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Season 6 Map 3 Update 02/08/2020:

Discussion in 'Clans' started by GrandpaNguyen, Feb 8, 2020.

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  1. Hello Clans Player, sorry for the delay and being patient with us as we reset the map with a new seed We do however have some updates that will be going into Season 6 Map 3. These are the following updates!:

    New Map

    • Clans Map has been reset and a new seed has been generated
    A huge thanks to our fabulous Dutty, Build Team, and AlexTheCoder! They have been working tirelessly to work through chunk errors and other issues to bring you this new seed. Please thank them for all of their hard work on such short notice.

    Shop Changes

    • Various Shop item prices have been changed
      • Siege Toolset:
        > Cannon price decreased to 15,000 gold from 25,000g
        > TNT price decreased to 10,000 gold from 20,000
        > Outpost price decreased to 60,000 gold from 100,000g
        > TNT Generator price decreased to 250,000 gold from 300,000g
    The current siege system is one that greatly favors the defenders over the attackers. With reducing the siege weapons from shops, we hope to make raiding a more robust system that rewards a clan for gaining 25 warpoints.

    • Combat Weapons:
      > Arrow price increased to 20g

    Ability Changes

    • Smoke Bomb has been disabled in Clans
    Smoke Bomb has always been an inherently powerful ability in the Champions game modes. However, it has been deemed too powerful for Clans. It gives an assassin the ability to engage and disengage from a fight at will (and at least 2 free hits regardless of bugs). There are plenty of other reasons you can read in this document.

    • Illusion has been disabled in Clans.
    Illusion has always been a skill notorious for bugs which is one of the main points for removal until the bugs can be patched.

    • Overcharge has been disabled in Clans
    Learning from the mistakes made in the process of the Ranger hotfix pushed out in late November, we decided the quickest way to nerf Ranger’s low risk high reward was to temporarily remove Overcharge. We aren’t trying to take away all of Ranger’s damage, rather bring it down to a point where players cannot be one or two shot while coming out of their base.
    Posted Feb 8, 2020
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