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Processed Removing the 'You Can't Send The Same Message Twice In A Row' System

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by luhvers, May 7, 2021.

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  1. So, the other day, I was playing Cake Wars as always. I was heading to the middle beacon, while my teammate was looking back at the villager in order to buy equipment for battle. There was a sweaty player who at that time, obtained an ender pearl and an iron pickaxe. Because he thought that was the best chance to eat their cake, he pearled to our territory. I was almost at the middle beacon at that time, so even if I got back to our island, I couldn't have saved my team's cake. So, I decided to use the team chat (which has the prefix '#') to alert my teammates that we're in great danger of losing the cake. By writing "#inc", which meant that the enemies are incoming, I could've easily alerted my teammate, who was still looking at the villager to buy swords and stuff. But right then, the system in Mineplex that blocks spammers to send the same message twice, blocked ME, from alerting my teammates. Because we were attacked a few score (a single score counts as 10) seconds ago by a different team, I have already used the 'inc' spell to my teammates. Unfortunately, then I didn't type a word in the chat, only because I felt it was unnecessary to type some words in a tight game that could've gone either way. We had like two bites of cake left, so we all paid extra attention to the cake. But the time when we let loose of our cake, the guy with the ender pearl quickly ate the leftover cake. In the end, as you have expected, we lost.

    Why does this system even need to exist? The restriction to only send the same message once basically is TOO strict in my opinion. I get it. No one wants to flood the chat with several messages that either could've bypassed the censorings that possibly could make a few people uncomfortable. But, the point I want to make here is that, should it always be 'twice'? For example, devs can increase the limit of sending the same message three or four times, to minimize conflicts regarding communication with teammates/friends. it doesn't need to be a lot. It could be just increased to three times or four. I know this change won't come in handy for most of the time when you are playing games that can be played solely. But, in cooperative game modes, the restriction of messages could pose a problem sometimes, just like me. Consider taking this to action, please.

    Feel free to reply on the thread if you need further information or have conflict understanding the concept!
    Posted May 7, 2021
  2. I think it's best that the restriction stays, however not for team chat (# prefix). I think this is a smart idea, and your original proposal can be implemented into this. Only allowing to send 3 or 4 messages which contains the same text. Party chat does not have this chat restriction either, and you're allowed to send the same message multiple times, but not too fast. Otherwise you'll be kicked for excessive spam. Overall, I give this idea a +1. Thanks for suggesting this! I will forward this to my team, and we will discuss this further.
    Posted May 7, 2021
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  3. Hey!

    I agree with this under what @mathuu suggested: the restriction is lifted for team chat as it is for party chat. I'd be lying if I said I haven't experienced this issue before; it's happened many a time when I'm playing Cake Wars as I don't spend much time idly chatting in between gameplay. It seems like you got worse case scenario, usually it's just a minor irritation and won't prevent you from losing the game or anything. So while it's less common for the restriction to befall you to the extent it did you, it would still be helpful if it was more lenient for team chat to make everyone's lives that bit easier. Thanks for suggesting this and I look forward to seeing it implemented in the future if that's what happens!
    Posted May 7, 2021
  4. Hello, I have returned with good news!

    Your idea is currently featured in our Java Social Update Proposal, just modified. Here's the idea.

    Due to this, I will be marking this thread as Processed, and locking the proposal since no further discussion is needed. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to DM me via Discord (mat#5171) or forums. Have a great day!

    Thread Locked >> Processed
    Posted May 20, 2021
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