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Remake the PvP system

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Polish_Samurai, Jan 26, 2021.

  1. Unify the knockback system on all mineplex minigames. Some games like champions/SSM have different knockback systems which hinders the gameplay. Some people on these games take too much or not enough knockback. Champions is mostly known for messed kb. People there can literally take no kb due to damage biased knockback.
    I would recommend also changing the current knockback system to be more like vanilla. That means to remove the damage biased system since it takes less skills from players to win but it's only about who has better stuff. In my, and many others opinion knockback should be changed to what it is in vanilla - no damage biased. The current system also is very biased on ping and cps which is unfair to newer players used to vanilla pvp from other servers or from singleplayer.
    Changing pvp system to what it is normally would increase the gameplay skills required from players.

    In my opinion there should be set a cps cap/limit at least.
    For example if limit would be set to e.g 12 then even if player clicks more than that server would see it as 12.

    But it's not as important as the problems above.
    Posted Jan 26, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 28, 2021
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  2. SSM knockback isn't really able to change, that'd be a coding nightmare and it would kinda ruin the game if all melee kb was the same. not gonna even mention things like bone storm, it'd just be a complete rework that isn't necessary for the game at it's core.
    Champions I don't really have any statement for, cuz I haven't played it in years and I only played assassin so I dealt no kb. I also never got hit ever, so I wouldn't remember if the kb was wonk to begin with.
    Posted Jan 26, 2021
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  3. SSM needs the current PvP system it has - it's fine. It modified KB on purpose to balance kits due to the high volume of extreme KB-dealing moves there are. I don't see why it would need changing?
    I don't know about the rest - I have too little knowledge to comment, but I'd perhaps agree with a CPS cap, leveling out the playingfield for all users in-game. I think reworking the PvP and base knockback systems are important, but I don't know if the changes you want, as drastic as they are, would be realistic. Keep in mind that all games have ping bias, having very low ping, or ping around 70-100 is always advantageous regardless of the game, this cannot be changed very easily. My take on this would be to leave it, or at least postpone such an update behind general game updates like an MS, Clans, or SSM update.
    Posted Jan 26, 2021
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  4. I dont really notice it in ssm but in champions yeah it is baaaaaaaaad. tryna fight knights or brutes using overwhelm is a nightmare unless you are considerably better than them or using the same kit. Though i honestly think it seems a lot worse than it is due to the sheer amount of people auto clicking (or double clicking) high enough that the system just says "yes, you get hold position".
    Posted Jan 26, 2021
  5. Okay as you say SSM needs a different knockback to balance out the kits. I mentioned SSM just to prove that on mineplex are games that have different knockback systems.

    The games that should be changed are mostly like: Champions, Sky Wars, Cake Wars, Survival Games
    Champions pvp system should be completly reworked as you can stay with no knockback hitting opponent and the first one who wins is the one who flesh hooks you or block toss spams you. There is literally no pvp skills in champions when it's damage biased.
    Cake wars and other games there should be either a cps cap/limit or just more vanilla system to pretend from high damage dealing more knockback.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 27, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 28, 2021
  6. if mineplex imposes a cps cap, what would my hard work of learning how to butterfly and aim be - as I easily pass 12 without much issue
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
  7. I also can click more cps I can get above 20 but I still think it isn't fair.
    You would be rewarded with less work put into your clicking so your fingers dont hurt:)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 27, 2021
  8. rewarded? I can click up to 11 with one finger so whats the point of imposing a cps cap - i just butterfly. i like trying my best in games.
    Posted Jan 28, 2021
  9. Well I said its just an idea but my point was to remove the damage depending for knockback.

    There should be no difference in knockback if you hit with hand or sword. This system is not doing well and should be changed to make the game take skill.
    Many features on mineplex dont work - wtap stap blockhit - sprint reset. This server is unfriendly to people that are new and dont get this system.

    The knockback should be more like vanilla.

    Cps don't even matter much if you made the knockback work propely
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 28, 2021
  10. Btw it shouldn't be a problem with cps cause cps above 12 shouldn't really affect your pvp skills. On most pvp practice you can literally destroy 20 cps players with 8 cps.
    PvP skills should be based on movement as reset sprint I mentioned and strafing. Not cps.

    It just shows how mineplex pvp is broken and unfair
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 28, 2021
  11. I like clicking 20 on little nerds. no ty
    Posted Jan 28, 2021
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  12. Hey!
    I understand your POV! Unfortunately I believe all the KB mechanics Mineplex have put in place are for a reason. Some people have grinded for a high CPS in order to be able to gain an advantage and this shouldn't be taken away.
    As others have stated, the KB in SSM is important as if you have a kit like Chicken with little HP, if it had little knockback then combos would be very easy and it would be taken out very quickly.
    As for Champions, Cake Wars and other similar games, I'm not too sure how the KB is specifically unbalanced for them as the kits change very little for it so it is an even playing field for all. Maybe your PvP style just does not agree with it.
    Posted Jan 28, 2021
  13. see, he gets it
    Posted Jan 28, 2021
  14. why are you clicking 12 cps
    Posted Jan 28, 2021
  15. lol?
    Posted Jan 28, 2021
  16. You guys didnt get the point. You only focused about the cps addition to my thread. It's not something I wanted to discuss about.

    My point was to change knockback on games such as CW, SW, SG, Champions to more like vanilla, where pvp requires more skill in pvp to be good. The current system is based on DMG, cps, ping.
    My point was to make the system requiring good movement skills (cps also are important but not that much as now in vanilla!). There should NOT be damage based kb.

    Also NOTICE I dont want it to be exactly vanilla just more like it than it's now.

    Point : remove damage based kb, make sprint reset working on mineplex. It's all I wanted to achieve?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 28, 2021
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