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[READ] Clans Update Idea

Discussion in 'Clans' started by joerock777, Oct 29, 2018.


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  1. joerock777


    Hello there!

    i have a few ideas to improve Mineplex Clans!

    My first idea is that you should be able to do /c leave in the Clanshub as well as in the clans server because people may not want to go into a certain clans server and move to a new one but they can’t disband because it is very hard to get into the queue.

    my second idea is that you should add leather and emeralds into fields and emeralds can be emerald ores and when you mine them emerald pieces comes out and for leather there should be brown clay for it and when you mine it a piece of leather comes out (just like diamond, gold and iron)

    my third idea is that you should move capture point to fields as it adds more people to want to come to it (since it really isn’t s popular event) and it is a lot closer to lot more people’s bases

    My fourth and is that there should be a new event added into the clans event pool and it should be callled “The nether” and it should be open for 20-30 minutes (and the event is just the nether which is opened by a rune amplifier or after a boss finishes!
    (I know, I know people are saying that will make rune amplifiers useless but what about event tokens? And the nether will open in fields for any players wanting some ores or runes without the problem of dying constantly by mobs or by the event itself)

    My fifth and final is that we should add hoppers back to clans but it would cost 200k in shops or get it as a drop in the Charles witherton raid

    i hope you like my ideas and I would like to hear your if you like my ideas or not!

    If any people on the staff team likes one of my ideas or consider implementing it into Clans say why you like my idea and if you don’t like an idea and might want to modify it, just say in in this thread :D
    Posted Oct 29, 2018,
    Last edited Nov 2, 2018
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  2. PhoenixHacks


    Hey there, so I will try to break down your ideas:
    #1: this has been proposed many times and is an excellent idea, however I believe that some of the logistics are a bit difficult to work around, and it may end up taking a lot more resources than it is worth, especially because only in the beginnings of seasons are the servers ever full.

    #2: This idea has again been proposed more, and I agree with the leather, however I think as emeralds aren't very useful practically and are a sign of wealth, making them spawn in fields would defeat the purpose of them and also take away from useful ores like diamonds.

    #3: This is my favorite idea, and one that will make cap points more contested and harder to defend, if we combined this with greater loot rewards, I think this would be a great change!

    #4: I disagree with this, as the nether isn't an event that is needed as both iron wiz and skele king already have it plus it would take away from runeamps in the clans shop. Also as this event would have a 0% chance to drop a leggie or mount or even token, it would just make it so less Iron Wizards and Skeleton Kings spawn.

    #5: Hoppers are to laggy and to overpowered, this is never going to make it back in the game, sorry.

    Also you said for your fourth idea that: "My fourth and final idea" when you have 5 ideas. Just a little edit to be made.

    Have a good day/night,
    Posted Oct 30, 2018
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  3. Veans


    I swear I've seen this before, nonetheless I'll try to briefly touch upon all the ideas

    1. Passed on Community Insights board, is well liked and supported overall
    2. Emeralds already has a use planned, though we don't know what it is an it may be subject to change. I have a supported idea regarding the spawning of cows at fields that can address the leather needs
    3. Could be good but must be done correctly, if it's not balanced/changed accordingly then it would just be a camp-fest and the constant flow of players could potentially keep anyone from finishing the cap
    4. I don't really see a need for this event, it's already a thing for both bosses and would take up a valuable event spot. Also as Dado said would further devalue rune amps (although atm those are just flawed in general IMO)
    5. Hoppers are removed for a reason and people could still technically build up tons of hoppers in enough time, even ideas regarding the limitation of hoppers haven't really gone anywhere so I don't see hoppers coming back anytime soon
    Posted Oct 30, 2018
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  4. Swahn


    Hello joerock,

    For your first idea, I agree 100% on this, simply because in crowded times, like the beginning of the season, players bombard the servers and getting in to even play the game is a challenge. To disband my clan, just to move to another server, took over 3 hours in the beginning of the season. This was my fault because I happened to chose the most popular server which had a long wait time. Overall, if it could be implemented, that'd be pretty cool.

    For your second idea, I like your idea of implementing leather and emeralds in fields. Like Veans said, I heard there is a 'purpose' for emeralds in the future, so that would be a good time to implement them to fields; however, as of now, adding emeralds to fields would decrease the productivity of fields, since another, rather useless, mineral is added to the pool. Good idea, just could be tampered with in the future.

    For your third idea, I just wanted to say, I like your motive but the solution could be adjusted. For example, if the event was held at fields, that would only bring further attention to the center of the map, thus, creating unhealthy diffusion amongst clan claims. My idea for this would be to place capture points in wilderness (x amount of chunks away from nearby claims) This would keep claims dispersed for no 'easy-access' if you will. And yes, I'm aware that nearby claims to THAT event may have a fair advantage, but that would, first, only apply to THAT event (since the next may be closer to YOU), and two, 'x amount of chunks' could be adjusted for fair use. It's a controversial topic amongst the community.

    For the fourth idea, I had to read it twice to understand, but I think you want to implement 'the nether' as an event in the boss pool? Not sure if I'm 'all in' on this, but it could have some use to keep the player concentration 'fresh' and ever changing.

    As a TRAP AND DROPPER FANATIC, I am loving this idea.. Oh may some logical people reject us of this 'Holy Grail' of clans entertainment, they won't stop us from dreaming!

    I liked your ideas Joe, keep em coming :happyt3:
    Posted Oct 30, 2018
  5. TitchMeThroughThePhone


    I think cap point should be removed and replaced with a version of a supply drop, where it will spawn a variety of loot from some kits and weapons to rares and tokens. This would spawn at fields but only if there were more than ten people on.
    Posted Oct 31, 2018
  6. Veans


    This is another well received and supported idea I believe. Except I don't think we need to remove KOTH for that, KOTH needs balancing and some system changes but not removal
    Posted Oct 31, 2018
  7. TitchMeThroughThePhone


    I think KOTH does need removal, or at least a complete overhaul. Currently you have to stand on a platform in a wide open area for about five minutes, with nothing what so ever to do. Changing it to a supply drop style would lead it it being a more strategic capture.
    Posted Oct 31, 2018
  8. Veans


    Thats what I mean by balancing and some system changes.......

    What you just described is the system, and thats fundamentally flawed atm which is why it needs changing, but not necessarily a removal
    Posted Oct 31, 2018
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  9. TitchMeThroughThePhone


    I don't even think my "Changes" would constitute as changes as it wouldn't be the same event. KOTH is all about capturing it, staying at one point for mediocre at best items, while the supply drop would be at fields, set to drop in a certain time, would only activate if more than ten people were on, and would not drop trash rewards.
    Posted Nov 1, 2018
  10. Chron


    Hello, while some of these ideas are pretty good there are a few I disagree with. For instance, idea number one is something I can definitely agree with. Especially on SOTW people create Clans and later would like to move servers to more populated areas and it's just so much of a hassle to have to wait through a queue then push through another one after disbanding. I believe GI has talked about this but I am not sure on its current standings.

    While I can agree leather should be a farm-able resource I disagree with emeralds. As of right now they have no use and as Veans stated above, GI is already looking to using these separate from other resources (gold, iron, diamond).

    I agree with this to an extent. While Capture Points aren't really worth running all the way to borderlands I don't believe the timer or loot is sufficient to add it to fields. Players having such easy access to it will make it quite difficult to capture and the amount of loot lost to the loot that it does drop is no where near worth it. It does need tweaking but I definitely see this as a future change.

    I am going to have to disagree with Idea #4 though, as of right now we already have 4 events in the event pool such as the Capture Point, Iron Wizard, Skeleton King, and Undead City. While Undead City is bugged right now it's still there. The reason you can only visit the nether for 5 minutes through the IW and SK is because it needs to be a challenge to get the valuables Nether includes. If we had a 20-30 event that is just pure nether it will just waste the economy, remember mobs now drop ores and to have 20-30 minutes to farm this will not only overstock runes but it will grant stacks upon stacks of ores and resources to Clans who are active enough to farm for 20-30 minutes. On another note, it kind of makes rune amplifiers a bit worthless as the only thing a Rune amp will have to offer is a slightly larger chance at earning runes.

    Hoppers, this has been quite a controversial topic ever since they were removed but they were removed for the good of Clans. They caused so much lag and server stress, especially with all of the new Clans updates and the weird server TPS it would be chaos to bring them back. Although we can try to limit them I think it's just not worth it. Maybe another time but I highly suggest they stay in our vault.

    I hope I had made my points clear, if you would like any further explanation on my reasons shoot me a response and I will gladly further elaborate. Otherwise enjoy the rest of your day/night!
    Posted Nov 1, 2018
  11. epicbluej


    Yea I miss hoppers myself, made it easy to be lazy. Issue was the lag, but making them hard to get could fix that. Other ways around it such as limiting ticks per chunks, etc. Requires dev time unfortunately, and someone higher up has to assign the dev time.

    /C leave in hub useful, though only really needed for beginning time of seasons. Simple QoL update (quality of life).

    As for the capture point, I don't like the event as a whole. Changing it to fields would be better than removing though.

    Emeralds and nether event don't personally appeal to me, as well as we seek to make emeralds useful in other ways potentially one day.
    Posted Nov 6, 2018
  12. Xion


    I'm sorry if I repeated some things that others said. I just want to address how I feel about these quickly.
    1.) Nice idea, I think it will be implemented soon, but this will probably mean that you will have to load the texture pack in the lobby. This would be pretty nice, actually, because then they could also make a mini tutorial in the lobby. I'd love to see the lobby redesigned to include some items from the texture pack.
    2) I like the idea with leather, it will make assassin easier to obtain during SOTW week. However, I have to disagree with the Emeralds, I feel that should be kept limited to raids. If not it just becomes another useless item added to the game. It's not special if you make it available to everyone.
    3)I'd love moving this to fields because it makes it more accessible, the current map size makes it excruciating to get to and useless anyway because of the drops. You often see those cap points just get left to despawn.
    4)Nice idea, put it at fields and I'll be fine. Also it doesn't make rune amplifiers useless. Rune amplifiers amplify rune drops, it doesn't just spawn the Nether.
    5) Please don't add to the stay in your base with a maul and hope for the best meta...
    Posted Nov 8, 2018
  13. Cluckers


    Hey Chron I just had one big question about the origins of clans and how clans has evolved. From my understanding clans is a team based game were different classes are used for different things. As of right now assassin is the meta due to its mobility and ability to counter any class. Originally assasin was supposed to be a scout class why Knight and brute were meant to be the bulk of the clans fighters with a few rangers and mages in the mix. So I have to ask, what would happen if assassin was more rare, meaning it cost more or is only obtainable through nether or other events. I'm sure this would change the Meta of clans while not vaulting anything. This would also make many clans be forced to use the intentional classes and in case you didn't know tanky classes vs tanky classes revolve around numbers and team work rather than individual skill. Ill probably turn this into a separate thread at some point but I was just wondering what's your guy's opinions about making assassin more rare and only meant to be a scout backstabbing class?
    Posted Nov 8, 2018
  14. Chron


    Well I can only speak for myself but generally I think assassin will always be the meta, nerfing it anymore will only make it useless and then you wont see assassin AT ALL throughout seasons. The way I have always seen is it as assassin in a team fight is meant to pick off the weaker classes or even chase down a run away team. Making it more rare wont do much, eventually later into the season players will get their hands onto dubs of assassin sets and the meta will continue. Along with that I don't believe it's fair to force players to use other kits they are not comfortable with using. While most players can adapt newer players who want to play the classes they are most comfortable with should be allowed to for the same price as any other kit.

    The reason I pursue the idea to bring an easier method of obtaining assassin is for newer players. A lot of times it's very difficult to start out on one or two sets and losing them forcing you to choose between every other kit besides assassin kind of puts a stump to players who have little experience with the other classes. I do not agree with having a very high spawn rate like the ores, but there should be some way to farm leather outside of the Nether.
    Posted Nov 9, 2018
  15. joerock777



    I have listened to everyone’s ideas and there are no need for emeralds to be added to fields (from my own idea I’m not sure if mineplex will do this or not)


    For Charles witherton raids you will need at least 20 emeralds (as well as the bones and silver tokens) because this encourages power clans to go out to capture point and this will make it more popular

    Last update suggestion is that you can only have 1-2 hoppers in your claim and it would cost 150k-200k gold this will create less lag and people can enjoy hoppers more! :D
    It would also be good because if someone uses a maul or a scepter in a base with a hopper underneath them, if a cheater phases in and dies the person won’t lose his stuff if the hopper has it.

    Thanks for reading this updated suggestion and please tell me your other thoughts on this!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 10, 2018,
    Last edited Nov 10, 2018
  16. Xion


    I like the idea to make Capture Points used again, but I'm not okay with hoppers whatsoever.
    However, you will only need to get emeralds from a Capture point once if you are a clan with lots of raid experience. The amount of emeralds you get from 1 raid will be enough for many more, and if you complete those you will probably never have to go to a CP ever again.
    Hoppers just promote the sit in base and camp meta no matter how expensive it is. It doesn't matter if you have 1 hopper or 2 hoppers, you can just make water push the items into it.
    Posted Nov 10, 2018
  17. joerock777


    I know what you said about capture points being too easy to access if it was moved to fields and people could claim close to fields


    What about supply drops?
    Are they not in fields?
    --- Post updated ---
    One last thing guys,

    Who wants a new clans trailer showing Charles witherton raids, new legendaries such as scythe or Lance (with the Lance 2 people could be on a horse 1v1ing with a Lance like jousting) and we should show how Clans is a unique gamemode where it isn’t like any other “factions” where people with enchanted diamond armour dominate the server and show that in clans anybody has a chance, anybody at all.

    We can also promote clans by getting a popular Youtuber to almost advertise clans saying it is a good gamemode and to try it some time

    Who agrees or disagrees with my ideas?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 12, 2018
  18. Tytrah


    I don't think a new Clans trailer would be in the works any time soon, and I believe that was confirmed by someone(however don't quote me on that). I do agree though that getting a popular YouTuber to advertise Clans could always increase the player amount, but I'm not sure if Mineplex is willing to sponsor anyone any time soon.

    I feel like if people realize and understand that Clans is a unique gamemode it will boost the player count up a lot, but there's no measures being taken to do so right now.
    Posted Nov 12, 2018
  19. joerock777


    Another New Suggestion!

    Since people didn’t like the idea of there being a new event in the event pool called the nether, I was thinking that since there should be another altar in the middle of fields(or an empty portal) but you have to put in 2-3 runes and half a stack of an ore like diamond gold etc and 1 silver token to light it up (you may modify it if you want) to be able to enter the nether


    My second idea is that when an event finishes there should be a portal in fields because it tends to become unfair when a clan finishes an event and no one else can enter the arena so the clan who did the event gets the nether to itself, so I’m saying that when an event finishes a player has 10 seconds to go in and potentially clean (which is another important aspect of the boss arena) or when you finish the event there will be this “Teleportation Pad” which sends you in a random place in fields and you will look for the nether portal at the middle of fields just so instead of having to c home (possibly the person did the event solo but has no clan to c home in)
    Everybody please tell me if you like it or not!

    Btw do u guys like my new profile picture? xD)
    --- Post updated ---
    What does everyone think of my ideas?
    --- Post updated ---
    @mepman9 Hello how was your day? This thread must be a bit old and outdated but since you are a CM i havent got your responce for this thread yet!

    Can you please tell me your thoughs on each idea?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 20, 2018,
    Last edited Dec 21, 2018
  20. Duppy


    Didn't you guys also degrade all your servers? I remember seeing a thing like you switching to a cheaper host.

    I say move capture points to field, make it a faster capture, and slightly lower the loot from the intended value (not your bugged version of garbage loot). In my opinion, capture points are by far the most boring event simply by their design. The downtime from each fight is so long, and makes the event extremely boring. Bringing it to fields will allow for constant action, and populate the area with players. This allows for more action in the center of the map, which allows for smaller clans to easily pick fights within the safety of their base. This allows for smaller clans to have more participation in the event. Ontop of that, putting it in fields would also allow for small clans to easily escape, due to the layout of fields (having multiple drops and inclines, rather than a crappy flatlands with pasted schematics of bone pillars).

    Boss events don't suffer from this problem of downtime, because you are given the task of defeating the boss as soon as you reach there. Capture points on the other hand, you have to simply stand still and face a wave of players that come about every 5 minutes. In my opinion, a 3-5 minute downtime kills all excitement and fun, and makes the event extremely boring. But hey, that's just my opinion.
    --- Post updated ---
    I've never seen assassin used for picking off weak classes (literally only mage lmao). Assassin is literally just a fast moving fast killing class. Every class in this gamemode except assassin suffers from mobility issues. Brutes have stampede, but if you get hit once it stops entirely. Assassins however, are able to navigate the whole map with ease, allowing them to take an unfair advantage of literally the whole map. A frequent argument I see is, "well then just don't fight the assassin", and I find that to be a flawed response. That's like saying, "They can pick a class, and you literally can't play the game lmao, go hide in a hole until the literal devil leaves you alone". Assassin is a broken character which can't be balanced without nerfing it to the ground. The reason behind that is Assassin's whole class is built around mobility, which is it's main problem in clans. So either it needs a rework, or to be removed. Either that or make mage counter assassin so that it can be actually useful.

    Honestly, remove assassin and rework mage. Clans has no space for a character that can abuse terrain.
    Posted Dec 20, 2018

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