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In Discussion Queue System Adjustment!

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Snowing_, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Hey guys I know there have been a lot of threads about fixing the queue system but I think this is a good solution!!

    So basically, right now to queue for a game you are forced to wait for a game to be over or for there to be at least 8 people (or whatever the minimum amount of players required to start the game is) currently queued so that it can create a new lobby or start a new game. On the very popular games like Cake Wars, sure this could work, but what about everything else? Also, some people would just rather join a lobby instantly and wait in there so people can see how full the lobby is, rather than thinking that the game takes forever because the queue is waiting for enough players to join it. So, I thought we could use both concepts of the queue systems! Here is the solution:

    Right now, the only game that has the old queue system in which you click on the NPC and then click on an emerald block is Nano Games. This is done because you can join Nano Games instantly. What I propose, is that every game NPC has the same system as Nano Games currently does, which is what it used to be like for all games. This way, you can see what lobbies are full and empty, and you are also able to view the lobbies currently in game and click on one of them to spectate; like you used to be able to do. You can still do this for games with team modes and Champions. But, where the new queue system becomes handy is you still have the ability to do /nbg (or /nextbestgame). When you do this, it will do one of two things.

    1. If you are dead or spectating a game, doing /nbg will automatically start searching for a new lobby for the game like it does right now, so that you can spectate but get sent when there is enough players. If the game ends and it is still searching, it will automatically stop the search if there is enough players in your current lobby to start the game. If the game ends and there is not enough players in the current lobby to start the game, it will continue the search and merge servers if necessary. You can go back to hub to click on the NPC to view the current lobbies-- and if you join a new lobby from the NPC, it will automatically stop searching.

    2. If you are in the lobby when you do /nbg, it will start searching for the game you most recently played. If you have just logged on to the server though, for example, and have not searched for a new game yet, it will say this: "Butch> You have not recently searched for a game! Do /queue <gamemode> or click on the corresponding Game NPC to join a game!"

    (you can also use the server names for game modes when putting in the game for /queue, for example: "/queue SS" (super spleef))

    I have also though of adding the /queue command, for if you still want to queue for a game the way it is now whilst staying in the lobby. You will be sent once there is enough players!
    This message will appear when you have used the /queue command: "Butch> You are currently queued for <game(s)>! You will be sent once there are enough players. To instantly join a game lobby click on the NPC!" You CAN queue for multiple games like it is right now! You will be sent to the first one that is available.

    Also, if you click on a game in the game compass, it will operate like the game NPCs do.

    I know the Devs put a lot of work into making Butch, but this way we can use both queue systems to make it better and more efficient!

    Tell me what you think! [​IMG]
    Posted Jan 23, 2020
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  2. I'm assuming you're talking about Java.

    Good question. What about everything else?
    For whatever reason, I don't see a problem with the current system. You join the queue, you can play Lobby Gladiators or chat to people while you watch the number of players in the queue increase, and once the number of players reaches a certain threshold, a game is made and started.

    This system gives you something to do while you wait, unlike the system where you join a game lobby instantly. There is much less to do in a game lobby.

    So, could you explicitly state the problems?

    You can already see how full the queue is. Your suggestion is to see how full the lobby is. Why invest hours of development time into something we already have?

    As far as I know you can still do this. Click the button underneath the NPC in the lobby, press another button (I forget which one) and you can see every lobby currently in-game. Click on one to join and spectate.

    This also already exists. Using /playagain work everywhere apart from the main lobbies, so is your suggestion to implement this command into the lobbies, under a different name?

    That's another thing. The time it would take to make something like this, something that already partially exists, would be mind-boggling. I honestly don't see a use for this.

    Other than all that, the suggestion seems pretty good. Just tell me the problems with the current system, and we're set!
    Posted Jan 24, 2020
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  3. Hey there! The queue system works but could be improved in my opinion so it’s really nice to see some suggestions!
    To clarify, this already exists with the current system. You can view current game lobbies by right-clicking the game you’re interested in inside the compass of your hotbar. This brings up information for that game such as kits, allows you to play, or you can click the gold block to see the lobbies that are running for that game.
    YES! A command to queue from anywhere on the network would be very beneficial, and much more convenient. I don’t usually play the same gamemode many times in a row because I like a variety to spice things up. With the current system, I am forced to go to either the lobby or staff server to queue when it would be easier to queue from my current game. The current acronyms for the gamemodes should be the name of the game to queue. Like you said, SS would be super spleef, CW would be cake wars standard, etc. To help newer players, entering an invalid game should inform players that doing “/queue games” (or similar) lists the correct names.

    Overall, an adjustment to butch may not be the most necessary change right now; it works and there are other ways to do most of what you suggested. However, this would improve QOL on the network and make many people happy so I’ll give it a +1 as long as it isn’t an extremely time consuming change. I’m looking forward to hear what others think about this.
    Posted Jan 24, 2020
  4. Hello!
    I think this system could work well. Combining the best aspects of both systems would make it so players who care for either queuing in the main lobbies or joining a game lobby do whichever they please. I also agree that it can seem like you are waiting for a longer time when you are standing in the main lobby as opposed to seeing the people join in a game lobby. As you said, this would especially be a beneficial change for the less played games that can take a while to fill to the point at which the game can start. For the part about stopping the queuing process when your game ends and the lobby has enough players, I am not sure if this is needed. I would think that you would just be sent to the lobby you are already in (since it is then available) or merged with another one regardless. Not entirely sure how that would specifically operate, but that's just what I get out of it. The only major issue I see with this is that it would probably take up significant Dev time to rework/combine the queue systems once more. Like you said, the Devs worked very hard on Butch, and I don't know if it is worth it to take on another rework. This is an appealing suggestion in many ways, but the Dev time needed would most likely be too much for the additions this would bring, especially given that Butch is pretty new. Thank you for suggesting this, and I will give a +1 for the suggestions if they get the chance to be developed. Have a nice day!
    Posted Jan 24, 2020
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