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Ranking all the Mixed Arcade Games!

Discussion in 'Casual Games' started by Jbones__, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. Hi everyone! Recently I decided to share my opinion on all the Nano Games and rank them from worst to best! I had a lot of fun with it, so I decided to do the same thing, but with all the Mixed Arcade games. I will be ranking every single on except for Wither Assault, since I don't remember ever playing it. Here we go!

    1) Sneaky Assassins - Overall, pretty easy game for me, great concept and I always enjoy this game!
    2) Evolution - Great, unique concept for a game, and it is overall a lot of fun!
    3) Death Tag - Not sure why this game is disliked, but I always enjoy it!
    4) Gladiators - Simply just PvP!
    5) Bomb Lobbers - Only team game I enjoy in Mixed Arcade
    6) Super Paintball - I have the most wins in this game out of any other game in Mineplex!
    7) Dragon Escape - Never been too good, but it is always fun to do parkour
    8) Super Spleef - I win this game 20% of times I play, but it is always fun
    9) Milk the Cow - Almost impossible to win as a cow, but as a farmer this game is mainly luck
    10) Micro Battles - I don't know why this game is so popular, I never liked it.
    11) Bacon Brawl - Fun game, no strategy though.
    12) Snake - My Original #1 spot went down very far. I'll explain a little more for this one. As I play it more, I get continuous lag spikes as soon as I go near another player, causing me to lose automatically. This game is extremely frustrating and there isn't anyway to solve this.
    13) Sheep Quest - Average game, nothing special.
    14) Monster Maze - I have strategies, takes a lot of patience at times, but you need to be fast as well. I have never been good at this game.
    15) Dragons - Entirely based on luck
    16) Runner - I can never win this game
    17) One in the Quiver - Fun game, but too competitive for me to win.
    18) Turf Wars - This game takes FOREVER. Gets so boring and most players end up quitting making the game take even longer!

    I realized I left out Wither Assault so I will rank it here 7) Wither Assault - This game deserves more maps, but it is a lot of fun, and I always enjoy when I get to be a wither!

    EDIT: As of 11/26/2020 I have changed my list as I have got more familiar with the Mixed Arcade games :)

    That is all! Please let me know if I missed any and feel free to create your own list!
    Posted Nov 8, 2020,
    Last edited Nov 26, 2020
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  2. I definitely agree with the placement of a lot of these games. I absolutely love Snake and it's a shame that it got pretty unpopular. I don't play much Mixed Arcade anymore, but my top 5 games are probably:

    1) Dragons
    2) Super Spleef
    3) Runner
    4) Dragon Escape
    5) Bacon Brawl

    Dragons was the first game I ever played on Mineplex so it's obvious I have a soft spot for it. It's also more luck based rather than skill based, so anyone has a shot of winning.
    Posted Nov 8, 2020
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  3. Hello!

    I can appreciate a nice ranking of a category of games on Mineplex from time to time, as they provide an opposing player's perspective on the best games. I'll give you a few of my comments on whether or not I agree with your list and its order. First off, I can definitely agree with Snake as being at the top of the ranking. While I personally would have Bacon Brawl as number one, Snake is a top-five lock in my ranking of Mixed Arcade games. It's fast, requires coordination, and is fun to play with friends. I do appreciate you having Bacon Brawl as third, though. In addition, I would have Dragon Escape in my top three, as I play that game quite often compared to the others.

    My next critique is that I highly disagree with rankings 5-7. These happen to be my least favorite games by far and take the place of the bottom three on the list, in my opinion. Every time I'm playing Mixed Arcade and these games come up, I either leave the server or spectate. Obviously, this is a very personal opinion, as I know many players love these games, but I just believe the other games fit my needs better. I used to play Micro Battles religiously for a month or so, and to see it below Turf Wars makes me shiver. I'm not the best archer, as you can probably tell.

    My final comment on your list would have to be about Monster Maze. I completely understand that some people's computers are unable to handle all of the mobs and it results in major lag and server connection issues, but I play on a cheap laptop and have never experienced this. Since I can fully play the game with a small amount of lag, the quality of the gameplay would have to be in my top five. It's usually one of my go-to games when I play in MPS's with other players, and while it usually gets complaints, it remains a fun and exciting game that I enjoy venturing in from time to time.

    Overall, I really appreciate the time you took into creating this list and the detail you put into justifying you reasoning behind each game's ranking. It's neat to see other people's ideas and perspectives of the games on the network. Thanks for sharing! :)
    Posted Nov 8, 2020
  4. bring back sneaky assassins tho :(
    Posted Nov 9, 2020
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  5. Hello!

    I love to see a post like this, and it gives me a sense of nostalgia thinking about all of these old games. I also really like your list, it somewhat correlates to mine as well, I guess a lot of people have common favorites lol.

    There are so many classic games that old players remember and cherish from when we first started playing Mineplex. My favorites in no particular order are:

    -Death Tag
    -Dragon Escape
    -One in the Quiver
    -Bacon Brawl
    -Turf Wars
    -Bomb Lobbers

    All of these games have been around for years while hardly being changed, and they will all hold a special place in my heart whenever I play :)
    Posted Nov 22, 2020
  6. This is an interesting list for sure. I haven't every really been a big fan of Snake myself, but I'm glad to see that people still enjoy it. I don't think I could make a full list of my favorites but if I had to choose a top 3, it would be Dragons, Dragon Escape, and Bacon Brawl. I love these games and I'm always excited to see them come up in the rotation! :)
    Posted Nov 26, 2020
  7. Admittedly, I have barely been playing Arcade games since my first year on Mineplex which was long ago, which I wish to change very soon. I can list five of my favorites, those are:
    1. Turf Wars - Brought me to Mineplex, still a fun game to play even though I'm terrible with the bow and never stand a chance against anyone with 500+ wins.
    2. Evolution - One of the only games on the server I'm decent at, I often beat people who are much more skilled at PvP than me in this one.
    3. Runner - Also brought me to Mineplex, the concept is still pretty fun to me.
    4. Death Tag - A game I never really won regularly but always had a lot of fun playing.
    5. Sheep Quest - One of the only games where one can go straight back to battle after dying.
    I remember Bomb Lobbers as a least favorite simply because I could never fully get the hang of it, and it initially caused my computer to lag a lot as well.
    Posted Nov 28, 2020
  8. Yes, indeed this is interesting. However super paintball is overall a fun arcade game, despite the fact that it can make people frustrated when they die, due to a jump scare hiding behind walls and dying when you're about to clutch the game. In my opinion, bacon brawl or runner should either replace super paintball because those are arent everlasting games and are 1v1's
    Posted Nov 29, 2020
  9. I love Mixed Arcade! Let me give you my top 5:

    1) Bomb Lobbers
    • What is there not to love? I remember when it came out I played it loads. Haven't come across it in forever but really, really want to. The gameplay is so fun, it's quick and easy.
    2) Bacon Brawl
    • I actually really enjoy this. It's not too hard for me and the Pig (pink sheep) kit is my absolute favourite. I just love the knockback it deals.
    3) Dragon Escape
    • I'm not that good at parkour but I love this game. Some maps aren't that great, they're very, very bland and lack any sort of uniqueness to them - some have just become straight up platforms for 70% of the map. Buuuut, the majority of the maps are so cool.
    4) Wither Assault
    • I love the tense environment in this game. Especially with the editor kit, being able to dig hiding places seemed really fun. I feel as if the withers are kind of busted though, but it's okay. There's very little maps but they got something about them. A lot of nostalgia and just simplicity that really works.
    5) Super Spleef
    • Spleef is just another one of those games I've loved forever.

    I agree on the competitiveness in One In The Quiver, that's why I don't enjoy the game a lot as well. In general, I'm not a pvp type person so games like Gladiators and OITQ just don't do it for me. I'm planning on improving tho :)

    In general, I love all the games (except the ones that heavily rely on pvp).
    Posted Nov 29, 2020
  10. Hi there!

    I really enjoy playing Mixed Arcade when I have my free time. I haven't been playing arcade for a while and I'd love to play it again with my friends someday. Six years ago, I used to play Mixed Arcade a lot as a teenager. I had fun playing with the community members and staff members. Honestly, if I go back in time in 2013-2014, there would be lot of players were playing Mixed Arcade back in the old days.

    Anyway, here are my top 5 Mixed Arcade games that I really got from my mind -

    1) Dragons
    2) Dragons Escape
    3) Runner
    4) Super Spleef
    5) Bomb Lobbers
    Posted Dec 8, 2020
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