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Ranking Nano Games

Discussion in 'Nano Games' started by Skylqr, Aug 28, 2020.


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  1. Disclaimer: This is my first time posting on the forums! This list is just my opinion, feel free to reply with any changes/disagreements you may have! Also not sure if somebody has already ranked them, so credits to them if they have. These are listed from best to worse based on my experience with Nano Games. There is also a brief explanation on why I placed each game in their particular spot and I would love to hear people add on to those as well!!

    1. Bawk Bawk Rath: I like the concept of this game, the intenstity that increases throughout it. The key to winning is perfect timing, which makes this game very skilled based, standing out from others on the list. I've never had an issues with this game and have always found it enjoyable!
    2. Quick: I like the variety in this game. Some of the "challenges" are pretty simple, while others require more strategy. I like how it's based on points and you can have some of the best come backs with this game as well.
    3. Copy Cat: Now this spot may be very controversial for this game, but to me its very satisfying to complete the levels. I personally use f5 while playing this which makes the game so much easier. Most of the time, I place first or second, making it more fun .
    4. Gladiators: Although, this game may have a very basic concept, it is rather beneficial to those who are good at PvP. It's worthy of this spot just because of how it is fast pased and it's usually fun to play.
    5. Color Swap: This game is just really fun, especially if you get lucky towards the end. Sorry for those who are colorblind <3
    6. Sploor: This game hits different when you mess around with your friends. But when you're alone and have a bad team, this game may not be in your favor.Although I love how you can climb walls with the squid feature to get the pefect snipe.
    7. Knock Knock: Sometimes this game can be a little glitchy regarding jump timing. But I love the speed effect and its also very satisfying to run through the walls.
    8. Chicken shoot: I like using bow. That should be enough explanation. Sorry if you find this boring.
    9. Nano Wizards: As an ex wizard player, I like how they tried to bring back the original wizards into Nano games. Although there is room for a lot of improvement in this game.
    10. Nano Battle: This game is just a knock off of Micro battles, theres nothing special about it, but its not the worst game.
    11. Dropper: Usually a hit or miss with this game, depending on the map. I also suck at dropper but it can be entertaining.
    12. Minekart: The controls of this game took some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it it can be fun to race your friends. It has its fair amount of glitches though.
    13. Snowball Trouble: This game can be laggy sometimes, but I like how they use the OITQ maps and giving that game the resemblance it deserves.
    14. Slime Cylces: Also another hit or miss game, can be fun if you're in the final 2 but can be annoying if you die right away.
    15. Spleef: Another classic game, not a huge fan, but I like how they combined runner and the original spleef into one.
    16. Zombie Survival: Just a knock off of death tag, have to find the good spots to win. Only good with certain maps.
    17. Slime Territory: This game is a bit of both stragety and luck. But, if you're clever you can probably win this easy.
    18. Hardcore Parkour: You may disagree with me on this, but the maps are bland and dont really add a challenge. Also am not a huge fan of parkour
    19. Jump Rope: This game has so many issues for people, with it glitching or some people not being able to see the rope (sorry if that is patched, that's just based off what I've seen in chat). Personally I dont mind it, but too many people complain about it. But if you time it correclty you can win easily
    20. Ores Ores Ores: In my opinion, this game is mostly luck, but there are certain playstyles that are better than others.Overall, bland game
    21. Hot Potato: This game was better when you could see when the timing of the potato explosion that made it more skilled based but mainly just requires some luck now.
    22. Grapple Knife: This game is very glitchy. With the fishing rod sending you into the void and the invisbility glitch it overall can be annoying. But its alright if you get lucky.
    22. Red Light Green Light: This may be a bit biased, but I just dont have the patience for this game :P
    23. Reverse Tag: This game is ok if nobody is chasing you and you can just sit there the whole game, otherwise it's a waste of time.
    24. Musical Minecarts: Most luck based game of them all. No skill required to win.
    25. King Slime: I hate this game with a passion, just overall boring. This game just gives me a headache, please remove this.
    Posted Aug 28, 2020
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  2. lil shawty the baddest
    Posted Aug 28, 2020
  3. ya and she got her ways
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 28, 2020
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  4. Helloooo

    Yeah, I mostly agree with this list. Personally, I wouldn't have copy cat that high, just because I have to be very intense when that game comes on to try and get the achievement, and it's not always fun and relaxing to do that. Also, sploor is just a nano game that bores me. It's incredibly long and drawn out, just for an expected result. I would also have Color Swap a bit higher on the list, and I know a lot of people would agree that it's their favorite game. Other than these changes, I think you nailed the top of the list. For the bottom, I'd move Red Light Green Light and Hardcore Parkour up a bit. I understand you've had bad personal experiences with them, but when you're really good at them, it's a lot of fun! I might also have Nano Wizards towards the bottom, because it's too long and not very fun. If you see a pattern, I'm not a big fan of the longer games haha. This is all just my opinion, obviously, and I think you have a decent list! Everyone's preferences are different, and it's interesting to see your perspective on a few of these games! Thanks for sharing!
    Posted Aug 29, 2020
  5. I agree with the majority of this list, some of my favorites (Color Swap, Quick, Copy Cat) are up there on your rankings. Those three are really enjoyable for me and I can usually pull off a win each time. I know Copy Cat is generally more disliked within the Nano community, so I'm glad to see another fan of the game haha.

    I'd say my least favorite games are King Slime, Reverse Tag, and Hot Potato. I'm pretty terrible at King Slime and can almost never win that one, and Reverse Tag/Hot Potato are much more luck based which doesn't usually play out in my favor. For Reverse Tag, you basically have to start out with the emeralds and find a hiding spot in order to win, and Hot Potato can be really annoying especially when you get hit at the last second.
    Posted Aug 29, 2020
  6. this is a joke right? the only bland map is MCCharity's with the same pallet, every other map is amazing
    Posted Aug 29, 2020
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  7. I love all the list of majority you rank all Nano games - totally agree with it at all. I agree with having Quick as a 2nd rank because this is one of my favorite Nano minigame there. The challenges are great overall but challenging. I still love it anyway! Although, I wouldn't put Copy Cat as a 3rd rank because this Nano game can be challenging to the majority of players. The Copy Cat levels are difficult and some players weren't able to reach level 10 as their Nano achievement. Of course, it takes practice in order to reach level 10 in Copy Cat. You'd have to be quick before the timer runs out.

    Overall, that's a great list of ranking Nano games you have! :)
    Posted Sep 26, 2020
  8. king slime is my favorite wtf
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
  9. There was a big Nano Games update announced today, I haven't had a chance to play all of them just yet but I'd love to see your revised list with all the great updates that were added ! ^^
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
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