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Processed Removing word sharing in DMT

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by PlatinumTerrapin, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Draw My Thing is a wonderful game, unfortunately many players like to cheat the system by sharing the prompt word through party chat or even through /msg. I think a way that could help eliminate this from happening would be to remove party chat and /msg all together only while the DMT game is active. This would make the game more fair for users who are playing the game legitimately.

    Contradicting thoughts, please let me know.
    Posted Mar 26, 2020
  2. Hi there!

    I agree with you, I mean I rarely ever play DMT but when I do people are probably doing party chat or /msg and I understand it's quite annoying. I would not mind a message like ''/msg and Party Chat or disabled during this game.'' As it would help the game so much and it would make the game a lot more enjoyable as there is nobody teaming. I am really happy you brought this up as this is something that should really be added/implemented. I hope to see this added soon! +1

    Good luck on the rest of your suggestions!
    Posted Mar 26, 2020
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  3. Hey!

    This would be a great addition for DMT! It would definitely make the game way more fair for everyone playing and people would enjoy it a lot more. Removing party chat and messaging would be better then removing a whole party because you can still play with your friends, so I like that way more. I also agree with @Camull ✩ to have a message to pop up before every game saying that party chat and /msg is disabled.

    Overall, I would love to see this added and it would make DMT fair for everyone so I give this a +1.
    Posted Mar 26, 2020
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  4. While disabling these chats might help in some cases, people could still tell their friends their words through other means, i.e. discord chat/call. I feel that this will always be an issue no matter what measures are put in to stop it since people will always find another way to tell their friends their words, therefore to me it seems rather pointless to add this system just by itself. What could work better is if your system was added in combination with sharing words becoming an RC-punishable offence - if people instantly guessed each other's words only on each other's rounds multiple times, it could be considered stat-boosting. I feel that making it punishable would be the only way to effectively reduce the number of cases of people sharing words.
    Posted Mar 26, 2020,
    Last edited Mar 26, 2020
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  5. Eh, I don't think that it helps. A lot of DMT tryhards use party chat so that others cannot see their guesses. Removing party chat would not allow them this strategy, which is a very prominant strategy to use. Players can simply use Discord to tell each other the words, and we cannot moderate these calls, changing /msg and party chat to disallow this would not really be my favorite. There are times in DMT games when I do just want to talk in party chat or /msg after guessing the word, so why turn it off?

    I like this idea. Recently, we have allowed our RC team to start punishing for ESP in Block Hun under the punishment syntax of "Ruining Block Hunt by directly going to hiders" as a gameplay offense. Similarly, we can allow this team to start punishing for "Ruining DMT by directly guessing words immediately after the timer starts." Because many instances would be needed, the one time you guess "Tree" within two seconds wouldn't get you banned, but guessing 10 words in a row with no break would get you punished as a gameplay offense.
    Posted Mar 26, 2020
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  6. I understand the reasoning of wanting to be absolutely sure before banning someone for stat-boosting, but I think 10 words is quite extreme. I thought the OP was talking about 2 friends playing the game together and telling each other their word as soon as the round started. So for example, I played a game a couple of days ago where these two people instantly guessed each other's word before they had even drawn anything, but only on each other's rounds. For the other rounds, they played as normal and usually didn't get it first/at all. I think that would be pretty clear evidence for them cheating and so if there were perhaps multiple games of evidence then that would be sufficient. I don't know anyone who guesses 10 words immediately in a row (how would they even do that?) and so making that the lower limit for punishment would make it redundant, as 99% of potential cases would go unpunished.
    Posted Mar 27, 2020
  7. I like this idea a lot. I think that it has the potential to improve the game quite a bit. One thing I worry about, however, is how easily evidence would be gathered. Due to the influx of players the server is currently experiencing, I have found times where mods/trainees are unable to look at "complicated" offenses such as ESP in Block Hunt. They instead have to focus their time on "easier" offenses to prove such as movement hacking and chat offenses. I fear this could happen if "ruining DMT" became a rule.

    Nonetheless, I think the rule should be put into place. While the enforcement of it could pose a challenge, the introduction of the prohibition of "ruining DMT" would certainly be a step in the right direction.
    Posted Mar 28, 2020
  8. While removing /msg and part chat messages would help, People will always find a way to cheat the system, i.e. voice calling. I have friends that I like to message who are playing DMT all the time, and it would be annoying to be unable to message them. Gameplay trolling and chat trolling have always been prominent in Draw My Thing, because it's so easy to cheat. While this is a good idea in theory, I doubt it will be added. Draw My Thing is one of the oldest games on the network, and this has been a problem for years.

    This idea is amazing, and would fix the problem better than any other solution. Disabling chat messages would be inconvenient. However, this would be hard to implement, much harder than block hunt gameplay trolling. There are many people with over 1,000 wins in the game that already know every word in the word pool. They instantly start guessing even when the player hasn't started to draw yet. They could be banned by random chance if they consistently guess these words. As @jxcb stated above, collecting a large amount (around 10 instances) of evidence would nearly eliminate this problem completely.

    Overall, I'm glad that light is being brought to the situation, but in my opinion, disabling messages is not the correct way to go about this.
    Posted Mar 28, 2020
  9. I am personally not in favor of this idea and think these are unnecessary to be implemented. This will just limit communication for those that want to talk casually in their /f list or party. There is always going to be a way to reveal the word to someone, whether that might be by writing the word in the drawing, discord, or etc. This would be an annoying change for many casual players, even though it might eliminate an opportunity for cheating. Private messaging is something that should be preserved in games, and regardless if someone might cheat through that mode, people should have the right to privately message anyone in any game mode.

    Even though I am not in favor of this idea, I am somewhat interested in disabling party chat. Even though @jxcb said that this would disable strategy for DMT tryhards, I think this will make it fair for people that are solo queuing in DMT. Many that aren't in parties have to guess regardless in the public chat, so this gives a slight advantage for those that are in parties vs those that don't have party chat. I do understand though that this won't simply make it based of of public chat, given discord is also an option. Maybe as an alternative, we could just filter the correct word in any sort of chat possible. I don't think it is necessarily a major necessity to DMT, but I think this idea should be further explored upon, because DMT is one of the only games that is impacted by how the chat is. There are even instances where someone might misspell the correct word, and if that was typed in the party chat, then it could easily give an advantage for those that are in the party. I do understand though that the game is mostly played in a casual way, so this change isn't really necessary for DMT.

    After thinking about it, I think I am somewhat in favor of disabling party chat but think it isn't sort of a necessary implement to disable private messages. Maybe instead, we could just filter out the word in private messages, party chat, and public chat if possible during that time. Hope I gave nice feedback about this idea.
    Posted Mar 28, 2020
  10. Hey!

    Sorry for the late reply!

    Having discussed this in the GI discord we have decided to approve the idea of muting the artist but deny the idea of muting guessers after they have successfully guessed the word for the following reasons:

    Artist mute:
    It's a maximum of two minutes per game where you are supposed to draw so it won't cause much annoyance with being unable to talk with friends This won't completely stop people from giving their friends words, but it is one step to take to discourage such behavior. Most people who cheat use party chat or /msg such that removing the ability for the artist to speak will eliminate a good percentage of teaming

    Guesser mute:
    Would make the game boring if you were unable to talk to people and had to sit in silence for the entire time Revealing the word to the entire lobby doesn't give anyone an advantage over other people - it's only an issue when the word is revealed privately which is almost always done by the artist to their friend who is guessing. If the two people teaming were both guessing, there's less of an advantage to telling each other the word since it takes longer to communicate it and someone could have already beaten them to the 3 points.

    Overall, thanks for sharing!

    Processed - partially approved by GI
    Posted Aug 9, 2020

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