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Q&A #11

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SpectreSai, Jun 26, 2022.

  1. Hey everyone!
    Welcome back to the 11th Q&A! I hope you guys all enjoyed this week. I’m personally revising for my exams

    Enjoy reading!

    This week was merc, the #1 death tag player. Two people guessed her last week, DrRentzel and WidestSinger!
    1. Who are you?
    My name is Merc and I am a world known turf wars god

    2. What platform do you play on? Would you rather play on another one?
    I play on mobile, but I wish I played on Xbox or PC. However, if I did I’d most likely ditch minecraft for apex or COD.

    3. What is it like holding the #1 spot on the Death Tag leaderboard?
    It feels great knowing I’m the best death tag player. Nobody can run away from people as well as I can.

    4. If you could change one thing about the Mineplex server, what would it be?
    If I could change one thing about mineplex it’d be changing the leadership team. Particles have been broke for several years, the server is dying, and nobody seems to care. Updates are not like they used to be. There’s no challenges or hunts to engage players anymore and keep them returning. I think it’s important to have a team that cares for their player base and mineplex simply doesn’t have that. Funds are low but with a good team it wouldn’t be hard to bring mineplex to life again.

    5. Would you ever apply for moderator?
    I would apply for moderator, however like I stated above, there’s no way that’s happening with the owners we have now.

    Anything you want to add?
    If you find me in a lobby you better run.

    Now for the three appreciations:

    Merc is such an icon and queen! She’s a great person to be around and has the best personality. She’s also the most amazing turf main out there…!!! - voidteen

    merc is such a slay!!! she shoots minecraft bows very well, perhaps she’s funny too… just kidding love you merc you are a girly queen boss girl <3 -glohssier

    MERCCC was good jit you a real nice person, I be carrying you in turf and stuff easy carry btw, then I be killing you in mm bro like always, but I can’t cap merc you hella good at turf and keep up the good work but as always you ain’t better than me in turf simple as that but merc you a real one thanks for being a good friend! Ps. Carry me in turf again one day -Vcqrlos

    Here are the two hints on next week’s person

    Hint 1: They can beat everyone on dragons, they are on the dragons leaderboard but don’t main this game

    Hint 2: They have 3 numbers in their IGN

    This is the end of this week’s Q&A, see you next week!

    PS: Hmu if you wanna be interviewed or have ideas of questions I could ask lol
    Posted Jun 26, 2022,
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  2. Posted Jun 26, 2022,
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