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Not Planned Screenshares

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Liqhts, Jan 14, 2020.


Should Mineplex start screensharing?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. I think Mineplex should start screensharing. My idea for it is only qualified mods would be allowed (they’d have to know how to do it) and they’d screen share for harder hacks to find/closet cheaters. I think it would ban more closet cheaters and help prevent false bans.
    Posted Jan 14, 2020
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  2. Mineplex mods don't want to have to learn how to screenshare and their leadership team has already said multiple times they're never going to start doing screenshares. The only place you will get screenshares is in the competitive leagues.
    Posted Jan 14, 2020
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  3. Ah alright then. I just thought not every mod had to learn it, only the mods that wanted to. Thanks for your response though.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 14, 2020
  4. Yeah, it was brought up before since some mods actually learnt to screenshare during PDCL's tournaments that were sponsored by Mineplex earlier this year (and before). LT/Mods have continuously downvoted/disagreed with the idea of screensharing, I don't see them changing that opinion too soon.
    Posted Jan 14, 2020
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  5. I definitely see this a lot on more of a Factions type of server, as I've done it myself countless times. The thing about screen sharing, is it can be considered invading people's privacy. Especially considering that Mineplex has a significantly younger player base, and this could possibly draw away players from the server. If this were ever to be implemented, it should only be Clans. Which would mean Clans Management staff members would have to learn screen-sharing methods to execute screen shares of suspicious users, which could take some time for them to master.

    I see what you are trying to say, and how it could be useful. But, Mineplex has too much of a reputation to have it damaged by a staff member accidentally missing a step and having their entire process compromised and exposed to the public. Basically what I'm trying to say, it would be a very risky move.

    So I'm going to give a -1. This new responsibility would be a very extensive and time consuming process, and could set back staff members on their current workload frequently. They could search through someone's entire computer for 20-30 minutes and find absolutely nothing that could point towards an unfair advantage.

    - Specy
    Posted Jan 14, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 14, 2020
  6. I think this idea could work. Sometimes people hack but do so very discreetly so it would give staff members another way to tell if somebody is hacking. I think this idea should only be used if staff members are unsure if somebody is hacking in order to not be too time-consuming.
    Posted Jan 14, 2020
  7. Personally I do not think that this would work, as Specy stated above, this can be considered as invading privacy, and closet cheating clients are getting better and better at hiding themselves. To be honest, I do not feel that it would be worth the time and effort to actually start screensharing players.
    Posted Jan 14, 2020
  8. I'm going have to disagree with allowing some staff members to screenshare with someone. For me, I'm not really comfortable about using screenshare with someone else on the Discord platform and what's so ever. Some other staff members don't feel comfortable too. Although I am always being too cautious about invading privacy, and I don't want anyone to see what I have on my computer.

    Overall, I'm going to have to give a no to this idea. -1

    Thread moved to General Idea Discussion
    Posted Jan 14, 2020
  9. Hey gamer,

    As many others have stated, staff shouldn’t be allowed to screenshare people. This would be a waste of both the staff and the players time. A good majority of players would just log off or destruct the SS. The current way of punishments is fine, and it isn’t hard to tell if someone is closet cheating. I forwarded this idea to toki, and she said that it’s not a thing that will happen, and she says -1. I also say -1, I think that it’s something that doesn’t belong on a mini games server.
    Posted Jan 14, 2020
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