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question (:

Discussion in 'Help' started by eliexaarr, Aug 4, 2020.

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  1. heyo, anybody know exactly how many shards the treasure party bombs give overall?

    thank you, eli
    Posted Aug 4, 2020
  2. I do not know how many shards each party bomb gives overall, but I do know that each shard you pick up from party bombs gives you 8 shards.
    Posted Aug 4, 2020
  3. i guess it would be 2000 because that's how much they cost
    Posted Aug 5, 2020
  4. Hey hey!

    There isn't a set amount you can get from shard bombs! I just tested it and I got around 600 shards from the bomb.

    Have a nice day!
    Posted Aug 5, 2020,
    Last edited Aug 5, 2020
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  5. Thread moved to Server Discussion.


    I just did some experimenting myself and I don't think there's a set amount. I also think it would be quite difficult to throw the Treasure Party Bomb in a place where you're able to collect all the shards, as they get shot far enough away from wherever you threw the bomb down. I was running around frantically trying to collect shards and I likely missed some, but I only ended up getting 480. I tried it again and I got even less, which was a slight letdown. Others above have said differently, but from checking the scoreboard, each shard I collected from the ground amounted to four actual shards.

    All in all, it's very difficult to tell how many shards you get from a party bomb. Even with Immortal flight toggled, I struggled to collect all of the shards the bomb spewed out all over the place. If you really wanted to know, you should do an experiment with some other players. You could gather all the shards up and add them together to see how many the bomb actually gives you - it would be pretty interesting. It doesn't seem anyone can provide a definite answer, but I'll leave this thread open in the section it was moved to in case there is someone who can contribute. It's something I've never really thought about and I would like to know, seeing as party bombs cost more shards than you appear to be getting from them. Though I guess the purpose of the cosmetic is to enjoy it with others.
    Posted Aug 5, 2020
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  6. I don't think anyone knows the exact amount. Minus Mineplex's developers of course. I'd presume that it has the potential to give out up to the same amount of shards that it cost you in the first place.
    Posted Aug 5, 2020
  7. @WowCaleb you can go into the maze and throw 1 in a corner to get em all
    Posted Aug 5, 2020
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  8. Hey there!

    Treasure bombs have always been a resourceful way of getting shards, but sometimes the shards can get lost around the lobby and/or other players may collect some for themselves. I have done a couple of tests, and each time I have gotten around 2,000 shards, (most likely because I set it up in a way where no shards would escape). Of course, this is different for everyone! As Caleb previously said, he only got 480 so truly everyone is different. I personally got a little bit higher of a number, so if you really want to be able to collect all the shards, I'd place it where you know none will escape or get taken. I hope this helped!!
    Posted Aug 6, 2020
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  9. tested it out by myself, in a secluded area, on MCBE, 8 per shard and got about 1060 per bomb, i think it's slightly random each time though.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 6, 2020
  10. As for me, I usually get around 1000-1500 per bomb. I think the amount changes (but is always under 2000) so that you can’t use them to pay other players. I always likes bombs when I was a new player, because back then you only got shards occasionally from random drops while playing games.
    Posted Aug 6, 2020
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  11. As @hkq said, I believe there is no set amount of shards you can get from the Treasure Party Bomb.

    I usually don't try to collect the shards too often and only collect them when I see them really. These shouldn't be your main source of obtaining treasure shards.
    Posted Aug 6, 2020
  12. Thread Moved To Help Section

    Based on all the replies above, it appears that numbers vary. I'm not too sure if it's the same for both, bedrock and java, but I did test it as well on java. I personally got around 200 shards, even though I was in an enclosed area surprisingly enough. Since none of us share the same amount, some varying from a large to a small amount, it's safe to say it's most likely a completely randomized number. I would assume 2000 is the maximum you can get from one though. Since your question has been answered and there's been a ton of responses to this clearing things up, I will be locking this thread. If you have any further questions feel free to message me.

    Thread Locked | Question Answered
    Posted Aug 16, 2020
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