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Sky wars down the drain

Discussion in 'Skywars' started by rlcar000, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. It’s kinda sad, nobody plays skyward anymore, even thought it is the best.
    Posted Jan 4, 2021
  2. Although the player base has decreased overtime, Skywars still has many good players that are frequently active :D

    At the moment of me writing this message, there are 62 players in Java Skywars currently playing, which is enough to have 5 different lobbies playing Skywars all at once. I do really like Skywars, although I kinda suck at it and always lose aha... Throughout the day I never see a time when there aren't enough players to start a game, aside occasionally around the middle of the night EST time, but even then there are usually a good few games being played and queued for Skywars.

    If you have any suggestions or things you think could be beneficial to helping revamp or get players more interested in Skywars again feel more than welcome to make a post about it, so that it can help inspire some change that you want to see!

    Thanks for posting ^v^
    Posted Jan 4, 2021
  3. you´r welcome. have a good day.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 4, 2021

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