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Ranking Nano Games (My personal opinion)

Discussion in 'Nano Games' started by Swle, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. This is my ranking of the Nano Games, please note this is my personal opinion and expierience throughout these games :)))) (Also I have terrible spelling so yeah)

    1. Bawks Bawks Wrath: I find this game very fun and somewhat super easy for me, unless someone always targets me. I usually get in the top 3 MOST of the time, and I played this game many, many, many times. I also just love that you dont have to really think just hit people, because I dont like thinking its hard for my brain cells.

    2. Color switch: This game is really easy for me, I always use f5 and I put my FOV to max so I can see more around. I love the quick thinking especially when the timer goes quicker and quicker.

    3. Quick: IM in love with this game, I just love that it in different games in one game, and I love the point systems and some games are easy and some contains stradegy. I would put this in my number one however, some of the mini games such as emerald parkour doesnt seem to get a lot of players time to jump because the 1st jump can be hard, and it dissapears so quickly and suddenly.

    4. Spleef: Okay I always been in love with spleef since I was a little youngling, and also adding the runner like game to adds more spice to it. I love the parkour too, when the blocks dissapear, it just adds more movement and stragedy thinking what block you need to go on next. In love with it.

    5. Zombie survival: Now this game may not be for everyone, however I am a big DT fan, and (DT will always be better than ZS) however I am skilled with this game saying I have expierence with most of the maps. However, the zombies sometimes annoys me, and Ik its called ZOMBIE survial but yeah still haha.

    6. Jump rope: People may argue with this, which I totally understand, saying there are glitches and all. However, for me I dont have any glitches, IDK if its the version I use. (I use 1.8) I always seem to get atleast the top 3.

    7. Chicken Shoot: This game is somewhat boring however I always seem to win most of the times, I dont know if i just have good aim, but you know I love games that i win at ofc haha.

    8. Nano Battle: I am a big fan of micro battles, and I love this game however, I dont like the blocks dissapearing and I wish we had more like tools or weapons such as a bow maybe to add more spice to it as Gordan Ramsay would say.

    9. Slime cycles: I like this game where there isnt a lot of players on so you dont feel claustophobic or like you dont have a lot of movement. Also some of the maps I dislike, i dont know the maps names personally, but some of them are just confusing and weird i guess idk haha. But besides that it is really fun, and for people who says their slime left without them use, shift, or whatever u use to crouch it will get you on your slime.

    10. Gladiators: This game is jsut pvp bascially, I am somewhat good at pvp, but it also depends on who im PVPing and I also love where you are the odd one out and you dont fight and you still get 10 points, adds less work to me.

    11. Knock Knock: Now i use to find this game very stressfull, however using FOV 30 makes it more easy because you are going slower and you whats ahead of you more easily, however, again, it seems like people are going faster than me and i dont know how, idk if its just stradegy but i usally dont win, usually get second or third.

    12. Dropper: I got to say I suck at dropper, and theres legit only two maps that I usually get first place on or just finish, the others I cant even finish, and it just stressfull.

    13. Reverse Tag: This game in meh when you dont start off with the emerald because theres no point because most likely the person you stole it from will get it back and your alraedy behind in the point system and theres a low chance of getting 1st place unelss you start with it. When I start with it, I just hide, honestly Im a dweeb but it works mostly in maps with good hiding spots.

    14. Musical Minecarts: This game is bascially just luck, and I like that sometimes when I feel lUKcY ig, but when you die, the game ends very quickly so thats good because I dont have patience and Im stubborn saying im a Taurus (Yes I love astrology)

    15. Hot potato: This game isnt really hard, i just dislike like how you dont know when your gonna blow up and it gives me legit anxiety, and I dont need that.

    16. Grapple knife: i find this game somwehat fun, however it does get a little frusterating when you always get killed and you dont get a break and also when someone joins late and they are invisible, and they win, (besides when thats me ofc)

    17. Red light Green Light: I find this game very basic and easy, however, i just get fusterated when it says i moved and i was legit right at the finish line and it brings me back to the starting line.

    18. Hardcore Parkour: Okay I am not terrible at parkour and I sometimes do win, however it gives me a lot of anxiety seeing the people ahead of you, and all and I already have enough anxiety.

    19. Minekart: this may be a little controversial but I find this game very easy, but it is annoying especially with the pig noises, and sometimes my sheep is a little coocoo. But besides that I usally place the top 3, however I hate the rainbow road map, it just gives me mario cart flash backs, because it reminds me now that Im getting old, and it reminds me how much I sucked at rainbow road on mario cart.

    20. Snowball trouble: I just suck at this game

    21. King slime: I just find it very boring, even though im not bad it, it just isnt a lot of stradegy and all.

    22. Ores Ores Ores: This game is just luck bascially, theres no easy way.

    23 Slime territory: I just find it bleh, theres isnt a lot to do but to move.

    24. Nano Wizards: I just find this game very noisy.....thats it.... im not terrible at it...it just annoying.

    25. Sploor: Ijust find this game boring nothing else, just boring.

    26.Copy cat: Okay I just have to say I HATE THIS GAME, it just too much more my brain cells and when I come home from school and im already brain dead, the next thing I want to do it is to think . ergggg
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
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  2. 3 things I agree with:
    1. copy cat is honestly just horrible.
    2. I would've put glads higher, but yea, its definitely one of the better games.
    3. yep, bawk bawk is an amazing game.

    3 things I disagree with:
    1. grapple knife is honestly a really fun game and getting killed constantly is kinda the point of it.
    2. jump rope is one of the worse games, its just sitting there jumping and hoping that the game doesn't knock you off for no reason.
    3. sploor honestly isn't that bad compared to some of the bad ones, I would've put it about halfway down the list.
    Posted Oct 1, 2020
  3. Spleef 4th!!!!! Nah gotta be higher, I love spleef. I personally enjoy gladiators and nano battles alot.
    Posted Oct 1, 2020
  4. My three favorite nano games would have to be Nano Battles, Gladiators, and Bawk Bawk's Wrath.

    I've started to enjoy pvp a lot more recently, and it's fun having a little challenge trying to fight people who are better than me. The only thing I hate about Nano Battles is the campers. I just don't like it when people camp in a tower while their entire team is dead, which just ends up in a tie. When everyone is playing fair, I love playing Nano Battles so much. The reason I love Bawk Bawk is that it's a chill mode that I enjoy playing after getting some intense combos on people in Glads/Nano Battle.

    I agree with most of your list!
    Posted Oct 6, 2020

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