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Not Planned Ranked Modes

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by glugging, Oct 29, 2020.

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  1. I think that adding ranked to games like cakewars, skywars, survival games and bridges would benefit the server greatly. Giving players the opportunity to play against players of their skill level and earn various rewards. The most predominant game which I believe adding a ranked mode to would be fantastic is cakewars. This game (being the most popular game among the mineplex network) would become much more enjoyable if a ranked mode were to be added. This is because from my experiences of playing this gamemode, I find that there is always 2 teams which are taken out instantly, and the other two have a long fight. If ranked were added, all 4 teams could be around the same skill level.

    However, I do consider the fact that this may not be a change which will occur due to the team's business during the seasonal holiday, as well as the fact that a change like this would take a lot of time to bring into the server.
    Posted Oct 29, 2020
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  2. I do like this idea, but sadly it will get rejected again because it will split up the player base. Regardless tho, I will give this a +1
    Posted Oct 29, 2020,
    Last edited Oct 29, 2020
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  3. Hi, glugging!

    I, myself, love the competitive aspect of many of the games found on Mineplex. There are just a few issues that come to mind when considering a change like this.

    To start, ranked game modes tend to attract cheaters and hackers. When incentives are offered into games, (For example, ranked game mode rewards) more players tend to do whatever it takes to receive the end prize of the game. In order to do this, users will often cheat, hack, boost, or in some way manipulate their gameplay. Not only does this ruin the game for others, but it completely goes against the competitive aspect of the game.

    While I prefer to be optimistic, it is just a fact that if competitive ranked games were to be added with rewards, those said game modes would be targeted by hackers and cheaters.

    That said, I love this idea, and I would love to see something similar implemented! It would just require some modification to ensure fair gameplay for all of the users.
    Posted Oct 29, 2020
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  4. Hey!

    I think this is an awesome idea! It'll go well with competitive PvP games such as SkyWars, SG, Cake Wars, and SSM. It'll encourage players to play more, climb the ranks, and have fun! The top players would get an exclusive win effect, or a cosmetic, flexing that they were a high rank.

    However, this comes with its cons. People will be encouraged to hack more as it would be more rewarding to win, and hacking would make it easier to win, and climb ranks. This would also cause the rise of closet cheaters, with modified reach, kb, and maybe even an auto clicker. It would make the player seem more legitimate while making it harder to recognize/ban. While we do have a wonderful QA team, and a fantastic anti-cheat, I fear the influx of cheaters would be too much, causing legitimate players to drop ranks when they should be winning, shattering the system.

    An idea I have for combating this is introducing a system where if you lose, and there was a hacker that was later punished in that game, your loss will be revoked. The number of players affected by this loss removal will be based on GWEN anti cheat logs. Normally, GWEN logs aren't enough to justify a ban, because you don't actually know if that player is hacking. However, since that player has now been punished, you can assume GWEN was right when the now-banned hacker was flagged for say reach a couple of days ago.

    All in all, I give this idea a +1, and would love to see it piloted on CW!
    Posted Oct 29, 2020,
    Last edited Oct 29, 2020
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  5. I 100% agree but I think mineplex would have to hold back until there's a new GWEN developer because I think this would attract a ton of cheaters especially if there were prizes involved.
    Posted Oct 29, 2020
  6. Yeah I like ranked skywars on (Big server) and Mineplex needs one of those modes, too
    Posted Oct 29, 2020
  7. Hey.

    I'd personally love to see this feature implemented. However, as mentioned countless times before my post this will create an influx in cheaters / hackers (as everyone rights a prize right). I would 100% be up for this idea if there was a very good way that the development team could prevent the rulebreakers in all ways possible (hacking, boosting, etc).

    However, if we just put that thought away for a second I think that your idea is outstanding! This would help a lot with the parties we see in cakewars, and in other solo / team games that people are grinding to get / stay on the leaderboards. Creating a competitive environment for the community is an amazing idea and I don't know how many times I'm going to say that but it truly is lol. Anyways, the idea of ranking systems, rewards, and so much more would probably work well within the Mineplex community, it's just that small group of people who want to ruin the fun for everybody else. :(

    Rulebreakers will do anything to gain these specific rewards, hacked clients, boosting or anything in their power to get there unfairly. A system mentioned by @LJwX was an absolutely amazing idea. Their idea about how a system within the competitive environment will work. I personally agree with them here, it's a really smart idea and would probably work significantly better than a simple anti-cheat. However, it's possible that developing this could take time (which we just have to wait) but there could be bugs when it's first released (not saying Mineplex has bad developers they're amazing) but hopefully if the developers do something along these lines of making an anti-cheat like this one they will be able to prevent as many rulebreakers as possible with this system.
    Posted Oct 29, 2020
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  8. I am very against adding anything ranked on this server, there are so many closeters in the big pvp game communities that there'll no doubt be a flood of people cheating. I'm assuming you would want to also offer rewards, and in the world of Minecraft, people will do anything for rewards. I'll be more up for this when the Anti-Cheat becomes more effective.
    Posted Oct 29, 2020
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  9. Hey!

    As people have mentioned, this idea has been denied many many times as it would be splitting the limited player base that we have as of right now. The concept of this is great but just isn't something we are willing to do right now.

    With this noted, I will be marking this thread as Not Planned as well as Locked again.
    Thank you for taking the time to share your idea!

    Thread Locked >> Idea Not Planned
    Posted Nov 3, 2020
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