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Rework Scythe

Discussion in 'Clans' started by ndcsamus, Dec 7, 2019.


Good idea?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. It's no secret that the scythe is in a bad spot in the meta and doesn't see much use in combat. Because of this I would suggest that it is made a guaranteed drop from raids again, but its wither skull abilities are removed. This will also introduce a weapon that is better than normal weapons and rares, but does not come close to the power of a traditional legendary. Thinking back to season 3, people weren't afraid to use scythes as they weren't extremely rare but they were also pretty over powered and extremely rampant due to the unlimited silver tokens glitch. In season 4 both of these problems were fixed seeing as the life steal was nerfed, the token glitch was patched and they were no longer a guaranteed drop. Ignoring the legend dupe issue of season 4, the scythe in that state was pretty much unusable. In season 5 after they gave it the wither skull abilities the scythe saw some use, but just wasn't nearly as good in combat as other legends. If the skull abilities are removed and the drop chance is increased significantly, I believe the scythe could become a weapon with decent power and something that people are too scared to use due to its rarity.
    Posted Dec 7, 2019
  2. not sure how i feel about guaranteed chance of it being dropped, maybe something like 50%? even with the scythes current state, getting one after every single raid is kind of ridiculous
    Posted Dec 7, 2019
  3. -1 Scythe is supposed to be the rarest and overpowered legendary, which one could argue it might be. Buffing the item instead of the drop chance would be a better idea.
    Posted Dec 7, 2019
  4. scythe sucks lol
    Posted Dec 7, 2019
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  5. Maybe not guaranteed but a higher drop chance would be good since the scythe honestly sucks for how rare it is.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 7, 2019
  6. Scythe is really strong idk what you mean
    Posted Dec 7, 2019
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  7. The scythe, and I’m sure the other LegendGI here can agree with me on this, is actually very good competitively if you use it correctly. Scythe paired with hold position and good reinforced armor can outhit a hyper axe for example. And if you’re low, you can blast the player away with the skull ability. I personally feel like it’s fine where it is at the moment, but it may need some buffs like speeding up the gravity skull velocity.

    As for your complaint about the drop rates, is it really still that low? I can check with CM to see if the drop rate can be increased slightly, but I personally don’t agree with it being every raid. However, it would make sense for the scythe to have a higher drop rate from a Charles Witherton Raid than all the other legends do in it.

    Posted Dec 7, 2019
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  8. Hey! Like Xion said above the scythe is a very good legend if you use it correctly. In the statement of you saying "
    something that people are too scared to use due to its rarity". In my opinion and what I've seen is this is an incorrect statement in my view as I see a lot of people use scythes when they go out with a full legendary set reason being as stated above the scythe can outhit a hyper if used correctly hence making it a really good legend along with the abilities it currently has. Due to the scythes abilities such as life steal & skull makes it fair to have the rarity it currently has however a slight increase in percentage I do agree with. Even going back to season 3 where everyone has a scythe in my opinion does not fit the gamemode because if it dropped every single raid power clans that have enough players can do 6-8 raids per weekend and that'll eventually over throw to where scythes are normal.

    I do however, agree that the drop rate should be increased due to the fact being I've seen people do more than 15 raids and not get a single one and that's just one confirmed case. The Scythe overall is a brilliant legend with abilities that helps its user and I do agree with Xions point of increasing the skulls velocity of which it travels and makes it harder to dodge. Overall, thank you for making this thread because it's unleashed new ideas into the world of clans!
    Have a nice day!
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
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  9. the scythe is op wtf u on about. easily as good as scept and hyper
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  10. Hello!

    I think that the Scythe rates should be increased but, not by much. Currently it is very hard to get a Scythe like BusJack said. In the clans community I don't see people using Scythes a lot, maybe this is because they have a low drop rate or it isn't strong enough. Even though it can out hit a hyper not many times are you fighting another legend user. Usually you are using legends to fight normal players in normal sets and, the hyper out does the Scythe for damage by quite a bit. If you were to buff the damage and how much you get healed every hit I think that the Scythe would become more reliable then the Hyper.

    As for back in season 3, it made Scythes not a special legend and dropped their value. If it were to drop a Scythe every raid it would hurt the Solo clans or Duo clans that can't do raids.
    Posted Dec 9, 2019
  11. Most people prefer a hyper axe over scythe because of its no delay and it’s a lot easier to get a flaming rune on it, which gives it a variety of advantages (getting assassins out of smoke,etc.) A hyper is easy to kill assassins (which is the most used kit) but against any other kit, the scythe is a big advantage with the Leech health affect, and with the skull too, dealing more KB and potentially saving your life if you’re low. (So the scythe isn’t really useless)

    Anyway I actually enjoyed reading this one because I have heard other complaints and I wanted to see if anyone would post about it. Have a nice day!
    Posted Dec 9, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 9, 2019
  12. Scythe won't outhit a hyper if both users have the same armor and no hold position. And plus hold position is just a debuff because as proven through the sin meta, agility is a much better strength than resistance. The scythe is not a powerful legendary against the current meta, and requires circumstances which are nowadays rare.
    Posted Dec 9, 2019
  13. wait aren’t you in counselors and what’s ur name are u kenny
    Posted Dec 9, 2019
  14. idk
    Posted Dec 14, 2019
  15. Yes, the scythe is very good. People just don't know how to use it correctly, it's not meant to be used as a fully melee weapon, it's more of a healing weapon/launching weapon. I see where you people are coming at how it sucks, but does it actually suck. If you've watched Intex's videos, then you'll see he knows how to use it correctly. It's not a hyperaxe which is used for full combat, it's more of a lay back legend. The drop chances shouldn't be guaranteed, but maybe buff the drop chances by 5% at most. The scythe is supposed to be used as a launching away weapon so if you're low in a fight and you have a full legend set, you use the scythe skull to launch them away so you can use your broadsword to heal. As for melee, the damage shouldn't be 8, maybe 9-10 damage, because it's weak if you use it as an attack weapon, but that's not the purpose for it in my opinion
    Posted Dec 18, 2019
  16. Will never understand people calling the scythe bad, it’s actually broken
    Posted Dec 20, 2019
  17. that is probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard there are situations where you can achieve invincibility with the scythe but it doesn’t do enough damage and healing is inconsistent better to have a hyper and broad I usually just use them with a lance as mage terminator but that doesn’t happen often since I don’t get them often
    --- Post updated ---
    It’s inconsistent the hyper can destroy it and broad out heal it it’s just a worse broad
    Posted Dec 23, 2019
  18. You seem to be ignoring the other abilities of the weapon. Call me up when you can use inverse knockback on a Broadsword to catch an assassin. Nobody’s arguing that it should be better than all of them combined, just that it’s well above average.
    Posted Dec 23, 2019
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  19. I think if you had better grammar I’d consider your argument
    Posted Dec 23, 2019
  20. The scythe might be good if its skulls could go where you wanted them to go, also the inverse skull moves so slow a sprinting naked could outrun it.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 23, 2019

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