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In Discussion Remove HP percentage in compass

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by vezay, Oct 15, 2019.


Remove HP percentage in Compass

  1. Yes

    18 vote(s)
  2. No

    1 vote(s)
  1. Hello~~~

    I don't know if this is already a thread, but I suggest removing the HP percentage when you are a spectator. Here are my reasons:

    1: This will make ghosting harder and not as easy. Right now, when you're a spectator and you can click the compass and view a players HP percentage. I find this quite annoying when someone can just tell there friends what my HP is at by a click of a button.

    2: I don't see any point of really keeping it. It just makes it easier for spectators to tell their friends in calls/party chat/etc HP. I can't think of any other reason to have it there, but if there is a specific reason why it's there then can you tell me, because all people use it for is to ghost in my experience.

    I don't like the fact that someone/spectator can view anybody's health that's alive. I also don't see a reason to keep it like that. Like I said before if there is any specific reason that this is an option for spectators then please tell me :)

    EDIT: As @Sven stated that it's useful for the staff team to identify Regen hacks, I suggest that only the Staff Team can check the HP percentage of players, and that players can not, like how they can see offline stats while players can not.
    Posted Oct 15, 2019,
    Last edited Oct 15, 2019
  2. Hey!

    I don't see any reason why spectators should see the HP percentage to the other players, so I think that this should be removed, so it would make ghosting harder as you say. To be honest, I don't know why it's not been removed already. It may be a reason for this, but I don't really know what reason that should be. I think in the plugin that they are using, so I guess that Mineplex hasn't removed it

    But it's nice that you brought it up tho! +1 from me
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
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  3. I've already voiced my opinion about this topic on this thread: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/silence-dead-players.78133/#post-265995 (Note that it is marked as "Not Planned", but that refers to the OP's suggestion of silencing dead players to prevent ghosting.)

    But I'll just briefly restate it - at the moment, I do not see a reason why spectators should have information on a player's health, and in games where this is important information but ghosting is not punishable, issues can occur and the game can become unfair for the opponents who are playing against the player aided by a ghoster. With that said, I would keep everything else the way it is, but remove the HP indicator in the player compass as suggested.
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
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  4. Hmm

    Yeah i can see how from a player's perspective it may be advantageous to remove the HP indicator when using the compass. It would make it harder to ghost and it would eliminate the uselessness of having it available to begin with. From a staff perspective, the compass' health indicator is a useful tool for staff as it allows us to visually see whether someone is using regen hacks. If there is a way to hide that info from players but keep it available for staff, I wouldn't mind supporting this change

    So from a player's perspective I can see how it may be useless but it is useful in some respects to staff.

    +/- 0
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
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  5. Yeah I thought about this for a few minutes and I can't think of any legitimate reason to keep it. Removing it could prevent ghosting a good amount and result in more even games. Really, there isn't a reason to keep it. +1
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
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  6. I agree with this suggestion. I do not see a good reason to keep players' health information in the compass, as it may provide an unfair advantage to certain players if someone reveals it. I doubt that many players actually use this obscure feature to keep track of people's health. However, as Sven said, this information is useful for staff when detecting regen hacks, so I agree with keeping it only available for staff members. It is also extremely unlikely that staff members will reveal players' health, so I do not see any issues with reserving the feature only for staff. Overall, removing health information from compasses would reduce factors that may result in an unfair gameplay experience, with the exception of staff members' menus.
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
  7. Personally, I don't really think this is needed for players at all. I agree with the above that keeping this purely as it is a feature is pointless, and it could indeed lead to ghosting and increasing numbers of cases where people are killed and lose because of these unfair causes. I definitely want to keep this for staff, it can help to know the status of opponents to hackers to judge speed and how much evidence we need to get!

    Good idea, +1.
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
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  8. Looking at it from multiple points of views i do agree and believe spectators shouldn’t be able to see players hp as it’s really annoying when you’re trying to play a game and there’s one team in a call just saying what your hp is. +1 from me
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
  9. Hello there!
    With the edit for staff still being able to see it due to Regen hacks, I agree with this idea! There isn't a very good reason for it to stay as it promotes ghosting for friends to help each other in order to for example tell them which player to go for in a group fight (if they are the weakest). Nothing much to say about it, I approve. +1
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
  10. Yes. Yes. So much yes. A previous thread complained about "silencing dead players" and the fact that they were ghosting. So many people in that thread would flame OP for wanting to silence dead players, while not even considered the fact that you can literally see an enemy's hp while you are dead, and pass on the info. It's dumb, it's stupid, and it should not be a part of Mineplex. I'm all for keeping the compass menu and everything else in it. Just get rid of the health percentage part.
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
  11. Heyo!

    I agree with you on this topic for specific games. For ones like Cake Wars where anyone can see their health, I do not see it making a huge difference, especially since when ghosting comes in to place a lot is after Cake Rot, but you have a compass anyway so ghosting is not punishable from that point and on in the game. However, in ones like Survival Games where health is critical since you only have one life, I do see it being very useful here since you can easily just have someone take advantage of this with the system we currently have.
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
  12. Hey there!

    I definitely agree with this idea. With the sole exception of allowing staff members to have extra information when spectating a suspected cheater, I really don't see a purpose of having this information available to spectators. It provides players with a really easy way to ghost, giving them a significant advantage in many situations. If it were to be removed for everyone but staff members, as other suggested, it would certainly solve the issue of spectators being able to ghost players' health. Additionally, I don't really see any downsides to removing it (again– not for staff), as I don't think it was needed in the first place. +1
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
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  13. Hello,
    I definitely agree with the majority above that this feature has no purpose for players really. It only enables players to ghost and give a small, but unfair advantage to their friends or teammates. For staff purposes, I think it would be nice for this to remain as a staff ability, but there is really no reason all players should be able to see this while spectating. For games where your health is not shown, it can make a huge difference being able to know your opponents health. Thanks for suggesting this idea! I do not see any downsides of removing this for the community, so it's a +1 from me. Have a nice day!
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
  14. Holaaa

    Looking into this idea I see there really isn’t any reason for spectators to see another players HP. I think removing this would be the best idea. As stated above the HP bar isn’t being used for an actual purpose, but is being exploited to ruin the game. The only people that I think should see HP is staff because this would help with moderation, other than that I really like this idea. Implementing this would really stop ghosting health through call or party chat.
    Posted Oct 15, 2019
  15. I think this is a great idea because it isn't the most annoying problem but it is the most prevalent. I think if it was implemented it would give staff members time to do more important things.

    I didn't really like the other thread because I like to talk, and I'm really bad so I die a lot. So I am glad that you thought of a way around that. And as I am sure a lot of other people have mentioned, I do not really see a reason for people to check other players health in the first place.

    One suggestion I do have is that you allow people on the same team to view each others health. I could see the possibility that some people would use it to troll. However, that would be very minimal compared to the amount of people ghosting now.
    Posted Oct 16, 2019
  16. I doubt that it's a good idea because this will eliminate them from telling someone from the voice chat, party chat, and other communication platforms. I agree with the removal of HP percentage for spectators especially after they died in-game. From my perspective, I need to see their HP percentage during the game. As a staff member, I need to do in-game moderation and making sure if no one is breaking the rules.

    Once again, I agree to have HP percentage revoke for all regular players except staff members. +1
    Posted Oct 16, 2019
  17. I agree that only staff members should have access to the HP percentage so they can identify regen hacks. I don't see any reason why spectators should have access to that information.
    Posted Oct 16, 2019
  18. Heyo!

    I'm going to have to agree with you on this idea. Being able to see health when you're not alive, including anybody who joins not being in the game. Ghosting is something that happens even now, and this is probably one of the biggest features that contributes to it. With the change for staff membere being able to see it due to regeneration, I think this is a good idea.

    While the compass does show health, some games on Mineplex include health above the player's name, so this could happen with our without it. However, it will most likely happen a lot less and not serve to be much as an issue.

    My only suggestion would be maybe when somebody kills you, it tells you what their health is. If they aren't being chased, this really isn't an issue because they will most likely be back to full health before the player has time to say anything. I know a lot of people still want to know how much health their opponent was at, and most of the time when they ask, they say in public chat as well (meaning this isn't that big of an issue).

    Overall, with minor change, I'll leave this at a +1. It would be a lot more useful to avoid ghosting, and overall stop ruining players games when this happens. Have a nice day!
    Posted Oct 16, 2019
  19. +1
    Posted Oct 18, 2019
  20. I agree with this. I do think it is interesting to be able to check what your enemy's health was at right after a fight though. Maybe we could implement a new feature, like we have in Gladiators, that says the health of your enemy when you die. It could be a feature that just appears or something that players could toggle on and off. Otherwise, I don't see a reason for players to know the health of other players. I agree that it could help with reducing the amount of players that ghost and give advantages to others. I'd say the benefits of a system like this definitely outweigh the losses, even if a health system that tells you the health of the person that killed you isn't implemented. I think this would be beneficial all around for our community.
    Posted Oct 18, 2019
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