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Santa's secret present?

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by YaBoiTim, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Can Santa bring back EU just for 1 day? ;)

    or EU mps, both are fine with me.
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  2. @YaBoiTim I'm not fully sure what you mean. My mind is racing to connect this with Brexit, but obviously that makes no sense whatsoever xD

    You are still able to log onto Mineplex with the EU ip addresses, it's just that the EU and US game lobbies have been merged together, so more people are in each game, and so they start quicker.

    There was an announcement about the EU-US merge, but I can't find the link. If anyone else on the forums has the link, it would be greatly appreciated ^-^
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  3. -1

    Can't be done, sadly. Mineplex does not have game-servers in the EU anymore... Here's how it works currently:
    EU players connect to EU connection nodes (proxies), which then connect to the US servers. As this illustration from @Dylan shows, the servers don't exist anymore, so this is sadly not possible.

    EU was fun while it lasted, but their reasoning for removing it was sound. Not sure if this is technically considered an "idea," but I'll treat it like one. For the reasons above, I have to disagree with doing this.

    Best Regards,
    - Fallen
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  4. Europe isn't even real he can't bring back something that doesn't exist
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
    Fallen likes this.
  5. Well since it's not gonna happen the only fair conclusion to make is that santa and jesus hate the EU. This is the only explanation.

    Doesn't even work anymore m8 and even when it "did" it wasn't very functional and was hard to even notice a difference.
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
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