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Skyblock Server Offline?

Discussion in 'SkyBlock Beta' started by Brave Explorer6, Dec 22, 2020.


Can you connect to the Bedrock Edition Skyblock Server?

  1. Yes, I can connect to the Bedrock Edition Skyblock Server.

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  2. No, I cannot connect to the Bedrock Edition Skyblock Server.

  1. Hello this is my first post in Skyblock forums. Is the Skyblock server offline? I have tried connecting to the survival server every single day, and every attempt to connect to the Skyblock server fails. I play on mobile. There are always 0 players on Skyblock, so I am assuming I am not the only player with that problem. Does anyone else reading this have the same problem? My Minecraft version is 1.16.50 .
    Posted Dec 22, 2020
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  2. Hello there!

    Our Skyblock mini-game is currently down in the server as I believe that the team is working into it to make some major changes or probably it's just under maintenance so you don't really have to worry about it, everyone for now in the server can't connect to the mini-game and it's only normal because just like you said, there's only 0 players in the mini-game which means there's really no one in the server who is playing it.

    I hope this message helps a lot, if you have any problems or concerns to your thread or my message, feel free to message me at anytime! <3
    Posted Dec 22, 2020
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