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In Discussion Queue/Game System Idea

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Knazamn, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Hi!

    I've been trying to get Advent Calender Day 4, which you have to win a Skywars game with the Ice Kit. It is frustrating, because, well, I always die! Players kill me, and end up winning. This got me thinking about a idea that could help new players that are new to Mineplex, or new to Minecraft in general, and everyone else, have a fun time in Mineplex. Here is my idea:

    Add a system where you get in games that are around your level! This would help players play with players that most likely have the skill they have, and the amount of experience they have.

    What the games are right now: Say a level 1 joins a game of Skywars. They know what Skywars is, but is not really good, but the game Skywars is all they play, and is their favorite game. Well, they join a game, and they see a bunch of level 100's! They lose the game, and get in a new one. They see more higher-level people! He loses over and over, until he finally has enough and quits. He joins back the next day, and the same thing happens again. It keeps happening for a week, and ends up just quitting Skywars, and or Mineplex.

    What this will do: Say a level 1 joins a game of Skywars. He sees people talking in chat, and they are all around his level. He sees a level 6, a level 4, a level 13 and a level 9 talking in chat. The game is easier, and he wins! He joins another game, but sadly loses. He keeps playing more games, and he is having a lot of fun! He wins some games and loses some games.

    This will help players have a more enjoyable time on Mineplex! Instead of, like above, a level 1 vs. level 100's, it could be players around his level that don't know how to play that game yet, new to Minecraft, etc.
    This will also help players level up! If you played against a level 100's and you were not really that good, you would not level up much. If you play against players at your level, you have a better chance at winning, because they probably know some of the things you know, like strategies and how the game works.

    The groups:

    Levels 1-20
    Levels 21-40
    Levels 41-60
    Levels 61-80
    Levels 81-100

    Not many groups, so players can still play!
    This might, just might, help the Mineplex players stay here longer, and not quitting because of rage and frustration. This will also help the games have some more action, because if you were a level 100, a really good player playing against a level 1, you can just walk up to them, kill them, and you win. Really easy. This is how level 100's leave Mineplex, because they are bored, and how lower levels leave, because they are frustrated, and rarely win games.

    One more thing:
    Say a level 100 and a level 1 are in a party. It will average out the level, so it would be 50, or they can request a level. But if there are 2 level 100's in a party, they would both be put in the levels 81-100 group for games.

    I would like your guy's feedback!
    Have a good day/night!
    Posted Dec 4, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 4, 2019
  2. In theory, this idea excels, but realistically I don't think it could work. This splits up the player base into 5 different groups and would make queue times even longer than they already are. This would make queue times during the non-prime time infinitely long and people would most likely not be able to play the game at all if there weren't enough players in their level grouping online. With the current amount of players playing each game, I don't think this is a wise implementation. Thanks for suggesting your idea though!
    Posted Dec 4, 2019
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  3. Ok, while this is great on paper, think about how few people that are level 81 and higher, let alone the amount that are playing the same game at the same time. The wait times for them would be huge, and they wouldnt really ever be able to play. Also If you make It so parties are able to join games together, then people would just abuse them by playing with a lower level person making it worthless. There just isn't enough people on mineplex to make this effective or worth the time to make it. Its not a bad idea, but even in other games that it has been added in (I dont mean any games on mineplex, games like fortnight), there has been backlash from people, mainly from higher level people not being able to play. Over all its not a bad idea but I will have to give a -1 for the reasons stated above. Have a good day though!
    Posted Dec 4, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 5, 2019
  4. Hello,

    This is an amazing idea you've come up with. Being able to go into games with players around your level and you could have more of a fun time on Mineplex instead of losing every game. As stated previously by @Augend, in theory this idea should excel and help out Mineplex a lot more but it definitely could mess up lots of things such as having people to queue for longer to get in to players with their level. Most people are around Levels 20-50 and queuing for smaller or larger levels could be difficult for these people. It could make it more frustrating for players and it could also make a huge positive impact but I believe we'd need a bigger player base with a more variety of players at different levels for this to happen.

    There are positives and negatives for this so I'll leave it at a +0.

    Happy suggesting,
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
  5. Hey,
    As much as this idea sounds good, there are a few downsides to it. The Mineplex level is simply a counter of how much you play the server. Each time you level up, you have to gain more exp the next time, to level up again. If I played another server for, I don't know, 4 years straight, and got exceedingly good at PVP, and then joined Mineplex for the first time. I would be level 0, yet I would be absolutely amazing. This suggests that people should join Mineplex for their first server straight after the initial purchase of Minecraft, in my opinion, that is the only way it would work as players would not have the skill, that other players might.

    Personally, I am going to give this idea a -1 because of the reasons stated above. Good suggestion, though. :)
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
  6. I'm level 91 and if I were to be put in a queue with only level 80+ people, I would never win. PvP skill and level aren't directly correlated. To put someone like me who plays Dragon Escape and Speed Builders against another level 91 who has 2000 cake wars wins is no fairer than having a level 1 fight a level 100.

    I think this idea could be revised slightly and then I would be more inclined to agree with this idea. What if people under level 20 were placed in their own queue, and everyone from level 21-100 would be in another queue. This would mean that new players wouldn't be up against highly skilled players and it would give them a little time to learn the games and improve. This would be similar to how other competitive games (such as LOL and CSGO) make you play a certain amount of normal games until you reach a certain level before you can play ranked matchmaking. This would also counter the issue other people have had where there simply wouldn't be enough people for a game to start as a relatively large proportion of players seem to be below level 20 and 21-100 is a large enough range as well. Some of the problems from the original idea still carry over on to this one, but I think this would work a lot better.
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
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  7. No. This would absolutely not work. This has been suggested before and denied (sorry I cant find the thread). I have so many reasons as to why Mineplex would never implement this but to state the primary few: Mineplex doesn't have enough players to support this change. If you've seen games like skywars regularly, it usually has around 30 people playing it. Games would fill only for the lower levels at some points. Even when games with the lower levels would fill, there would be a good number of hackers playing and a lot of people not being able to report due to lack of knowledge and/or rank. Hackers would go on rampage with no filter (other than GWEN which isn't even that updated). Another big thing would be win loss ratio increasing by a lot among certain players. Streaks wouldn't be able to be attained well at all and games would take a lot longer then they previously would have which would just become annoying. Even with the correct playerbase, people wouldn't have as much an inscentive to level up. Mineplex isn't some type of Clash of Clans game where there are leauges. Any type of leaguing being created through players would be the downfall of the server. Definitely a -1.
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
  8. I really like this idea and think that it would allow for more players to want to keep going, but in actuality, I never see this being implemented soon.

    First up, my biggest concern with this would be how fast games start. Some games like Cake Wars start relatively quickly, but others like Skywars, especially at AU times, can take quote a bit of time for them to have enough players to start. Take that amount of time and then multiply it by 5 for each group and the time that it takes just amplifies. Nobody wants to be waiting that long for just one game, and, in my opinion, I'd rather just die a few times to higher levels than to wait awhile to play once.

    Secondly, I really just don't find this to be too fair to many people. Players who are above level 80 might not be the best at PvP and can easily be taken down by a level 20 (say this level 80 plays a lot of MIN, Speed Builders, etc). Additionally, there is a huge amount of space between level 80 and level 100, and its one that is larger than any other group that you mentioned, so while a level 80 against a level 100 might seem to the the same as a level 0 against a level 20, it really isn't.

    Finally, I love to play with friends in games like Skywars, which is focused on PvP, with my friends who can often be 20 levels above or below me. I worry that if this gets implemented, how could parties play together in situations like this? Would they all join the lowest and give the highest level the easiest chance at winning, would they join the highest one and give almost no chance to players who are not used to that, or would they find a spot in the middle? Even so, I think that this goes against the point of this idea, so there is a pretty major issue here.
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
  9. Heyo!

    This sounds like a good idea on paper, however I have to agree with the majority of the other people above me. During prime times, I'd say Skywars receives around 90 players online. You then have to take into consideration other factors, such as less players being in the 81-100 level range and therefore making it much harder for a game to start for players who are that level.

    I also agree that being a higher level does not automatically make you the best at all game modes, or increase your PvP abilities. There are high levelled players who get their level from playing more casual game modes such as Draw My Thing or Speed Builders, so I think it would be slightly unfair to forcefully group them with and make it more likely for them to fight players that have got a high level from PvP game modes.

    Overall, I think the idea has potential but given the current circumstances I don't think it would be a good idea to implement it. Keep the ideas coming though!
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
  10. Hello!

    I've seen this idea used on other videogames in the past, but I am not so sure it would work here.

    Firstly, the main point I have to give is that level doesn't mean skill. There can be a level 100 that only plays Master Builders all the time; he joins a Cake Wars game looking for some fun relaxing games, but is put with a bunch of sweaty players that he wasn't capable of handling! He then goes back to Master Builders as he doesn't feel comfortable playing Cake Wars anymore, due to it not being an even fight for him. Also, on the other side of the spectrum, a level 15 could be a very good pvper, and if they are put into a level range of the lowest levels, they would easily win all the games!

    Next, kind of going off of my whole "level doesn't mean skill" thing in the previous paragraph, if the queuing system was based off level it wouldn't work very well to actually make the games even, due to the players having different games that they play more than others. A more realistic way to actually implement this would be basing it off of the statistics for the specific gamemode, but because of reasons I gave and others have given, I don't think that would work out well either. Also, the development time that would be taken to put into this doesn't seem extremely necessary, and could be put into more needed projects. With the size of the current playerbase, this would of course divide everyone up as well, so you'd be seeing the same exact players every single game, and it would get boring; not to mention that the less popular gamemodes probably wouldn't start at all.

    For these reasons, it's unfortunately going to be a -1 from me, but thank you for suggesting, and I wish you good luck on future suggestions/this suggestion! Have a good day :)
    Posted Dec 6, 2019
  11. As all stated above this would be a good idea if you really think about it but when you see it in action with the player amount I'm not so sure this would actually be such a great idea. And when you look at the other games that don't get many players at all those games would almost never start. So from as I said from above I'm going to be giving this a -1 as well. Keep suggesting all of these ideas though! One of them might be considered! c:
    Posted Dec 6, 2019

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