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ReactorImpactor [Bedrock and Java]

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Mayor Fumble Bottom, Sep 28, 2020.


Do you think I've thought of a good ideA? Or a horrible idea.

  1. Great.

  2. Horrible.

  3. Not sure.

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  1. The Goal is simple, there are Spies and Guards. Everyone is hidden in one of these roles. All games run for 2:30 for spies.


    How roles will work.

    Scientist - There are computers riddled around the map you can right-click. When you stay nearby for a certain amount of time, you do that task, and riddles about the Spies will pop somewhere as pieces of paper Guards can pickup.
    Guard - With you you handle Iron armor and an Iron sword, defeat all Spies to win or lose if all Scientists die.
    Janitor - They clean spots around the map, making sure people don't slow down if they're in combat.
    RepairMan - Fix doors, Security Gates, Cameras, and much more to make sure people don't get closed in during combat.
    Spy - The spy will be any of the randomized roles above (Exclude RepairMan and Guard), the spy is combated with a Diamond Sword, the Spy is supposed to go to the Reactor and cause a Meltdown to win or kill all scientists to win.

    Security Stuff

    Cameras - There is an entire security room that only Guards and Spys can enter, the cameras can be watched to spy on everyone around the facility and even catch a Spy, but the cameras may go out and RepairMen will have to fix it.
    Security Gates - There are gates riddled around the facility that will detect weapons and contraband and will alert guards, Spys can go through vents to the other side but if caught they can be killed by Guards.
    Reactor Core - The Reactor Core is a massive Machine that generates billions/trillions of watts of electricity, the electricity is being sent to another facility which is holding Nukes to launch towards the Military, Spies are US Navy soldiers pretending to be workers. They will try to destroy the Reactor Core to stop the launch of the Nukes.
    Lockdown Doors - "Got dangit" Says the guards, the Lockdown doors are weird pieces of technology that'll randomly shut! Which is clearly a malfunction. They have to be fixed by RepairMan, there are other ways around them. But that's a long way. Spies can use vents next to them to get across in a snap.
    Posted Sep 28, 2020
  2. Seems like a great idea. I personally wouldn’t play it because it seems too complicated, but I am sure others will!
    Posted Sep 28, 2020
  3. Not a bad idea!
    Posted Sep 29, 2020
  4. [​IMG] Reactor Impactor Beta Research

    I will soon be making a playable version to show people how ReactorImpactor will work, currently, this is Version Beta1 Core design. If you have any other designs, please recommend them to me! The design comes with Control Beam, SafeGuard, Core Structure.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 1, 2020
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  5. OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 1, 2020
  6. This actually seems like a really cool idea, and something I would love to play
    Posted Oct 1, 2020

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