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Discussion in 'Mine-Strike' started by 0rnery, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. I am a regular on ms, and for a while there has been problems with reloading and scopes, for example when someone dies or logs on or off and you are in the middle of reloading, it auto resets your gun and you cant reload or fire, this can easily be fixed by switching to anything else in your hotbar and then reloading again, but i find it quite annoying when your in a shootout and your gun just stops. basically every time someone leaves or dies the whole game resets. This also affects guns with scopes as when you are in scope and someone dies you stop scoping. I hope this can be fixed soon as i have noticed most of the ms community is also quite annoyed by the bug.
    Posted Oct 13, 2021
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  2. Talking about the MS community when it doesn't exist XD!!! In all seriousness the update that caused this bug was reverted, but the damage it caused to the remaining player base can't be. I wouldn't doubt that this bug was the final blow to Minestrike as a whole. It was a good 7+ year run men, but all things come to an end

    RIP Minestrike 09/19/2014 - 10/14/2021

    -Frosstt (Professor Reg, Ph.D in Minecraft physics, 7+ year Minestrike veteran)
    Posted Oct 18, 2021
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  3. Such a good minigame, so sad to see it neglected and die. If only it got the development time it needed, it would probably still be alive today. I wonder what games the MS rayers play now….
    Posted Oct 24, 2021
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