So
    People that main skywars has gems, but there worth less. That why you should add a kits gamemode
    Posted May 15, 2022
  2. Fun fact, Mineplex Skywars USED to have kits. I can't remember the reasoning off the top of my head on why they were removed, but this was actually a thing back in the day.

    I for one would like to see this make a return or even come as a separate gamemode like you suggest. I think it would spice up the game a little bit more, even though I like the game itself the way it is.

    Could you possibly brainstorm on what kits/kit ideas that you would like to see added? Pros and Cons of each one? How would you balance them? I'm excited to see your and other community members ideas!
    Posted May 16, 2022
  3. Agreed Arrow, kits are used to spice up the game experiences a bit. Let's pray :D
    Posted May 16, 2022
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  4. I agree with Shadow. I think kits would make the gameplay experience more fun for many people.
    Posted May 16, 2022
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  5. At the time kits were in skywars I wasn’t here. I heard it was fun. I would be glad to tell you what kits would be good.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 16, 2022
  6. Hey,

    I loved Skywars V2 when they had the elemental kits and was super disappointed when they were removed in V3. I'd ideally love to revert back to V2 entirely with a Skywars Update, but i'd also be happy if they added the kits back while keeping some of the PvP and Chest Loot changes that were also added in the latest V3 change. As Arrow said, it does add a lot more spice to the game and allows you to play a particular style that you're good at rather than having no kits and not a ton of variety, despite kit abilities being in the chests. One issue with Kits in the past is that Air was rather OP and other kits weren't used as frequently because of this. Maybe some more work could be done to balance the kits, however, I'm an absolute supporter of kits coming back.

    As Arrow also mentioned, I'm intrigued to hear if you or anyone else have any kit ideas for Skywars, and how they'd work and be balanced. Either way, I agree with your idea, and thanks for posting the thread!
    Posted May 25, 2022

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