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Riddle Run

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Sesangi, Oct 11, 2021.

  1. Mineplex's Halloween Havoc is without a doubt one of the greatest games on the server. The puzzles, hurdles, and everything else in the game is all great fun and can be played for hours. Mineplex should include a puzzle game similar to Halloween Havoc but have it all year round and be solo.

    This game is similar to Halloween Havoc except it is played alone. In this game, you would begin on a map and must finish a journey. To complete the game, you must perform parkour, puzzles, and other mini-games. Unlike Halloween Havoc, this game would feature multiple maps with new challenges to keep things interesting as it would be available all year. There would only be one kit in this game. I considered having several kits for this game, but because it would be a solitary game, I thought that it would be best if the game did not have any diversity of kits. However, adding more kits is a distinct possibility. This game's kit would be called "Runner," and it would feature a diamond axe and leather armor. This kit would be able to dash by right-clicking its axe; the dash would be similar to that of the Rogue kit. This kit would additionally include a passive speed 1 ability. This kit would not have an ultimate ability like the Rogue kit, instead, it would suck health from foes like a vampire. The kit would restore one heart after every kill.

    This game should be included on Mineplex since it would be a lot of fun to play again and again. People would play to try to beat their friends' speedrun records or simply to have fun while their buddies are unavailable. This game should also be included since I know that certain games do not start at certain times of the day because Mineplex just does not have enough people, and this would be an excellent way to address that problem. This would also be a fantastic game to have on Mineplex, considering there aren't many other servers that offer journey games as amazing as Mineplex's. There would be all of the little games from Halloween Havoc, but there would be more. There would be a variety of microgames available, such as scavenging for goods or riding on a minecart while shooting enemies. I haven't finalized all of the new mini-game specifics, but there should be some fun ones that aren't too complicated or time-consuming to play if this gets added.

    Thank you for reading this far, and please give feedback in the comments. Please keep in mind that this is only a draft, so please excuse me if there are any errors.
    Posted Oct 11, 2021,
    Last edited Oct 11, 2021
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  2. I do really like this concept! Halloween Havoc and Christmas Chaos are my two favorite Mineplex games, so I'd love to see something similar added to the permanent game rotation, but I do wanna raise a couple of concerns.

    I - Novelty and Availability
    The main part of what makes HH and CC so special for me (and presumably many others) is the fact that it's a limited time game. The proximity to the holidays and the feeling that you've gotta get just one more game in before it's gone for a whole year really makes it what it is. I'm worried that a game in the style of HH/CC available year-round would very quickly lose its magic unless it was really options-rich. To keep things from getting stale, you'd need:
    • a solid, sizeable map pool with a unique experience on each
    • an abundance of creative and engaging microgames for challenges
    • RNG elements for microgames, especially for puzzles
    • incentive to play the game (speedrun milestone achievements, maybe?)
    Whether or not anyone would have the energy to make that happen for a new game is up to the dev team and the build team in the end.

    II - Solo Game?
    I doubt this would work as a solo game. HH and CC are both four player games. No game on the network has a player cap less than that. Let's say there are 40 people who want to play SSM (another four-cap game) and another 40 who want to play Riddle Run. You'd need game servers to accommodate all the SSM players. It would take 40 servers to accommodate all the Riddle Run players. I don't know enough about how the server works to say whether or not that'd cause any stress, but I can't imagine that'd be favorable.

    Additionally, a solo game would be very difficult to moderate because it'd be a lot easier to cheat. There'd be no other players holding anyone else accountable. To catch anything that GWEN doesn't, a staff member would have to go around as a spectator policing lobbies.

    You could maybe argue the same for a four-person game (the minimum player count I see working for a game like this), especially one that encourages teamwork, since cheaters could just queue with each other, but I see the issues being a lot more prevalent and relevant for a solo game.


    All that said, if the maps were done well, the gameplay was fun, and the game was more than one-player, I would be very happy to play this game. The concept is strong. I like Halloween Havoc and I like Christmas Chaos. I would like this game, and I would love to see a more fleshed-out concept in the future!
    Posted Oct 12, 2021

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