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Should ranked be in mineplex?

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by DaFoxnDaHound10, Apr 23, 2022.


Would you want to add ranked to mineplex

This poll will close on Sep 10, 2022 at 7:04 PM.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. My bad, thought this was a java thread lol
    Posted Apr 26, 2022
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  2. I'm a bit iffy on this. Sure, Mineplex could have a ranked system, but I feel that there might be some problems with it. Two things that were already mentioned is that there would be plenty of cheaters and there would be a lack of updates. Bedrock doesn't have that many staff members so banning the cheaters may take a bit. If a ranked gamemode was implemented there would also need to be balancing, and we have a lack of developers so that would be a problem. One last problem I think this would bring is that there would be quite a lot of toxicity in the ranked gamemodes, and that is something that Mineplex wouldn't want to promote. However, I wouldn't mind seeing a ranked gamemode as you would be able to put yourself up for a challenge. So, while a ranked gamemode could work, some problems would arise that would need to be addressed.
    Posted Apr 27, 2022
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  3. in about π years it will have 30000 players
    Posted Apr 27, 2022
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  4. I think it would be good for people who like playing competitively. But there are also some downsides, such has stat boosters, cheaters, and toxicity. For there to be a ranked gamemode, it would have to be moderated constantly.
    Posted Apr 30, 2022
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  5. They need to get a much larger playerbase before adding ranked and unranked my guy
    Posted May 1, 2022
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  6. In 3.14 years? I doubt it. Mineplex might not make it that far
    Posted May 1, 2022
  7. 3.14159269159 all i can remember
    Posted May 1, 2022

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