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Ranking all the arcade games (by how fun they are)

Discussion in 'Arcade Games' started by EpicEnderDragon1, Dec 3, 2020.


do u agre

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  1. sup yall
    ima be ranking all the arcade games by how fun they are cause im bored
    1. Super Paintball is goated af, fast paced and is kinda like an fps which is cool.
    2. Bomb lobbers was one of the first arcade games I played many years ago and was definitely one of my favorites. Sad that it's removed tho :(
    3. Death tag was also one of the first arcade games I played many years ago and it's still one of my favorites. sad it's gone :(
    4. Dragons was also a pretty fun game, I remember watching PopularMMOS play it back in 2014 lol
    5. Turf wars is pretty fun too, but ngl I haven't been enjoying it much recently as it's way too competitive now
    6. Micro battles is always fun too, is def fun if you have a party of 4
    7. Sneaky assassins was an alright game. In theory it seems like a great game but it's just a lot of camping around the powerups which isn't that great
    8. Bacon brawl was fun too, sad it's removed tho
    9. Super spleef is definitely a cool game, but can get boring after a bit
    10. Runner is also alright too, get also can get boring after a bit
    11. Monster maze is pretty cool too, but it gets pretty laggy which I don't like
    12. Snake was a cool game, was just glitchy af tho
    13. Wither assault is ok I guess, was never that big of a fan of it tho
    14. Gladiators is a pvp game, which I'm not that big of a fun of when it comes to arcade games
    15. Evolution is a game I never really liked since it was fairly long, and just not that fun for me imo
    16. Sheep quest was ok, but was also heavily team dependent and had a lot of pvp which I don't rly like in arcade games (as said before)
    17. Dragon escape is a game I never liked cause I'm just not that great at parkour, and I hate having to wait forever in spectate to wait for it to end
    18. One in the quiver is a game that I could just never get into, as it was overly competitive and I'm a not a super big fan of bows. generally not fun
    Posted Dec 3, 2020
  2. lol can I make my list? lol i did it

    Bomb Lobbers, super fun game I played that game a lot when it was released, also my first game I got all achievements for lol.
    2. Super paintball, I've been loving this game a lot.
    3. OITQ, I have like 700 games played and have only won 20 games lol. I love it so much, oitq is super cool.
    4. Dragon Escape, I've started playing this recently, I like it. I'm getting better at parkour
    5. Snake, one of Mineplex's best games to ever be created. I think it's really unique, sad to see it kinda die. ;(
    6. bacon Brawl, fun game to play, I'm just bad at it lol.
    7. Sheep Quest, another great game. I'd play this game instead of Cake Wars any day
    8. Micro Battles, Fun game, good xp.
    9. Dragons, This actually should've been in the top 5, it's really fun.
    10. Super Spleef, a good game, though I wouldn't play it all the time.
    11.Wither Assualt, ehh it's a fun game, I think it can get boring just sitting and hiding but it's not bad
    12. evolution, I don't like this game too much. Takes way too long.
    13.Turf Wars, I used to like playing it way back in 2016 but it just isn't as fun anymore.
    14.Sneaky Assasians, not my thing
    15. Gladiators, I'm not into the 1v1 kinda duel games, and I'm not great at PVP lol
    16. Monster maze, eh I don't enjoy it.
    17. Runner, not a huge fan of it.
    18 Death Tag, boring game :shrug: I never enjoyed it.

    the ones in bold are in more order of the best lol. Anything below that isn't really super in order.
    I think the arcade games Mineplex has made are super unique, and all of the ones listed above idk if you can really find most of them on other servers. Which I think makes Mineplex awesome. They have these really fun and special games, but just not enough players playing them.
    Posted Dec 3, 2020
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  3. Hey there,

    you have some great rankings there. Something I'd just suggest in my opinion is that evolution, gladiators, and sheep quest should be higher up considering most like PVP, most like team strategy game which is sheep quest, and evolution which is a mob PVP game which I enjoy. The rankings that you chose were reasonable and agreeable, just the ones I said should be higher up there. Super Paintball and bomb lobbers are great games to be up there as well. Great choices :).

    Posted Dec 3, 2020
  4. Awesome topic. It's very interesting seeing everyone's lists and seeing how everyone is different when it comes to what Minigames they play. As much as I like to play different games over other ones, I don't think there is a bad minigame on Mineplex.
    [FONT=Open Sans, sans-serif]
    Here's my personal list:

    1. Gladiators
    2. One in the quiver
    3. Super Paintball
    4. Bomb lobbers
    5. Sheep quest
    6. Turf wars
    7. Micro battles
    8. Evolution
    9. Wither assault
    10. Sneaky assassins[/FONT]
    11. Bacon brawl
    12. Dragons
    13. Death tag
    14. Dragon escape
    15. Monster maze
    16. Snake
    17. Runner
    18. Super Spleef

    [FONT=Open Sans, sans-serif][/FONT]
    Posted Dec 3, 2020
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  5. Hi! I don’t play a lot of arcade games (other than Turf Wars) but for the most part I definitely agree with your list! Especially with Bomb Lobbers, I used to love playing that game when it was by itself. :)
    Posted Dec 3, 2020
  6. Hey man as a death tag no life since 2015, I just wanna say that it's been back for quite some time now and a server runs pretty much everyday. Not as alive as it once was but still pretty poppin.
    Posted Dec 6, 2020
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  7. Hey there!
    I don't know if I'd be able to make a full list, but I think I have a top 3.
    I've always loved Dragons, Bacon Brawl, and Dragon Escape. Every time these come up in the rotation, whoever I'm playing with gets hyped! I pretty much look forward to these whenever I hop on Mixed Arcade. Also, it was really interesting to see everyone else's opinions :)
    Posted Dec 10, 2020
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  8. Hello!

    I really agree with your list, however if I were to make a change to it based upon my opinion, the PvP community in Mineplex is probably the biggest. The most popular games are all generally PvP based, and as a part of that community of players I think Gladiators is the best game. All subject to opinion, but I really love all the Mineplex minigames. They bring me nostalgia, back to when I first started playing Mineplex in 2013/2014 :)

    Posted Dec 18, 2020
  9. Nice list, but you forgot about squid shooters. :(

    Still, nice list! :D



    Never mind, Squid Shooters was removed from Mixed Arcade at some point :(

    Edited Edit:

    You forgot about MILK THE COW!!
    Just ask @HushMyChild about how awesome it is!

    Edited "Edited Edit:"

    Posted Dec 18, 2020,
    Last edited Dec 18, 2020
  10. I completely agree with your list! Sad to see some of the games I once enjoyed go, though.
    Posted Jan 3, 2021
  11. Just a personal opinion / top 10

    1. Super Paintball
    2. Runner
    3. Gladiators
    4. Snake
    5. Dragon Escape
    6. Bacon Brawl
    7. Sheep Quest
    8. Turf Wars
    9. One In The Quiver
    10. Micro Battles
    Posted Jan 3, 2021
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  12. Here's my list:

    1. Bacon Brawl
    2. Dragon Escape
    3. Snake
    4. Evolution
    5. Sheep Quest
    6. Turf Wars
    7. Bomb Lobbers
    8. Super Spleef
    9. Runner
    10. Wither Assualt
    11. Monster Maze
    12. One In The Quiver
    13. Death Tag
    14. Sneaky Assassins
    15. Micro Battles
    16. Gladiators (I prefer the NANO version a lot more compared to the Arcade version)
    17. Super Paintball
    18. Dragons

    I'd love to see a huge Arcade Games update and map update in the future, there's so much potential for Mixed Arcade so we'll have to see what happens with it in the future.
    Posted Jan 7, 2021
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  13. I think the arcade games on mineplex are really really good and really enjoyable. But they are getting quite old and are in need of a revamp.
    Here is my list:

    1. Gladiators
    2.Bomb lobbers
    3.Micro Battles
    4.Super paintball
    6.One in the quiver
    7.Wither Assault
    8.Death tag
    9.Dragon Escape
    10.Turf wars
    12.Sneaky assassins
    13.Sheep Quest
    14.Bacon Brawl
    15.Monster Maze
    16.Super Spleef
    17. Runner

    The OG gamemodes like gladiators and micro battles remind me of old mineplex and how far the server has come since those days.
    Posted Jan 7, 2021
  14. It was nice to read all these lists. Personally, I'm quite impartial when it comes to most arcade games, though I have my favourites:

    1. Dragon Escape - it's the only game server-wide I'm even remotely okay at. I enjoy the parkour and the game speed since it's not very long and yet you can have some very strategic plays.
    2. Death Tag - probably the first game I remember playing on Mineplex and was my favourite (since I used to be atrocious at DE) and overall enjoyed playing it with my friends.
    3. Evolution / Bomb Lobbers - I like both of these games quite a bit, I like Bomb Lobbers since it's usually quick and it feels accomplishing if you're 1v1ing for ages at the very end. As for evolution, I enjoy it for unknown reasons, I just find it fun and like when it pops up while I play MIN.

    Usually, I stick to DE, CW and SSM for games, but those would be my favourite arcade games when I do play MIN and sit around for a whole rotation instead of leaving after DE and Dragons have played.

    I don't have preferences over other arcade games but I can say that my least favourite games are One in the Quiver and Turf Wars, purely because my aim is so bad that it gets too frustrating. I wish I could get better but I lack the motivation to try with those games since I just don't enjoy them very much.
    Posted Jan 9, 2021
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  15. My list:

    1. Turf Wars - Turf Wars by it's name already sounds like you're already gonna have a bad time. It's just long and extra boring. Turf Wars games can last up to around 15-20 minutes (the longest I've had one).

    2. One In The Quiver - It's like turf wars without teams, you're basically bow spamming and smashing the space bar killing people. Luckily this game ends if someone has 20 kills so I wouldn't say It's bad as turf wars but still somewhat up here.

    3. Monster Maze - Monster Maze is just flat-out boring. This game has nothing fun to offer besides the kits.

    4. Sheep Quest - Sheep Quest is an old game but still doesn't excuse it from how annoying it is. It used be fun in 2015/2014 when we didn't care about how a gamemode ways and just played it. It has toxic people but I mean the achievements are kinda fun to get.

    5. Super Paintball - This game is kinda fun but still annoying where I have to put it here. I mean it's really only kinda fun if you use the shotgun kit which like literally everyone uses soooo.

    6. Runner - It's literally TNT Run Mineplex Edition. What set's apart TNT Run from Runner is that it's actually fun and physics aren't garbage. You can buy like 10/15 leaps which dominates mineplex's 1 leap per like 10 seconds. It's pretty long and a bit boring but still kinda cool.

    7. Bomb Lobbers - I think bomb lobbers is still boring but decently cool. At least you can double jump away from TNT in this game and games usually last around 3/5 minutes. Turf Wars: Revamped

    8. Wither Assault - Wither Assault is pretty fun. I mean if you're human you're absolutely gonna dominate but if you're wither, you're quit instantly. The kits are pretty cool too.

    9. Gladiators - I like this game a bit as well. I prefer the NANO Version (like samfay said) but I think they are pretty much both equal. Still has some toxic players in it doe.

    10. Sneaky Assassins - This game is old + real fun. I like the idea of not knowing who the player is and just being sneaky about it. Achievements are pretty fun to get and the reward is not the best but still there to keep it at this slot.

    11. Dragon Escape - This game is parkour competitive. It isn't really fun without the skips but I still enjoy the game. Leaper is the only good kit here soooooo.

    12. Dragons - I really like this game. Some maps like ocean village suck if they get voted but I mean it's fun as pyrotechnic to kill people lol.

    13. Death Tag - This game absolutely slaps. It's extremely fun running around from the undead and considering how big the maps are, it's awesome. I do have to say bathroom and bedroom are absolute garbage but the other ones are fine. I think Colorido, Half Moon Island, and Village are the best imo. Bit annoying if people team or knock you off with the traitor kit.

    14. Super Spleef - This game is also amazing. It's also a bit annoying if people team. I think the maps are really well made too!

    15. Evolution - This game dominates, I like the idea of evolving after you kill someone. It's just a bit annoying if someone keeps sniping you after you kill them. Bonzai by far is the best map.

    16. Bacon Brawl - You cannot say no to a game of bacon brawl. This game is extremely fun. Especially with the pig kit and the idea of brawling as pigs makes it even better. It's extremely funny just knocking pigs off the platforms and them shooting so far away.

    17. Micro Battles - This game is like turf wars: extra revamped. It's still byfar one of the most nostalgic mixed arcade games. It's very competitive and there is no game out there like MB.

    18. Snake - This game absolutely takes the cake. The achievements are really fun to get, the kits are amazing, and the overall game is just fun. It's like Slither.io in Minecraft but with the fun part.
    Posted Apr 11, 2021

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