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Remove the Ability Assassin Achievement

Discussion in 'Evolution' started by mab8400, Dec 28, 2020.


Should Ability Assassin be removed?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. This achievement is so unbelievably unrealistic in so many ways. Although I do have it, I didn't get it legitimately, and had a friend help me. But this is one reason why it isn't a good achievement; it causes a lot of players to resort to teaming or boosting free kills off of a friend (like I did) to get it. I mean it barely ever happens, but if people want the achievement, that's a huge possibility for them to consider. Obviously in that case it isn't allowed and nor is it fair; and to prevent it from even happening it should just be removed. Instead, it should be removed and replaced with something like a 1000 kills achievement, which is still fairly difficult but obviously not unrealistic, since you have to put a lot of time and effort into it. Even if you put in time and effort for the Ability Assassin achievement, it is very likely you still will not get it. However that doesn't mean nobody has gotten it without help, I assume a ton of people have gotten it. But it requires a lot of luck and frustration; which in terms of achievements is understandable, but not to the extent that I at least had with it. I probably spent over 100 games worth attempting it, getting extremely close a couple of times. The big reason why it is next to impossible most of the time is the fact that certain evolutions have TERRIBLE abilities for killing players. In specific, I am talking about the blazes fire wand, and the chickens egg thrower. Both of these do next to no damage at all, an the only way to get kills is to get extremely lucky if a player is in a high spot and falls, or if you get them after fighting 3 people while they are at like half a heart. Even when using Darwinist Kit (which is the best kit for this achievement) it is just so low in damage that you have to rely on getting lucky third part kills in which you still have to safely evolve and advance. For people who got the kit fairly and will say "I worked really hard for it" I can total understand that; maybe some type of compensation can be given to them since they got it already. But as Mineplex continues to lose players for games like Evolution, it makes it increasingly difficult to get to a goal like that; where lobbies barely fill. Not to mention Evo comes after several games that generally wipe out a lot of players (Dragon Escape and Dragons both have a lot of players that leave after they die due to auto hub pref; and dragons is a game people do not want to wait for to end since they are eliminated). Anyways, I really think this should be removed in any upcoming Mixed Arcade update. If you disagree, that's already fair on your part especially if you worked really hard to get it; I can't blame you.
    Posted Dec 28, 2020
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  2. It's being removed.
    Posted Dec 28, 2020
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