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Rebalance when?

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by Glitchy, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. Seriously I’m getting tired of these “good” players (yes I’m using good loosely) win as stupid kits like slime, Wolf and creeper which have 0 drawbacks, honestly there are ways to rebalance every kit so the game is ACTUALLY a matter of skill rather than who can spam bs abilities faster

    Slime: make it’s size ACTUALLY affect it’s abilities, like slime slam damage and KB changes based on slime’s size, smaller being less damage bigger being more

    Slime Rocket: really just make the cooldown longer as this ability is basically sulphur bomb KB + block toss damage

    Wolf: either reduce the armor or make ravage take longer to scale up to maximum power

    Blaze: longer cooldown on firefly

    Cow: there’s A LOT wrong with this guy, high armor, great mobility, fantastic damage, and top notch recovery, seriously I can’t think of a way to nerf it other than take out any one of these factors

    Squid: not really a nerf rather a bug I noticed, people seem to have found a way to at least get an ink shotgun or melee hit in during the last second of super squid, might wanna do something there

    Spider: Ok, this one has been a bit of a hot topic from what I’ve seen in game, a lot of people think it should be nerfed solely because of wall climb, but honestly the bigger issue is the web shot, as this ability is pretty much a roided up version of cub tackle, and in personals experience, when I use bone rush, or firefly, I get rubber banded back in place

    Horse: ok so yes I play horse but you can thank the stupid wolf for that one, the horse really just needs damage reduced on it’s bone rush, I have been and have obliterated opponents with just 1-2 rushes

    Chicken: really just get rid of the smash’s ability to 100% immobilize someone, cause that’s basically guaranteed death right there

    Zombie: probably the corrupted arrow, as the arrow itself does crazy amounts of damage, and if you’ve been hit by death’s grasp, corrupted arrow nearly 100-0’s you if it doesn’t just straight up insta-kill

    Sheep: ok so this one, probably has to be in regards to the fact that static laser gives you pretty much no time to react, and you normally just get yeet’d right outta the arena when hit even when standing on solid ground.

    Snow Golem: ok so unlike the others this is more of a technical nitpick, fix the ice bridge so it gives off ice particles rather than birch wood particles when it forms.

    Witch, Skeleton, Pig, Magma Cube, Guardian, Villager, Wither Skelly, and Iron Golem are fine as they have notable drawbacks and notable strengths
    Posted Mar 23, 2020
  2. Well I just think we should have super Smash mobs on PE and bridges and the 5000 other features u have on pc
    Posted Mar 23, 2020
  3. PE feels really clunky vs Xbox, Switch, PlayStation, Bedrock and Java editions
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 23, 2020
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  4. Not really I think its completely lag free for me anyway.
    Posted Mar 23, 2020
  5. i'm assuming a lot of these will be addressed with the next update (if we ever get one lol) but i definitely agree with ur points on slime and blaze. it's disappointing especially for blaze since increasing firefly's cooldown seems like such an easy fix and yet it hasn't happened yet

    another potential suggestion for nerfing slime is changing up its passive as the slimes from slime rocket stay on the ground foreverrr and they deal a pretty high amount of dmg and knockback for just being a passive ability
    Posted Mar 23, 2020
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  6. Slime: Slime Slam damage is already proportional to size with large damage at a larger size. Slime Rocket is already good as slimes need max size to charge up fully allowing you to hit them easier before they go to a camping spot.

    Wolf: I do agree that it needs nerf for the ravage but also nerf the special double jump because it can run away in large maps like remote islands easily, which can be done by disabling triple jumping on spider and wolf.

    Blaze: Instead of a longer cooldown, make it take less damage for firefly to cancel, and instead of taking zero damage during firefly, take 50% damage or something.

    Cow: This is my main and I would say it is perfect as it is (even though that's kind of biased) but the major weakside is you can knock it off the map pretty easily, therefore, it's good.

    Squid: balanced

    Spider: Remove triple jumping

    Horse: reduced armor

    Chicken: Smash crystal is fine

    Zombie: Make the kit have an xp bar to calculate damage and knockback and would be similar to slime rocket in terms of damage and knockback but with arrows.

    Sheep: has bugs where wooly rocket doesn't reset double jump so it needs a buff

    Snowman: make ice path do damage to players it collides with

    Wither Skeleton: make wither skull blow up in mid-air

    Iron Golem: increase earthquake duration

    Enderman: Increase blink cooldown, make blink do damage it teleports through

    Guardian: remove thorns passive as the hitbox is already small

    Creeper: increase cooldown of sulfur bomb
    Posted Mar 23, 2020
  7. Mostly agree, though I believe sheep needs it's former recovery restored and perhaps even a wool mine buff in exchange for a static nerf. I also strongly disagree with the notion that cow is OP. Cow is good, but also balanced, and imo is what skelly horse should be- it has decent abilities with long-ish cooldowns. The recovery is good, not great, and if baited out you can just hit a cow off the map because cooldowns take awhile. Other than that, I pretty much agree. I'd personally really like if they reworked slime, enderman and chicken almost entirely as they are pretty much completely based around hitting one rather busted move (Slime rocket, block toss, chicken missle) and running away while it recharges.
    Posted Mar 23, 2020
  8. Slime: I agree with this idea. However, its not going to stop the players who run and spam slime rocket. Long ago I had an idea to make slime rockets cooldown and lower the release and lower the xp bars charge rage, which I think is a better idea. Maybe also reducing the damage of slime slam because with attack it can do 13 damage every 6 seconds.

    Wolf: Wolf already has extremely low armor and it has to come close range to be able to do anything. I think that lowering the damage of wolf strike and making it easier to escape cub tackle would be enough of a nerf.

    Blaze: your idea doesnt fix the problem of run and firefly, though I did see a very good idea somewhere to fix the issue. Making firefly harder to control: you wont be able yo control the firefly and the control will be similar to controlling the ender dragon.

    Cow: Cow is very simple to counter. You have to dodge the angry herd and milk spiral and utilize your ranged abilities. Though i do agree that milk spiral could use a damage nerf due to its insane damage potential.

    Squid: Not a bug at all, the squid players are just using melee/ink shotgun right after the super squid ends. I think this kit needs a buff maybe to armor and +1 melee damage.

    Spider: I dont think you understand why people want the wall climb nerfed. Its because of its ability to work without walls and it takes no kb when doing so. This is a bug ofc.

    Its your fault that you are getting stuck in the spin web. Both firefly and bone rush are able to escape the spin web, you have to use those after you have gotten stuck.

    Horse: nerf damage for bone rush and nerf kb and damage for bone kick. Enough said.

    Chicken: The smash is actually one of the worst smashes in the game. Also thats a pretty bold statement as you play the 2 kits thaf have the most broken smash crystals in the game. In my opinion, this kit needs a buff to its mobility and damage.

    Zombie: I agree to a certain extent, the arrows can be nerfed by 2-3 damage. However, as a zombie main, Ill have to say it looks way easier to play it until you have actually tried playing the kit. The arrows are extremely hard to hit unless you are an aiming god.

    Sheep: are you seriously asking a nerf for the one thing that makes sheep playable? There are many kits that counter sheep and sheep needs a buff if anything.

    Snow golem: i havent noticed this. Maybe its an issue with the change in textures from a new update.

    Your last statement: I agree to a certain extent, but im too lazy to comment on it.
    Posted Mar 23, 2020
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  9. There's been extensive debate on what needs to be balanced, and GI has (I'm sure) a huge list of changes, all we need to do is wait for the update.
    Posted Mar 23, 2020
  10. A lot of people assume kits are "broken" because they come across players who simply know how to use them or they simply are just better than you. A kit should be determined if it's "broken" if you give an average player that kit, how much of a chance does that player have of winning. With kits like skeleton, sheep, chicken, squid, cow, etc, average players don't have a better chance of winning.

    With kits like creeper, wolf, slime, skeleton horse, and blaze, players do have a better chance of winning which is why imo these are actual broken kits. The kits that need immediate attention are wolf and creeper. Then start balancing the others such as horse, slime, blaze etc.
    Posted Mar 23, 2020
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  11. I didn’t point this out before but the lightning shield on creeper going off by so much as being poked by a paper airplane is ridiculous.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 25, 2020
  12. The lightning sheild is fine since it makes up for creeper's defense. As long as sulphur bomb cooldown is lowered creeper shouldnt be a problem.
    Posted Mar 25, 2020
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  13. Most of the issues you have I don't really see, horse is very annoying but creeper definitely helps to counter it as well as a lot off classes that you can combo melee with their abilites, like Spider and Golem.

    Spider's Web shot is fine how it is, it has a rather long recharge, and is pretty easy to avoid, along with it being very unreliable other than very close range which is where the spider is supposed to shine.

    Sheep's static laser i think gives plenty of time to react. I have no problem looking for the flashing wool of the sheep and then just focusing on dodging the very small hitbox it has.

    Blaze also needs the short cool down of firefly to stay at least somewhat good. So I think it should be easier to hit them out of hit instead.

    Chicken is such an underpowered class atm that the smash crystal is no problem for it to have.If it needs any changes then it def needs just more options and tools in general.

    Cow I can understand how annoying and good the class is, and I think that the best way to nerf it is too just completely take out milk spiral's hitbox. Cow has pleenty of ways to do damage and this very easy to hit, low-risk high-reward move should be changed.

    I agree with your points about wolf tho, the kit is so good yet so boring to play against and as IMO. I think that he should honestly be completely reworked
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
  14. I think that in addition to SB having a much, much longer cooldown, I think that lightning shield shouldn't deal damage. It's meant as a "get off me" tool and not one of the best ways to do dame. It's also especially annoying because of how easy it is for a lone chicken, Skeley, or Zombie to hit the creeper while its fighting someone else and and the shield activated and have the class the creeper is fighting be dealt a ton of dmg and kb.
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
  15. What's the issue with Blaze?
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
  16. the wool flashes? no it doesn't
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 1, 2020
  17. I think the best solution is in the ssm update document where it states that the lightning sheild will be activated using drop key and it wont be completely automatic. I think thats fair.
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
  18. There isn't a set schedule for when games on Mineplex receive fixes, balances, or new content. These only occur after they've been ordered by the network's Production team, which relies heavily on input from Quality Assurance and Game Insights. If you want to voice your opinion on potential SSM fixes, I would recommend discussing your suggestions with the applicable Game Insights team on Mineplex's Community Insights Discord server. You can contact a member of Community Management for an invitation link.

    I won't pretend to be an SSM aficionado, so to speak, but it does seem like your issues with kits stems from an inability to efficiently counter them rather than any actual issues with the kit itself. SSM is one of the most popular, controversial, competitive, and closely monitored games on Mineplex; I can say with great confidence that every stat in the game is the product of hours of labor, debate, and testing from the game's most accomplished players. Again, I encourage you to reach out to Game Insights, but I would also encourage you to work on your skills specifically in the game.
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
  19. yeah, I beg to differ, when I can win without playing hours, days even weeks of playing slime there's a problem with it's balance, the kit just gets too much out of it's set up, creeper sulphur bomb is it's biggest issue, and blaze's smash causing lag and near spammable firefly is also an issue, same with wolf being a giant middle finger with a small hitbox, great damage, utility and mobility once you're hit by cub tackle there's an almost 100% chance you'll be dead if you're not being squid, horse, magma, or cow, these are things the community has pointed out countless times
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 1, 2020
  20. I won't discount that some of these points are recurring among the community, but the amount of individuals who play the game and enjoy it versus those who take to the forums to express their desire for changes are actually quite different numbers. There will always be people who post threads requesting changes be made to games, and the games will always need to be evaluated on a rolling basis to see if such changes are necessary-- which is why our network has the Game Insights team.

    At the risk of speaking out of turn: If SSM were as 'broken' as you're making it out to be, no one would play it. However, that couldn't be farther from the case; like I already said, SSM is one of the most popular gamemodes Mineplex has to offer and frequently has hundreds of players online. Do you think the vast majority of that expansive list of players would agree with your opinions and changes?
    Posted Apr 1, 2020

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