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SG Poison End Game

Discussion in 'Survival Games' started by TopTen, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. So this is an idea I had, in regular SG this is not that big of problem, but I see it as a bigger issue in MPS or in team games, one thing I wished was that poison (end game) occurred a little later in the game, I feel like poison happens too early especially for a game like SG and wish the the border kept shrinking instead of there being poison right away. Reply or lmk your opinion on this. Thanks!
    Posted Jan 19, 2020
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  2. Hey,

    I think that as you said, in normal SG, it isn't really necessary to remove it as it rarely has an effect on the outcome of the game. If there were to be changes made to the MPS option of SG, I would prefer to have an option to toggle it on/off before starting the game, as opposed to removing it completely. In some cases where there are large mps' (the host being a YT for example) having this poison option at their disposal can be beneficial to their live stream to prevent games going on for prolonged periods of time.

    - Tripsy
    Posted Jan 23, 2020
  3. SG.... I don't quiet like it because I spent 5000 gems on a useless kit that allows you to summon skeletons that would rather kill you than go and fight with your enemies.
    Posted Jan 23, 2020
  4. The end-game poision only occurs fairly long after the second supply drop. Games should not exceed longer than around 10ish minutes, and I believe the poison is set at a fair time. The border is so close once players are given the poison that it moreso calls into question why the players took so long to kill each other. Game-specific MPS options is a feature that is well beyond priority right now as well, so the odds of it being added solely for players to get longer games in MPS is just not likely at all.
    Posted Jan 23, 2020
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  5. Necromancer is different. Give the skeletons a Bow and hit them with a road and then they will start shooting the enemy with infinity arrows
    Enchant the Bows for more destructive power and to turn your skeletons into turrets
    Posted Jan 30, 2020
  6. Thanks! Did you mean a stick when you mentioned a road?
    Posted Jan 31, 2020

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