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Q&A #12

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SpectreSai, Jul 3, 2022.

  1. Hey everyone! Welcome back to this weeks Q&A. I hope you all enjoyed this last week. I had my exams Thursday and Friday so I’m relived it’s finally summer

    This week was WidestSinger982. Only Mothy was here aka Mothy guessed him so congrats to him! : D

    1. Who are you?

    I am WidestSinger982 aka widest aka wide (even tho I don’t like the name wide but whatever) and I love playing on mineplex because of all the players and the amazing games. I used to main the hive but my friend convinced me to start playing mineplex with him and boy was that a good idea or was that a good idea. I am addicted to mp and have played for crazy hours some days (14 hours no break) I am on 4 lb (dr swt skyfall and snf) and am going going for as many lbs as I can! I was born in 2009 and am only 13 years old so I’m at the perfect age to play games all day! I am level 84 and on Xbox with a controller so if you even ask for a 1v1 I will say no cuz I don’t wanna get clipped. I never thought I would even play a single game of sw let alone swt but they are just so fun how can you not play 5000 games.

    2. When and how did you start maining Mineplex ?

    I first played mp in around summer 2020ish but before that for about 5 months I played HIVE and was in a call with a new soon to be best friend hunterpro159687. He somehow convinced me to log on mineplex to play mob arena and didn’t think much of it but later I started playing cwd every day with him for months! Eventually he stoped playing mp for about 9-12 months and I started playing dr, bl and sw and the rest is history

    3. What are your primary goals for now?

    My main goals for now is
    Going for 10 lb even tho i can’t even pick 6 other games that I could go for but whatever.

    Get 100 pages of friend request. I don’t think I need to explain this one

    Learn how to spell “goal”.

    I may or may not of typed “goul” or “goul” for EVERY time I said goal. No I didn’t spell it wrong that time.

    graduate from middle school.

    I’m going into 7th grade rn and really don’t want to fail a grade cuz past middle school is high school and I won’t be able to play mineplex then.

    4. What is that one game you hate? And the one you love? Why?

    Now this question is kinda funny cuz I don’t really hate any game on mineplex but if I had to pick one game that was lesser then the rest I would pick… Speed builders. Now it was between speed builders and turf wars but turf isn’t the worst game cuz I can see how ulgy my new death animation or arrow trail is.

    For my favorite game this is a really hard question to answer because I love so many games but if I had to pick one it would be…. Sky fall! Now I really love sky fall and snow fights but sky fall is just more fun in my opinion. All my friends love sky fall, I’m on its leaderboard (45th place) and it is the game that made me go from only playing sw as swt on the second day of the month with my friend hunter to being on the swt lb and all most the sw leaderboard

    5. Are you proud of what you have achieved on the network?

    Saying I’m proud of what I have achieved on the mineplex network would be the understatement of the year. When I first really got into mineplex I never thought I would get to talk to/meet so many amazing people. I never thought I would get gem hunter 12 or even get on any mineplex leaderboard. But I was wrong, dead wrong. Follow your dreams because you never know when you might be a pro mineplexian.
    Here are the appreciations about him!

    widest is sus and bad - DrRentzel

    well, wide is probs one of the more funny and chill ppl I have met on this server and made sw and actually enjoyable experience for me and I’ve actually played it a bit more because of them. but yeah they pretty cool person in general. - Elluminati

    We love and appreciate wide-snow -Snow

    And here are the two hints on the next person!

    Hint 1: This person used to main Knight rank

    Hint 2: They are on 8 or more leaderboards
    Good luck!
    And cya next week!
    Posted Jul 3, 2022
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  2. Very few ppl are on 8 or more lb so even tho I’m at the beach and am busy I can prob figure it out here
    Posted Jul 3, 2022,
    Last edited Dec 24, 2022
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  3. 1. I am zEddie27 :)

    2. I played Mineplex for the first time in 2014 :), I heard about it from a friend at school.

    3. Buy a car. I just wanna get one in cash so I’ll only have to deal with insurance and gas.

    4. Minecraft. I don’t remember any games I hate, but I do absolutely hate the level “Rupture” from Geometry Dash

    5. I guess so?
    Posted Jul 3, 2022
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  4. Bro what
    Posted Jul 3, 2022
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  5. i think its dr
    Posted Jul 3, 2022
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