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Should we be worried about COVID-19?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johno1566, Mar 29, 2020.


Are you worried about the Corona Virus?

  1. yes

    25 vote(s)
  2. nope

    7 vote(s)
  3. kinda

    15 vote(s)
  1. As many others above have said, I am also concerned for my health in this pandemic crisis. I have been watching the statistics soar like crazy, and has definite scares with it. Even the media can come with anxiety. However, international officials have given tips to slow the spread, such as washing hands, not touching your face, keeping 6 feet of distance between others, etc. I think as long as we follow all their guidelines, you are at less chances of contracting the virus, or being less worried. I do have concern for my family members, especially my grandparents who are at a greater risk, but they have been listening. As long as you take care of your body as well such as exercising often, eating healthy foods, etc., then your immune system will be healthier, and better off fighting the virus. To answer your last question, I can't be sure if Mineplex will be impacted financially, but every staff member can work from home at least, so I don't think there will be a great affect.
    Posted Mar 29, 2020
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  2. I'm going to echo what a few people have said in saying that we absolutely should be worried. Even if you are not at risk, you have the potential to be a vector in the death of a loved one (or someone else's loved one). I have more than a few immunocompromised friends and loved ones, and as such I have a sort of constantly running background anxiety that one of them may acquire COVID-19... and likely not survive. Further, despite common belief young healthy people can get the disease and can die, even if it's rare. With the state of healthcare in my country, I don't trust that the youth will be as fine as everyone wants to believe. I hope that everyone that can is staying home, even if it's hard. Even if you don't have an immunocompromised or elderly housemate, you can still be a vector in someone else's harm... and you can still be harmed yourself.
    Posted Mar 29, 2020
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  3. I'm more worried about what this'll do to businesses and the economy. Small businesses that have been shut down can either pay their employees or go out of business, and the stock market is tanking.
    Posted Mar 29, 2020
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  4. I do think that we should be worried about it. I am not personally too scared about myself, but I am worried for elders since they are at higher risk than younger people. I do NOT think that people should be panicking as much as they are. People are taking it to extremes when it is not necessary. For example, younger people or just people in general who are going out to the stores and are buying an extreme amount of food, toilet paper, sanitizer etc. I don't they should be going to that extremity, especially when there are older people who need it. Elders should be a priority to those products because they are at that higher risk. It makes me extremely sad to see older people trying to just make it in a time of need like this. However. I do think that people here in the US need to take this pandemic more seriously. I feel like the reason why the amount of cases are going up day by day are because of those people who feel like it is not a risk going out. People need to understand what social distancing is, and stay inside the house and was their HANDS. To conclude my little rant type thing, I want to say that people do need to listen to what professionals are saying. Stay inside, wash your hands and limit going outside. Maybe buy a Minecraft account and come hang out on our awesome server and have some fun c:
    Posted Mar 29, 2020
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  5. But we should be worried it about. We worry about the flu, every year, hence everyone getting yearly flu vaccines. And this isn't like the flu, its worse. Worrying can sometimes lead to panic, but not usually. It is healthy to stay worried about something as serious as this, because it's deadly. Most countries report a mortality rate of 1-3% which is incredibly high, much higher than the seasonal flu. Not only should those with compromised immune systems or preexisting conditions be worried, but we all should be.
    Posted Mar 29, 2020
  6. Experts have examined the genome of COVID-19 and have found it to be a very stable virus, more so than the common flu. They have also said that, fortunately for us, viruses nearly always mutate and become weaker over time: becoming less deadly.

    Also experts are not entirely sure if we become immune to COVID-19 or not. They have said that if this is the case, it is uncertain for exactly how long we have immunity for. It may be for a few months, years, or for a lifetime. It may even become seasonal. We just don't know, so it's important to only spread factual information.
    Posted Mar 29, 2020
  7. I’m not overly worried about COVID-19. Honestly, the media has hyped it up to be much more than it actually is. You have a higher chance of receiving the flu than the coronavirus, and additionally, more people have died from the flu than the coronavirus. Another thing is, anyone could be a carrier of the virus, but not have the symptoms of it. I don’t have a compromised immune system, so I’m not too concerned about being a carrier of it. I think people are just worried because of how easily it spreads, and there’s no real containment for it. Despite that factor, it’s not that deadly, even for people who have a compromised immune system. People have recovered from COVID-19, so it’s not fatal to everyone who does obtain it. Personally, I don’t think you should be too worried about the virus.​
    Posted Mar 29, 2020
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  8. This is an argument I see a lot. There are media sources which have 'overhyped' the news story (mainly in order to increase click-based revenue sources) however the virus is still extremely concerning and shouldn't be ignored.

    COVID-19 is much more contagious than the flu meaning you are not more likely to get the flu. Official sources indicate that without proper containment and isolation the virus will spread exponentially. This spread will be even worse if it can spread asymptotically (which it seems like it might) as people with the virus will actively ignore isolation recommendations.

    In addition, saying "more people have died from the flu" is problematic, the flu has been around for a considerably longer time you wouldn't say "more people have died from the flu than have been killed by robots" if over 20000 people were killed by robots. Irrespective of the actual current number of infected the base statistics make it more contagious and more deadly than the flu making it of a larger concern. In addition, saying "it's not that deadly" is inaccurate, 3% may not sound like a high death rate however it is a lot higher than you think, for example, some cancers have a higher survival rate than that of COVID-19.

    In addition, nobody is immune to the disease and you can die from it even if you are completely healthy. The way the virus kills you is this: your immune systems attacks you and due to this becomes much weaker due to fighting the virus. This weekend immune system may then be infected with another disease (often pneumonia) which causes death. There is no reason as to why someone who is perfectly healthy cannot die from the virus. In addition, a lot of people will have undiagnosed underlying health conditions such as lung cancer and diabetes which can go for quite a long period without being diagnosed.
    Posted Mar 29, 2020
  9. We have to be concerned about the virus. Like Vytas said, a month ago it wasn't that much, but right now it becomes very dangerous (according to the statistics, there are more than 100000 cases reported in the US). People have to buy so many products (toilet papers, rice, water bottles, etc.) during the virus and as people buy more, stores will probably run out of the stock. As that continues, more stores will run out of business. Fast food restaurants will prevent all people from eating inside and only take out (to go) orders. More employees at the stores will have to wear gloves and masks.

    Although we aren't seriously infected, we are still very limited to go outside. I really missed being in school since my school has been closed because of the virus.
    Posted Mar 29, 2020
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  10. I definitely think that we should be worried, but only if we continue to go outside doing our normal daily activities. Many people are still going out to work, the store, and kids were even going to the beaches. Keep in mind, I am in the U.S. so that is what I am basing my opinion on. If we did a full quarantine and stopped every single flight for at least 3 weeks, we could be fine. However, this would be very difficult since medical staff is needed and construction is needed to repair homes that could end up damaged. People also need money, and 3 weeks without pay could be very hard for many families. It is a difficult situation where we all need to be careful.
    Posted Mar 29, 2020
  11. I would suggest you inform yourself before you incorrectly inform everyone else with non-factual statements as it can be dangerous to give false information. While "only 3%" might not seem like a lot, when you put into the perspective of a potential best-case scenario, that's like saying "only a few hundred thousand people will die". Also, coronavirus is more dangerous and more easily spread than influenza, In fact, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases stated that the death rate of coronavirus will likely be ten times more than the flu.

    While the elderly and people over the age of 65 are at increased risk, many others who have preexisting illnesses are at risk as well – including people with asthma. Don't forget, just because you're a perfectly healthy young person, doesn't mean you're not at risk of catching coronavirus, and even if you don't mind getting ill yourself, still doesn't exempt you from not transferring the illness to others – whom are potentially at higher risk.

    Coronavirus will not go away as quickly as Ebola (28,616 cases of EVD and 11,310 deaths) or the Swine Flu (700 million cases and 18,036 deaths – which is still many). Ebola was not as easily spread, and was able to be contained, and the swine flu was not as deadly. Already the coronavirus has affected a confirmed 721,412 people and taken 33,956 lives and is not comparable to these other viruses.

    I don't know where you're getting your facts, but the FDA believes it will take 12-18 months to create a vaccine for COVID–19, which is why flattening the curve is essential, so we don't have massive amounts of people in need of care that cannot be provided.

    I don't think any of us have enough knowledge to be making wild claims that could potentially put others in danger, and we are all just trying to stay safe and get through this together.

    Almost the whole world is on lockdown – except Belarus because their president believes vodka and saunas will cure coronavirus (not joking) – and anyone reading this needs to inform themselves on true, factual information instead of believing forums comments on a Minecraft server because it is in the best interest of everyone to remain knowledgeable and calm in this time of stress and global panic.
    Posted Mar 29, 2020
  12. How could he forget about potato!
    Posted Mar 30, 2020

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