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RonanAshMancer's Introduction

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ronanashmancer, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. Hello and best greetings,

    My name is Ronanashmancer in game, and in real life my name is Joshua, I'm 18, in college for Cyber Security Specialist I'm going to get my associates for that and then follow that more depending on how I like it, I also live in the US; It's so good to meet you all!

    My life story is as big as one of my favorite book The Stand by Stephen King(Yes I love to read), but I'm not here to bore you. I decided to come back to MineCraft due to some youtube channels that have inspired my childhood nostalgia. Let me tell you how I got into Minecraft. First, Minecraft was about a year or two strong and then I got a card from Walmart from my mother I was annoying her about it for months, and she finally broke (thank goodness) and I got it. At the time I wasn't computer savvy as I am now, so I had a lot of issues and my computer wasn't great. Mineplex was one of my first servers to join after I realized Multiplayer doesn't have to be me and my sister on a LAN server (Which is a Local Area Network, so me and my sister could type in our IP and have a server based upon our network). Once I realized that I could join servers I googled some up and Mineplex was one of the first, so I gave it a try and I was hooked, not only hooked on Minecraft itself but rather everything about the game and the server. After awhile I then got my mother to purchase me ULTRA, and I loved the ability to run around and look more important, as a child that was everything to me (good bragging rights to my friends in Middle School). Around 2016 I had learned a lot about computer mechanics, Java, and my favorite Python, that as well as much more I became more aware of what was happening with my computer instead of just knowing when I press the power button a computer was suppose to turn on. At the time of 2016 I joined another server and fell in love, I joined the forums and became extremely active (Way more than I should have haha), with that I decided to attempt to join the staff team and I did, I didn't expect much for the staff interview but I learned a lot more about staffing as well as community management on a Minecraft server, and with that after a year (2017) I was the owner, and administration for many Minecraft servers, I did a lot of dev work but I didn't do much, I made some plugins and helped servers get to their feet but after that I wanted into community management, I always loved communication with the community it's what makes an amazing server is that staff and community feedback back and forth. In 2018 my resume for staffing was very big, but I decided to take a break, staffing takes a lot of will and mentality out of you it does more than one can think, so I took a year off, and in early 2019, I came back and now I'm here. That's my journey through Minecraft, and during those years I upgraded my Mineplex rank and now I'm Eternal.

    Now that you know more about my Minecraft experience, I'd love for you to know more about me personally and my life off the game. Elementary school was tough for me, I'm dyslexic (And for those that don't know what that means, it means I have a hard time learning, I can't remember things, I have a hard time with all subjects, it's like having dementia for me), and my parents didn't know much, my mother was my hero she did her research and helped me to get the assistance I needed. Unfortunately, my elementary school believe it or not didn't have any special education help (Even though it was government mandated), so I struggled but my mother had helped me and advocated for me so I didn't need to do homework (Before anyone says lucky, you need to understand, I shouldn't and couldn't get my grade to be based upon my knowledge, how could I do homework, or quizzes, or tests if I didn't even know the material OR know how to read or write. So my class life was just going to class and going home).

    When I got to Middle School they finally had some education that could help me. I still never believed they were that great unfortunately, but they got me on my feet, I still hadn't done social studies and I barely did science classes most of my classes the entire day was hardcore extremely intensive English reading classes, my main course was Wilson Reading which I did for 7 whole years of my life and then I completed it on my Junior year of high school (I became the second person in all of my county district to have completed all 12 steps, out of hundreds of people who have started it and ended it at 9. (at the end of it the owner and CEO of Wilson wanted to have an interview with me, since I was one of the few that loved the program so much and had so much success with it). I got a big reward and got in the news and everything but that wasn't what I enjoyed I didn't want the congratulations from people, and you might wonder why, well the reason is because why should I accept peoples applause if they don't understand what the program is or what I'm going through. So I didn't want anything, why get a reward when the person giving it to me knew nothing about me or what I have accomplished). In my middle school years doing the program and finally in seventh grade starting social studies and science all at the same level as everyone else (No I was not gifted in those subjects in fact it made it worse not having done any of those courses previously and then going directly into them, its like an elementary schooler going into a college course). So I struggled with that too. Not only was I have issues with seventh grade from the classes, I now would be having, but I did now have special education assistants if you don't know those are people that are in your classes that are specifically meant to be there to help you do well in the class. But, the assistants weren't there to help me, in fact most of them had no degrees (Why can someone get paid to be a special education assistant if they have no knowledge of who they are helping, what they need, and what their going through NOR do they have any degree in education, it's terrible, special education assistants should have teaching degrees and then following that but also with SPED (Special Education Department degrees following it).
    What didn't make these assistants better was they thought that I was lying, and that I wasn't really studying and I wasn't actually trying all I was doing was being the stereotypical student. But, I wasn't lying I was studying and I was trying my best, but yet I was still under the 3% of my peers (I took a IQ test in seventh grade at got around 60) and yet I was trying way more than any other student.

    In High School, the SPED department got better, but it was still full of people that didn't care and just wanted their annual paycheck each bimonthly. These four years a lot happened I got the recognition I needed, I became a role model not only to my regular education peers but those with special disabilities as well, I did tours I did conferences hosted by me and I taught special education assistants what they needed to know about me and how to teach others like me how to be successful and go out into the real world and actually be as bright as they can be. My high school Special Education Administrator had in my Junior Year given me a job as a Special Education Assistant once I got a teaching degree (Which is awesome, I would already be hired), but I didn't want to, well in the back of my head I was 50/50 I loved helping students and adults how to learn and be successful, but I wanted to dabble in computers because their like me, they need someone to help them they need a mother, a mother liked my mother (a Motherboard). So I loved every part of a computer and I wanted to know every inch.
    Anyway to shape and to summarize my high school life, It was better, and I graduated more than 5% higher grade point average than ANY other peer in my grade level, I went from being the lowest to being the highest. I knew always that I had the ability to do it, but I struggled nonetheless. With that also I wanted to mention my senior year I actually wrote and finished 4 books! All fiction, I was going to make a biography of myself but it would be really stale (let me know if you want to see it), anyway I got my books finished but I don't have enough money for it to get professional edited and published, so its just in my flash drive catching dust, but I still love that I did it, and all my teachers and Librarians loved reading them, and then I also applied for a poem contest and got 2nd place out of 100 people who went in, and I got 20$ for it, so that's cool, my poem now stands in a frame in my High School Library.
    I also my Junior year and Senior year of High School mentor-shipped at my Elementary School in Special Education to learn more and help other students in my small shoes like I had way many years earlier. Additionally, my Senior year I worked finally, at CLC (Community Learning Centers) basically it is an after school program for Middle School and Elementary School students that can stay after and have homework help, some park time and a snack from 3:30 (School ending) to 5:30 CLC ending, plenty of time for many parents to pick them up from work. I was going to do the earlier one which was CLC in the morning of 6:45-8:08 when school started, however I decided not to because although I wake up at 4 every morning and I got to school at 5 in the morning EVERY DAY for 4 years, I wanted that time for my studies. So I worked with students, sometimes taking some kids out to try and help them read. I also worked summer school and did the same thing.
    I got really frustrated that I was getting paid so little and doing way more work than the adults so I contacted the School Administration on how furious I was about my pay and (honestly they didn't care) but they raised me 1.50$ more an hour, I was making 8$ and now I was making 9.50 it's meh now but for me at the time it was my world. I could see pay, money on my account for the work I was doing. Although the pay was little of the enjoyment as it was working with the children, I didn't the money for gas in my car. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to drive to school and work!

    In college, everything got harder I didn't get my hand held, I had to do things on my own, all they would provide me is additional time for tests, but I needed more than that, but that's something I'll work for later, right now I'm only in my first two weeks into college and I'm already doing way better than a lot of students (This isn't a brag, I just want you to know I went from low to high (And all I needed was someone to help me get there)).

    After all my success, and what I want to do with my life, I'm here now in the present, using my skills, and my knowledge to play games, teach, learn and more!

    It's so nice to meet you all, and I can't wait to get more involved in this community. Thank you all for reading my post. I have so much more I haven't shared and I only scratched 1% of my life, but I wanted you to know more about me!

    Thanks again, Best Wishes!

    RonanAshMancer (Joshua)
    Posted Sep 12, 2019
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  2. Heyo!

    This is probably one of the most lengthy introductions I've seen in a while. It's good to get to know people and what they enjoy to you, but the detail put into this makes me feel as though I know you a lot already, without even meeting you.

    It's cool all the experiences you've endured in your life so far, and your story about getting into Minecraft is very interesting. I had also gained an interest back in 2013 once I had started being able to watch Youtube. I saw the game was blowing up, so I had decided for my 8th birthday that I wanted to purchase it. I started off in Singleplayer since I didn't have anybody to play with, but soon figured out about servers as well. Not long after this, I had discovered Mineplex and have had an everlasting bond ever since. While I do take breaks every now and again, I usually always come back to Mineplex. I've always found myself just to be very fond of the community and games it provides, so this is just what lured me to Mineplex. I haven't ever been into coding, but I have also been a staff member on numerous servers before as well. It's always nice to see helpful players out and about the server, especially with past experience such as this. As for my past ranks and teams for Mineplex, I have purchased every single Java rank and have been on the Map Testing team in the past. I was also apart of the CMP for a while, which turned out to be really fun as well. This is just a little about my past story, onto the next part.

    I don't have any roadblocks set aside for my academic learning, so I can't even imagine what it must be like to have that in your life. I've always just attempted to stay ahead and on top of my classes, so by the end of elementary I was a few levels ahead in Reading and Math. I had taken summer school in 2nd grade, so by the time I reached 3rd grade I was put into a 3rd/4th grade environment. This meant I had learnt both grades at the same time, which lead my 4th grade year to basically being a lot of 5th grade work. Sadly, I had moved during my 5th year to a school which didn't provide anything higher, but it still had provided me with a lot of social study skills before I had reached Middle School. My mother has also been one of my biggest supports for me as well, but I also have taught myself a lot. This was my personal Elementary School experience

    As for my Middle School year, things went pretty casually for me. I didn't take it all too seriously, but serious enough to end up staying ahead and on top of all of my classes. In 7th grade I had ended up being placed in a Compacted Math class, so I had learnt both 7th and 8th grade math. I moved at the end of the school year, and the school I attended had luckily provided an Algebra I class for 8th graders. By the end of the year, I had graduated Middle School with a High School credit, which my mother is very proud of me for. Enough about me, I'll move onto you. It is very cool that you stuck with that program till the end, and persevering through all the challenges that have been thrown your way. I can understand not wanting media attention, I know a lot of people don't enjoy fame or popularity. It can also be frustrating when people are cheering you on for something they don't even understand, so good choice on your part. I've had a lot of kids in my schools from the past which had failed grades and gotten held back because of their conditions, but it is good to see that you still had succeeded through these hard times. I can imagine going into a whole new topic of life you've never learnt about before, it can be very frightening at first. It does suck how your assistants didn't believe you, in their place they should be willing to be open to any and all student, and just try to get their feet in your shoes. Luckily you still ended up proving them wrong it seems like, so good job on your part.

    For High School, I personally can't say much about this topic. This is my Freshman year of High School, so I'm new to how things work and things like that. It's amazing to see what you've been and done for your community and peers around you, I probably would have left that bus a while ago. It's always good to see role models in a community or just people to look up to, so congratulations to you on that. That's insane how you could have received a job for this as well, that's honestly a lot of time and effort to be able to go from where you've started to where you were then. Since you didn't take up the offer, I see that computers was your next choice. I am still fascinated by computers and how they work, so this is honestly just very interesting that you decided to go for this instead. Going from 0 to 100 is just really cool, most people in your place most likely wouldn't have been able to be at where you are today. Hard work can go a long way, which I see is the case with your academic life. I am also a really big fan of writing, but I have yet to create any sorts of books and official poems, so I find that to be very interesting. Not many seniors have books to their name by the end of their High School career, so the fact that you've accomplished this amazes me. I'm hoping by the end of High School to create a book as well (fiction), so hopefully I can achieve this goal someday.

    I like how you came back to help the people who were once where you were at all those years ago, that is some serious dedication. I had done something like this in 5th grade where I had gone back to all of my old classrooms to help students out, whether that be via helping them out with some math, answering their questions, or just making them smile. Your experience however belittles mine, so I can't really be talking. I take my opportunities to avoid staying after school or before school unless I need to, I can't even imagine how much effort you've put into this. As for the money side, I'm not even making money yet, so these are some big numbers on my part. While the pay may not be the best, it's good to still help them out whether they need it or not. I'm glad you ended up getting the pay raised, at least it was something.

    Obviously I'm years away from college, so this isn't something I can partake a conversation in. Even though you're not being guided anymore, you're still doing better than most students, so that's a positive on your side. Hopefully the rest of your time at university goes well.

    It was a fun time reading over this all, hopefully more people are able to see this and be able to connect with some experiences you've had in the past as well. Hopefully you were able to see the the surface of my life, as I was able to see a lot about yours. While this only covered a portion of your life, it is still very interesting and entertaining. Nice meeting you, and enjoy your time on Mineplex!
    Posted Sep 14, 2019
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  3. Than

    Thank you so much for that reply, I had gotten myself in tears when reading your reply. I appreciate very much your considerations, and your acknowledgement. I appreciate it ever so much. Your life, on your side is interesting as well. You must be pretty smart in math, I remember taking Algebra 1 (there is A and B in my school, A for one full year, and B for the next) I did pre-algebra my freshman year, then A, and B to my junior year following that with geometry my senior year. It definitely stinks when your follow peers are in calculus and they nonchalantly ask what math your in and I say geometry. But that's awesome for you, and I am so very much glad for you.
    I'm very proud of your work, and it's very much inspirational. If you do have any questions, comments, or want to talk about writing that book you wanted to do, please don't hesitate to bring all of this to my attention and let me know. I'd love 100% to learn more about you (again I feel the same, I feel like I know you a lot too). I hope we have an outstanding friendship!

    It's so nice to meet you!
    Thanks for your reply, and thanks for believing and understanding me!

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 14, 2019
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  4. Hey Ronan or I guess I could call you Joshua,
    didn't real through all of your introduction because it's honestly massive, nice work on explaining in good detail about yourself. Sounds like a pretty interesting job your studying at college, I'd also love to study anything computer-related when I make it to university, (that's what we call it here in Australia).

    You seem like a really nice guy and have got a pretty good life story, I'd love to see you active here on the Mineplex forums and possibly even meet you on the Mineplex network, good luck on the forums!
    Posted Sep 14, 2019
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  5. Hello, thanks for the reply and your kind words, and no offensive taken what so ever I understand it's big maybe I just wanted to get things off my chest haha!

    I'd love to get to know you more! Fill free to add me in game with the ign ronanashmancer if I'm on or add me on discord Ronan#7494 Thanks again for the reply and I'd love to talk more! I love to talk about computers as well haha. Best wishes
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 14, 2019
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  6. Hey Ronanashmancer,

    Welcome back to Mineplex! I've definitely been seeing a lot of returning players lately, which is fantastic. I find it super cool that you are studying to be a Cyber Security professional, and I'm impressed by your programming expertise. It sounds like you've worked very hard to get where you are today, and I commend you for that and wish you the best of luck.

    I hope to see you around the community, and if you ever need help, feel free to reach out!
    Posted Sep 14, 2019
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  7. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it very much! You're very kind!
    Best wishes from me!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 15, 2019

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