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Discussion in 'Mine-Strike' started by launu, Oct 18, 2020.




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  2. no lol stay useless

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  1. Reviewed by the appropriate folks? Interesting, as I recorded a player staring block for block at another player for over a minute straight, and there wasn't enough 'evidence' for a ban.

    This community has been crying out for years requesting a change.
    Has anything been done? No.

    As @MapleSyrup_ said above, a dedicated team to this game - made up of players with extensive knowledge and not just the odd moderator - is a great idea. This would most likely not result in false bans, as the players doing it would have multiple braincells as well as experience. Furthermore, members of the team could have to consult with others, as well as recording evidence against the suspect.

    Frankly it's shocking that so little action has been taken against these players who break the rules, and how staff will just brush away posts like these as nonsense.

    The staff team appears to take a blind eye to minestrike, as you'll never see any of them playing it anyway. Something needs to change, and it should be up to the community who have genuine knowledge of the game (and not just a few wins) to take action against these xrayers. But for this to happen, staff need to do more than just acknowledge the problems, but work with the community to do something about them.
    Posted Oct 23, 2020
  2. It's unlikely that Mineplex will ever add "Minestrike Management" in. The only gamemode that has a separate team to deal with rule breakers in it is Clans, which has it's own rulebook. Minestrike is generally similar to other gamemodes (rule wise). I wouldn't see Mineplex ever giving random community members who happen to be good at Minestrike and claim to have many more braincells than other staff (mind you, which shows immaturity), punish permissions and which, according to you, half the Minestrike community rays anyways so it'd be easy for one rayer putting on a fake persona and then just banning everyone.
    Posted Oct 23, 2020
  3. You have a fair point, but what I am suggesting is not for 'random community members' to have these permissions . I am talking about hand-chosen players, the best of the best. I should have stated this before, but should these players all be checked by mineplex, then the fake personas wouldn't be a problem. Of course you would then have to rely on them to not give simply high-level players these powers, as these are often the cheaters themselves.
    Posted Oct 23, 2020
  4. The only Sr. Mod team that currently allows Community Members on it (ES might do it too idk) is QA. You have to be on QAT for an extremely long time to be able to become a C/QA member and you have to sign an NDA as well. If you could design a subteam of "Minestrike Management" I'd love to give my opinion on it. For this to work, you'd also need to provide a list of staff members (~5 is good) that would be open to joining Minestrike Management, you'd also need to pick an Admin for the team (they get paid, therefore you'd have to find out if MS is profitable after all of this), and make a list of requirements to join the subteam and the full team. If you can make all of this I'll provide my input below.
    Posted Oct 23, 2020
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  5. i made a post similar to this one but for super paintball awhile ago, back when the game had around 150 players playing the game alone during peak times, yet now on the rare times that i get on (since i stopped playing awhile ago) i see about 50-60 people on at most during peak hours, and i'm convinced to this day that xrayers are the sole cause of the community deciding not to play anymore, because that's the reason i decided to stop playing myself. every single public lobby used to have at least 1-2 xrayers in the lobby at all times, and now that the games player count has shrunk about 3x, when i got on yesterday to count i counted 5 xrayers in a singular lobby, 2 in another, and another 2 in the 3rd one (i count based on the communities perspective, and public opinion. that's also excluding the ones who closet xray, and attempt to hide it, if we count them there's a whole lot more that i could've listed).

    something definitely needs to be done, and i'll even name drop the xrayers in this post if it's necessary, but the bottom line is i feel like the staff team ignore these posts, simply because they choose not to do anything, not because they have insufficient evidence. if i recorded a dude making 6 prefires in a row, i think its safe to assume that's not "luck," as the RC team claims. then, if i were to add 3 video clips on top of it of the same person doing the exact same thing, 6 times in a row, that's still considered not enough evidence? then if ESP/xray is truly bannable as the rules suggest, i think the least they could do is give us an example of what the threshold of evidence is to get these people banned, because we have quite literally nothing to work off of if we are going to make attempts to clean this game of the xrayers and other non-legits.

    if this post dies then i'll know this server has 0 hope for change and i'll most likely never take this server seriously again lol, and i speak for the 100+ other players of the PB community that already think there's 0 hope for change in this server, as they've seen rayers get away with just about everything at this point firsthand. not only is the minestrike community watching, but so are the other ones who are plagued by these numbskulls.

    hopefully mineplex decides losing 1/10 or so of their playercount isn't worth being petty over a very serious issue.
    Posted Oct 24, 2020

  6. I would do admin for free if it was offered to me while I was staff...LOL
    Posted Oct 24, 2020
  7. ummm....ok? Admin is a lot of work and it's not likely that anyone would do it for no pay, if take it at all.
    Posted Oct 24, 2020
  8. The rayer problem continues to be an issue that is not being taken seriously enough and if it meant that someone had to take charge and do something about it, it would have been me. Although other ex-staff like ImposterK, KawaiiLovi and Badstet assisted in bringing up the issue and getting xray bannable.

    For them recruiters looking at this post: Say what you will, that I'm being immature or whatnot.

    Moving on, if the rayer problem continues to be neglected, then I do see minestrike being removed from mineplex which would be very disappointing as the problem could easily be solved with the implementation of a dedicated staff team, who's sole purpose is keeping minestrike and mineplex hacker free.
    Posted Oct 25, 2020
  9. Still haven’t properly responded to my first post where I asked you to create a team like that. You can’t just say, “it’ll be solved easy with a dedicated team” you have to consider how you’re going to get this whole thing set up in the first place.
    Posted Oct 25, 2020
  10. idk for some reason the rayers don't really bother me, this is just kind of a lame post, I mean, I like the effort put into it, but the rayers just don't really matter to me for some odd reason..
    Posted Oct 25, 2020
  11. ironic
    Posted Oct 26, 2020
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  12. yeah, ironic.
    Posted Oct 26, 2020
  13. lmao, played pubs for just under 4 years now and I just made a mineplex account today. Rayers literally make the game so annoying. Some rayers are just bad, but when they can actually hit shots pretty much all the time, I just have to quit the game (unless its that time of day with only 1 pub open). I welcome the sight of the very rare bhopper because at least they decided to bounce around and backstab everyone which, imo, is kinda funny when all the other hackers just murder you the moment your first pixels peek a corner. It's pretty obvious when someone is raying, anyone who's played the game for a decent amount of time can spot one easily. Some people like Moriboy were so obvious for so long, it was annoying nothing was done about them. I've liked the idea of putting the power of dealing with rayers in to the hands of MineStrike players via /votekick, but that would get abused way too easily, so I guess we'll have to endure. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Posted Oct 27, 2020
  14. Lol, this game has WAY more similarities with CS:GO than I thought!
    P.S.I know that Mine Strike is based on Counter Strike.
    Posted Oct 27, 2020
  15. yeah, all the maps (except for marshes?), guns, gun skins, dialogue, and of course the concept are all exact replicas of cs:go. Not to mention, the mineplex team did an excellent job remaking everything with a keen eye for detail, especially the amazing gun textures. This is the main reason I love MineStrike and will forever believe in its superiority over Cops n Crims.
    Posted Oct 27, 2020
  16. I have a question. Does this game have zeus ?
    Posted Oct 27, 2020
  17. no, unfotunately not :( all the guns in MS are...

    Pistol: P250, P2000, Glock, Deagle, and CZ-75
    Rifle: AK47, Steyr AUG, FAMAS, Galil, M4A4, and SG553
    Sniper rifle: AWP and SSG08
    SMG: PP-Bizon and P90
    Shotgun: Nova and XM1014

    no guns have been added or removed for several years, and considering there are many more guns in cs:go, I think it may be interesting to add a one or two to MineStrike. However, the shop at the beginning of each round is in your 3x9 inventory, so space is limited. With the 14 guns (although there are 17 total, AK, SG553, and Glock are specific to Bombers while P2000, Steyr, and M4A4 are specific to SWAT) along with different grenades, the defusal kit (for SWAT only), and kevlar, there isn't much room left to add
    Posted Oct 27, 2020
  18. Btw to all who are talking about "minestrike management" I had made a very detailed post on how they could structure that type of moderation branch all the way back in early 2018. Many staff members responded with the same old response of "it would take too many resources and isn't worth the time." Sadly that post was removed along with the rest of the old mineplex website, I don't see any hope where MS is concerned. For those of you who know what I'm talking about, this is why I'm pushing so hard to help Notoh make his creation. It's not just for the elimination of hitreg, it's because I want to see this community move past the neglect that mineplex has given it and enter a new era. Where the game works for competitive players and is still fun for casuals and where the people who play the game play it for the gameplay and not just the social interaction. Minestrike has become a game that is held together by the tightknit community of players who have pushed through the toxicity and poor game design. The community continues to dwindle and new players aren't interested in putting hours into a game that has so many problems. So there's my little soapbox and I hope you guys can understand where minestrike is at in terms of survivability. It's sad to see a game I've put so much time into go to such waste, but I'm happy that something better is taking its place.

    ~Frosstt, Ph.D in Minecraft hit registration, 6 year Minestrike veteran
    Posted Oct 27, 2020
  19. really not that it's not worth the time, it's that it wouldn't really be profitable anymore
    Posted Oct 27, 2020
  20. I've seen you a few times in pubs talking about Notoh and his creation. Is it some new server dedicated to a revamped MS?
    Posted Oct 27, 2020

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