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Reviving Mineplex

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Paladise, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. UPDATE: Most of the steps will be implemented soon as stated in this thread.

    In this thread, I'll try to detail some ways Mineplex can expand its playerbase and revive itself. This will go more in depth than my previous thread found here.

    First, Mineplex needs to catch attention of a lot of Minecraft players. This can be done by adding in a brand-new gamemode, one that no other server has seen before. There are a lot of ideas under the New Game Discussion sub-forum. UPDATE: UHC has been released and another new game is currently in the making. In my opinion, the rerelease of UHC should have been replaced with another gamemode, one that appeals to new players. Since UHC is a hardcore gamemode, many players will not have a fun time within it, something that is detrimental to the state of any game. Already a couple of months after its release, lobbies are rarely starting despite the hourly structure. While I do not believe UHC should be removed, another gamemode should definitely be brought forth.

    Secondly, Mineplex obviously needs to bring back some of its older players that have left to go onto other Minecraft servers, in addition to adding a new gamemode. This can mainly be done by bringing back some of the OG gamemodes such as Castle Siege or UHC back as gamemodes, and not only in MPS's. The current state of playing these games in MPS (like Castle Siege) or Nano Wizards (which is dissimilar to the actual wizards gamemode) is not working. One thread with a strong argument for bringing back castle siege is the Revive CS thread. Now I realize that the idea of bringing back the Classics Cow has been denied before, but the Classics Cow Rework thread details a new way to revamp classics cow, so it will not have the same failures as before. Bringing back some of the older gamemodes, if advertised correctly, will definitely bring back a lot of the previous playerbase. Also, I would like to implement a series of levels beyond level 100, so there is always a renewed interest to keep grinding experience (and keep playing Mineplex). Perhaps every 500,000 xp (this can be adjusted), is an additional level, and the level reward for each is an omega chest. This will try to help more level 100 players keep playing Mineplex. Prestige levels has already been marked processed. While UHC was brought back, it wasn't brought back in the right order since it clearly doesn't appeal to the majority of the playerbase. The move with Castle Siege is also risky as while it might bring old players back, Mineplex definitely needs to bring new players first.

    Thirdly, Mineplex needs to reduce the number of rule breakers and hackers. Mineplex already has a great and huge staff team, and is already working hard in trying to eliminate the number of hackers, but this isn't enough. The easiest way is through automating a Network ban so players can't utilize alternate accounts. Since this is a ownership decision, if you are interested in helping bring light to this solution, try posting on the owners profiles. Adding on, making hacking bans stack will also reduce the number of alternate accounts, and may information can be found here. Also if GWEN, Mineplex's anti cheat, can be significantly strengthened, ensuring that more hackers are dealt with automatically, this will allow staff members to focus on other topics like their respective sub teams and forwarding more community ideas.
    If Mineplex does not wish to start IP banning players, then the anticheat definitely will have to be improved. Those are the only two ways to start being more proactive against alternate accounts.

    I understand that if Mineplex developers have time to work on it, then they can and do, but finding experienced and dedicated developers will be the key to reviving Mineplex, since they can keep the games updated, remove all the bugs, improve the anticheat, and add in new games.

    This leads to my fourth point which is to try and bring more Developers. I understand that Mineplex is already trying to find developers (and has recently rehired Moppletop part time), but they are hard to find. However, this is severely undermined by the fact that 3 developers left within the last month. One moderator, suggested "More publicity" for Mineplex, but I also suggest bringing back a modified jr dev program. This was already suggested here, and the reason it was marked as not planned was because

    I see the best way to deal with the problem is to have a jr dev rank. However, to combat the issues for why the previous thread failed, we can:
    • Make it a permanent rank that will not have the full abilities of current Developers. Promising candidates that seem to have background experience on programming and have an interest towards the Mineplex network (maybe by adding a certain in-game time like 10 days in game) will assure that they will want to help Mineplex. In case any people can get past this, these junior devs will always be monitored by the current developers and will only be assigned to do some of the smaller bug fixes. This will try to ensure that no leaks happen, and if they do, they will not be important leaks. These jr devs will not receive pay, but perhaps some other reward like Immortal perks, access to the staff build island, and special cosmetics. Already, QA members have to sign a NDA to be a part of that team, so why not implement something similar for Junior Devs?
    • Hold competitions for aspiring developers that would not require them to read any of Mineplex's internal source code. Mineplex developers would verify if any of the submissions are helpful, and that aspiring developer should receive some sort of compensation - like a month of Immortal or another perk
    The next point I would like to make is to reduce the lag. Since I live in the USA, I probably do not experience as much lag as players who live farther away from where Mineplex hosts their servers, but sometimes even I feel lag spikes, although this is very uncommon. Perhaps dealing with this issue in some way will help Mineplex's reputation. Also, I would like to group up this with the fact that Developers should try harder to fix some of the bugs that have been plaguing Mineplex for many months now. I understand that Developers are trying very hard to fix many bugs and work on other updates, but the fact that people can still be kicked by others for using the Immortal stacking feature, or there are chunk glitches that significantly affect game play in many gamemodes is somewhat disappointing. The amount of chunk glitches has gone down significantly after a patch and the stacking feature has also been patched. While this is a good start, Mineplex definitely needs to start updating individual games, games that haven't gotten updates in years.

    The final point I would like to make is to bring in new players.
    1. Bring in new content creators. This can be done by improving Mineplex's current reputation through dealing with the previous points. Adding a brandnew gamemode that hasn't been seen on any other server will also popularize Mineplex. Hopefully, the other points like bringing back some of the older gamemodes and removing more hackers will make sure that the content creators stay. Also, reviving the official Mineplex YouTube channel will help greatly, more information regarding why it should be brought back can be found in the Reviving Mineplex YT thread.
    2. Once the content creators come, then hopefully new players will come to. In order to make sure that these players also stay, better tutorials should be made to make sure that they don't get frustrated. Even Flaym has said that new players will get frustrated if they don't know the basics of the gamemode. This is especially true for the hardcore gamemodes like Champions and Super Smash Mobs, where it takes a lot of skill to master the different kits. Whether this means having dedicated MPS's teaching new players how to play a gamemode with hands on experience from staff members (maybe create a community subteam?) or simply adding one of those welcome tutorials to some of the more harder to grasp games. For example, I like some of the ideas mentioned in the SSM Tutorial thread. I understand that there is a subsection of the forums dedicated to guides, and I have tried to help by posting some guides on champions, but I don't believe some of the guides out there are helpful or detailed enough. Although I'll link two guides that I made which in my opinion are detailed and helpful: Capture the Flag and Castle Siege. There are also a handful of guides to game created by the Game Insights (GI) team, which are also helpful.
    3. Another way to make sure these newcomers stay is revamping the queueing system to cater to some of the newcomers. (I believe this should be implemented if we can consistently get above 5k players). So players with more germs earned in a game, will face players with similar amounts of gems earned. This will also apply to parties, totaling the amount of gems earned, and using that for the queueing system. This should be first implemented in Cake Wars as a test, since I believe its playerbase is large enough to sustain this kind of new queueing system. I go into some more detail here. If this seems to bring back more players, than this can be implemented in other Hardcore gamemodes, or gamemodes where parties largely dominated. For example, the following two threads (which specifically apply to Champions), I believe can also be implemented for other mini games: Beanowonotanuwu's thread and Shunorim's thread. However, I go more in depth in the Prevent Pub Stomping in Champions Thread.
    Updates to be added once the above ideas have been implemented...
    Improvements to the Economy:

    In Real Life:

    Recently, I read through this thread, which details some of the ways Mineplex can improve its store so it can better reinvest in hiring more Admin's, YouTubers, and Developers. Another way to encourage people to buy Immortal is to improve Sam the slime which can be found here. UPDATE: An Immortal Loyalty Shop has been implemented to help boost Immortal sales.

    In Game:
    Most higher level players, probably have a lot of gems left over, that they can no longer use to buy kits. While they can donate to communities, once a community gets all its unlocks, they can't donate anymore. Furthermore, most communities have the community banking toggled off, due to the large amount of spam that can occur. Currently, I have 2.3 million gems, sitting in my account. In order to allow gems to be used, I suggest:
    • Add more community unlocks. Whether this be more community chat colors, or more Mineplex Community Servers (MCS) lobby unlocks.
    • Add in Kit Subscriptions. So for every non-achievement kit that costs gems, for every 25 wins (this can be adjusted), you will have to repay the amount to be able to use it again. For achievement kits, I believe this should also be implemented, and achievement kit's starting gem prices should be 10,000 gems. This will help ensure that gems are being used more frequently.
    • UPDATE: A gem to shards idea has been implemented.
    Improvements to the Chat:
    1. Expand /chatsnap and /report to include community chat.
    2. Do not allow a message said two messages before, to be said again. For example, "hi" "." " This message is too similar to your previous message. (when attempting to say hi)". This will try to reduce the spam.
    3. Create a more versatile /ignore.
    4. Be able to open up approved links in regular chat. I don't know if this is a Mineplex or Minecraft issue, but I think this will be a great addition to the server. Especially for giving out the link to the Closet Cheater report form, which is very long to type out by hand. I detail more of this idea here.
    5. Improve the chat filter. For example, if someone puts a space between two characters, of a filtered word, then it should also be filtered. Currently, chat filter bugs are only dealt with by 1 person, and perhaps some other trusted members can help take the burden.

    Miscellaneous Improvements And Updates:
    1. Create a revamped, unique Duels Gamemode. For example, the lobby has a gladiators arena, but why not expand it? If we can make more maps, we can allow a variety of 1 v 1 gamemodes, like SSM based or Champion based. This will further allow players to hone in on different kits and abilities. Also, we can add a sumo type gamemode, which is trying to hit somebody off a platform, only dealing knock back and no damage. Perhaps, there can be a /fight command, to make it easier to implement.
    2. Community Improvements. More details that I agree with can be found here. I would also like to add, that people shouldn't be able to spam requests to join a community.
    3. Party Improvements. More details that I agree with can be found here.
    4. Friend Improvements. Fix Accepting Friend Requests, so that you can automatically accept friends from clicking the link in the chat. And be able to Delete People Easier.
    5. Winning Improvements. Make winning more skill-based in games such as Block Hunt and Death Tag, where a player from one team is randomly chosen to join another. We can instead replace this with by teleporting the Hiders / Humans to a group of Hunters / Taggers. This will ensure that if humans / hiders are in a place hard to reach, or a place where hunters can't find them, then it will be more skill-based and less luck-based.

    In conclusion, Mineplex has the infrastructure to get a higher playerbase. It has the cosmetics, the player statistics, the gamemodes, the maps, etc, and if the above ideas can be implemented, I believe that Mineplex can be revived.

    Thank you for reading through this thread, and feel free to write down any ideas below!

    Links to similar posts that I feel are detailed and make some valid points:
    Posted Jun 23, 2020,
    Last edited Nov 21, 2020
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  2. I think you'll find that the reason there have not been many responses as of yet is because all the topics you bring up have been discussed extensively on other threads, and within the staff and leadership teams. Rather than provide solely my own opinion to all of these ideas, I'm going to find some resources also on the forums that you can read through to get an idea of how the community, staff team, and leadership team feel about each idea you presented. I'll be responding to the bolded parts of your message.

    Bringing back some of the OG gamemodes such as Castle Siege or UHC
    You yourself said in the linked thread just one week ago that you were on the opposing side; "I think it's current state in MPS's is fine, and adding it back in as a full gamemode will not be beneficial." I have to agree with you here, it seems to me that it would be more beneficial to leave it in MPS. I'm going to be a bit blunt here - the game has been removed from public servers for over two years now. The interest in bringing it back was strongest immediately after its removal, and hasn't been a topic of large concern until the last few months. My theory for this is that players who had long left Mineplex are coming back online due to increased free time because of the pandemic. If players who were active two years ago are just now coming back to realize one of their favorite games are gone, yes they would likely want to start a petition to bring it back. But unfortunately, this indicates to me that once the world is back to functioning normally, these players are likely going to leave again. The game would of course get a ton of interest if it was reintroduced, but I predict the interest would wane quite quickly.

    Other reasons for not bringing back legacy gamemodes are the fact that they would essentially require the same development time as an entirely new game - especially UHC - due to large bugs needing to be fixed and interest to be renewed via new perks, kits, features etc.

    Bringing back a modified jr dev program

    I can tell you right now, this simply isn't going to happen. If there is a person skilled and dedicated to help out the server, they would be hired as a full developer, as a paid employee. Allowing volunteer developers onto the team would actually create more work for the paid developers as the paid developers would be responsible for double checking absolutely everything possible. Again, the thread you linked was marked as denied and not planned, decisions like that from the Ideas Team don't simply change, and there just isn't a good way to make a program like this work.

    Reduce the number of rule breakers and hackers

    You didn't outline a clear idea related to this topic, but I assure you that we are aware things like GWEN could use an update, and this likely will be given attention soon. We also have more staff on our team than we have had in a long time due to the influx of Trainees recently.

    Finding experienced and dedicated developers

    I do want to just make sure you and those who read this thread are aware that we did re-hire a previous developer, Moppletop, and he has returned to begin working with the team again this month.

    Next, there is a thread regarding this topic that I recommend reading through to get an idea of different perspectives.

    Lastly, this is a lot easier said than done. We can't simply go out and "find" the perfect candidate for the job. Many positions are still open at jobs.mineplex.com and those who do submit applications are not simply ignored.

    Adding a brandnew gamemode that hasn't been seen on any other server
    This is also much easier said than done. If we have community or internal ideas regarding a brand new gamemode that wouldn't be too much of a risk, I'm sure it would be highly considered by management.


    Overall, I can see you are very passionate about the server and I really appreciate that. I commend you for putting together this post to clearly express your ideas about the server. Unfortunately, I think that a majority of the ideas you present here have already been attacked from every angle and determined to be not beneficial or not the right decision for the server in some way or another. Thank you for you input, and I hope you have a great night!
    Posted Jun 24, 2020,
    Last edited Jun 24, 2020
  3. Your concern bout the quarantine has already been addressed in the past in Danese thread. If you read every post made in the thread, you will find the answer to your concern and you will realize that the quarantine is not that much of a problem for adding it back. Also, we have a discord AND a website purely just for Castle Siege. You should check both out. We welcome all users to our community. The link to the forum thread is in my signature.
    Posted Jun 27, 2020
  4. will never happen
    Posted Jun 29, 2020
  5. Most of the topics you've covered in this forum post have already been talked about.
    Regardless I still think you maintained some very good points & I think it's awesome that you put this much time and effort into this thread.

    Hopefully Mineplex takes action with a lot of these gamemodes & various other things mentioned.
    As someone said above me they just need a fun & unique minigame to work their way up to where they used to be. They need a BANGER breakthrough game to get them back on their feet.
    Posted Jun 29, 2020
  6. Bring back CS. Advertise it properly on the YT channel. This should give Mineplex enough momentum to start pushing out new gamemodes, and the player count will start to increase drastically.
    Posted Jun 29, 2020
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  7. Replying from the view of a former, resigned MP Mod, whos recently got a job in web development,

    This was discussed a fair bit back when i was staff, i remember some stuff being added, and some stuff not, i remember it worked for a while but the vibes and energy didnt really stick around and ppl left and moved on etc. - not to strike the idea down and i think it'd work, but it really questions the effort to payback ratio, will the amount of effort required engage players enough to make it worthwhile? thats what we consider a bit at work, taking on a new project

    i also saw this suggested so, so many times. it really didnt do much in the long run other than get repeated on the forums to the point of redundancy. again not a bad idea, and from my recollection as mod, i remember we did discuss this a bit, but every change made, more was being asked to where it became an infinite loop.

    once again, this has been repeated and repeated over and over. back in 2019 as staff i remember this so much to the point it got redundant again. tbf we didnt hear much abt GWEN as much as i thought staff would (b4 i joined staff) - again improvements do get made, but again effort to payback counts in this too i guess..

    tbf id be up for that, and would apply ahem but idk if i quality age-wise at 17 lol
    but again, devs cost a fair bit of £££, and i guess investment could work, but again not sure about effort to reward. devs are around but again new features/gamemodes as i mentioned above could work, but it costs dev time, money and overall a lot of effort, testing and confirmation and user experience (and many NDAs lol)

    couldve sworn it was brought back for a bit. sure it also didnt do too well in the long run, but dang it was a good game

    omg yes yes yes. id love this, and i could apply at 17 smh this would be pretty cool, if done right. but then jr devs would want some sort of payment/recognition or something idk, but who knows maybe it'd be cool

    i mean it could work, but that'd be a lot of resources, project management and overall effort. it sounds cool and some mentoring could work, but again its argued the worth of the jr devs to the amount of effort mentoring them really. its cool and id love to see jr dev come back, but again idk if it'd be sustainable

    just wanna mention about CS, it's a damn cool gamemode, (and ppl might not fully agree w/ me on this) but idk the effort required to bring it back, infrastructure, cost, new servers in ratio to the cool stuff it can bring back

    for example, bringing back CS will keep existing players, but MP would probs look for new players as a business overall. cant lie MP isnt doing amazing but after coming back from about 5 months ago id say its doing a bit better than back then (maybe lockdown helps idk)

    anyway, ur ideas are cool especially Jr Dev (i love that idea, as an apprentice myself lol) but it just depends on the research, resources and effort involved id say

    stay safe

    Posted Jun 29, 2020
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  8. the last major update was cake wars which was 2 years ago even if they get more devs by the time they even release something it would be really late and will probably get backlash for probably copying something
    Posted Jun 30, 2020
  9. Could you elaborate on the mechanics of how this would work? Because as a BH (block hunt) main it seems as if you are saying hider(s)will be teleported to hunter(s), which is not making the game more skill based. Part of the skill in BH is being able to use your kits and abilities to find and reach hiders when hunting. In its raw form this idea seems to be making BH more of a luck based game. I can’t speak on how it would affect death tag because I do not play it often, but I imagine it’s players would have problems with this to a similar degree.
    Posted Jul 3, 2020

  10. I feel this idea for blockhunt simply wouldn't work quite aswell.
    Blockhunt is a game about hiding and hunting, if you get into a spot and then randomly get teleported out infront a hunter, it removes the "hide" part of "hide and seek".
    in a game of hide and seek a hunter is looking for a hider. a hider will be in a spot that they think is a good position to be in. I feel teleporting players randomly removes the skill out of finding a hider completely. This is on the equal level as when a hunter leaves to spectate all spots rather than find them naturally. It takes no skill on the hunters part to find someone who teleports in them, as it takes them no skill just spectating every spot when they can't kill anyone else.

    Winning block hunt is very rarely luck based. Sometimes you are moved from one team as the other team is lacking players. and moving is truly the best way to even out the teams.
    However the current system for moving players is UUID based not random, so the same player gets moved game after game.
    I feel saying block hunt is a luck based game completely devalues the entire game because at the start someone could be moved to the other team.
    Block hunts luck ability is very limited. i feel saying "more skill-based than luck-based" is improper for the entire rest of the game

    I feel the current system (other than needing a rework so it is random, not UUID based) is a fair system. As it is not luck based what so ever. if you get moved to a hunter, you still have a chance to get a hunter win. and a hunter win will require skill aswell. I feel that the "luck" argument for block hunt is completely null and void as both teams require skill. and the only base is when you get forcibly moved to hunter, inwhich you are provided with a chance to get a hunter win. So being moved to hunter doesn't only cause a loss. it provides an alternative chance for an alternative win.

    this idea is unique, however it would only discourage new players from joining the server. as the more experienced players will be able to easily spend gems. However a new player who has 5000 gems from the introduction won't be able to use a kit for any long term use.
    I feel this unique idea in practice would only discourage new players from joining.

    Thank you for typing up this post on how to revive mineplex. Have a good day :D
    Posted Jul 3, 2020,
    Last edited Jul 3, 2020
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  11. Man this is nice feedback
    But sadly it's easy to say but it's not easy to do
    Posted Jul 3, 2020
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  12. I would definitely like to see all of the ideas mentioned in this thread added. I think if classic gamemodes like CS and UHC were re-added and properly advertised, they could bring many new and old players to Mineplex, and put it in a very good position.
    Posted Jul 30, 2020
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  13. Agreed to all of this. I miss Castle Siege. And UHC is still a big deal. It'd probably get some attention back, if only a little.
    Hooowever, I dislike the kit subscriptions idea. A lot of players loathe pay-to-win tactics (with IRL money, anyway--I don't believe anyone minds the gem system), me included. But if this were to be added, maybe it could be part of the Immortal subscription.
    Posted Jul 30, 2020
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  14. I would just like to put my opinion in to say that I have just recently introduced some friedns into minplex and they already didn't like the fact that the server had only about 3000 people and when we got in they pointed something ou that I never noticed really. But that it is pay to win! you need gems to win games to get more gems! So we started a community (Hooters) To try and save up for 500000 Gems So we can play with our community and not have to worry about pay to win anymore. My point is It would be really nice if games like SSM (Super smash Mobs) was not so Pay to win. An Idea that I have would be that perhaps Private servers or Community servers don't have to Pay 500000 Gems just to play without pay to win! I don't have a full solution to this but istead of gems maybe it should be morelike playtime on a certain game. Most people just hate the pay to win especially when they are new.

    Sincerely, Lahoot
    Posted Jul 30, 2020
  15. Great post as always and i hope some of these things do get implemented
    Posted Jul 30, 2020
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  16. It's not really pay to win... the more you play, the more gems you get.
    Posted Jul 30, 2020
  17. Bring back UHC!
    Posted Jul 30, 2020
  18. Mineplex is not pay to win. You get Gems by playing minigames on Mineplex, you don't pay real money to get Gems. Mineplex would be a pay to win only if you could pay money to buy kits, or get Gems. It would go against Minecraft's EULA if Mineplex were a pay to win. There is no way to get an advantage in any of Mineplex's of Mineplex's games with real money, so Mineplex is not a pay to win.
    Posted Jul 31, 2020
  19. Also, gems are pretty easy to get and many people have millions of gems. The only thing that could break the EULA is the fact the Immortal gets a gem bonus but since a lot of people have so many gems, it won't matter that much anyway
    Posted Jul 31, 2020

  20. Millions do you say? I know many people who played for a long time who don't have really any it is hard to play in any combat game with all the hackers there are every game atleast 1 person is removed by gwen and she is in need of a real update. Also If these People will so called "Millions of gems" Perhaps they would like to join my community and give a couple hundren thousand to help others who want to play with theese ranks.


    Sincerely, Lahoot
    Posted Jul 31, 2020

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