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Removing and Editing Dragon Maps

Discussion in 'Dragons' started by Infui, May 10, 2020.


Do you agree with these map decisions? (You can pick more than one)

  1. I agree with Parsnip

  2. I agree with Hollow Rock

  3. I agree with Preservation

  4. I agree with Docks

  5. I agree with Aubergine

  6. I agree with Cutting Board

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  1. Hello there!

    You may know that there is about 25 maps in Dragons, and a few friends and I think that a few maps should be edited or removed overall.

    Aubergine: Aubergine is a very small map, probably the smallest map, and one sparkler from a Pyrotechnic can ruin the map in one second. The map only has four layers, it is really easy to die. We thought that Aubergine could be edited, Aubergine could have another island about 6 layers deep connecting to the first island which was about 4 layers deep, kind of like the map Eden, except Eden has much more layers. (Edit)

    Cutting Board: Cutting Board is a very, well, rectangular-ish map, and the only rectangle map. Cutting Board has about 5 layers, which is good, but whenever a Pyrotechnic throws a sparkler anywhere in the map, everyone gets about 1-3 fps and sometimes even crashes. Sometimes, the map lags even without a Pyrotechnic, when dragons get rid of multiple layers. Also, sparklers can remove almost 25% of the map. (Remove)

    Docks: We all thought that Docks was a very small and thin map that should be removed. One sparkler can destroy all of the map, since Docks only has three layers on each island. The boats also should be a tiny bit bigger because one sparkler can remove it completely as well. (Remove)

    Preservation: We thought that Preservation map needed to be edited a bit. We tested this out, threw sparklers, it destroyed half of the map with only two sparklers, and it made everyone freeze and lag tremendously. Some people even lagged out from tremendous ping. (Remove)

    Parsnip: Parsnip is a very unique map, for instance, the outer rings are very well made in this map and can withstand a few sparklers, but the bottom part that basically contains 75% of the map is only two layers deep. Very thin map, one sparkler destroyed the whole bottom part leaving only the outer ring left. We all thought that this map should be edited, 3, 4, or maybe even 5 more layers should be added to the bottom part to make the game more interesting and longer (but not too long!). (Edit)

    Hollow Rock: Hollow Rock is a really huge map, a bit bigger then The Lie map. We we're thinking that if Pyrotechnic's weren't in a game of Dragons featuring this map, it could take from 5-20 minutes. (It once did take 20 minutes) Hollow Rock could be a bit smaller and a bit less deep so the game would progress faster and won't be boring. (Edit)

    Anyways, those were the maps we thought should be changed or removed.

    Special thanks to this people for helping us test!: fil, astxria, _Gqbriel, Infui.

    Hope the development and build team would consider these changes, thank you for reading.


    Posted May 10, 2020,
    Last edited May 10, 2020
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  2. Just as a note, the Game Insights subteam already made plans to increase the size of Aubergine, along with several other map changes. The other 4 maps you included in this thread are maps we did not discuss as needing changes. Once we go back to Dragons (currently in the process of setting up an update for every Arcade game), I'll be sure to post these suggestions and get opinions.
    Posted May 11, 2020
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  3. As a 24/7 dragons player, I agree with literally everything. But also, a lot of maps are very open and boring. and yes, very small so an update with Dragons would be great!
    Posted May 19, 2020
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