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raid game (like castle defense but not halloween exclusive)

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Le egg, Mar 15, 2021.

  1. A game where there is a raid in a huge village and after the players gather resources from mines, trading, and chests, they must illagers. They get more items and xp as they do so.

    wave 1 will start with 10 illagers. Each round increases more and more until wave 10, which will be a hard level.
    If all the villagers/players die, its a bad ending
    If you defeat all the mobs, it's a good ending

    When you are killed you will randomly be selected a:

    And you can hurt players, this is like castle defense but since that's for halloween, one similar but permanent would be nice
    this applies to bedrock
    Posted Mar 15, 2021

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