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Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by MrObama420, Jun 28, 2020.


What version do you perfer?

  1. Java

    6 vote(s)
  2. Bedrock

    10 vote(s)
  1. I have been a Java player for my whole life. I recently started playing on Bedrock more frequently due to the fact that majority of my friends own Bedrock. I would like to list the 2 main things that frustrate me with combat on Mineplex.

    1. The small skins. Its stupid. There is absolutely no reason to not filter them. All of the other servers in the partnership with Microsoft filter them. And I really don't want to hear the "tHeY cAnT fIlTeR oUt sKiNs iN tHe MaRkEt PlAcE."

    2. The knockback/lag. I already know that it is not my wifi, because im not the only person with this issue. I will put it bluntly. The knockback is absolute garbage. I have never in my 7 years of Minecraft, seen anything this bad. On the Bedrock server, you never know when the rules of Minecraft physics will apply. Its like bedrock redstone. Completely random. You could hit your opponent 5 times with no result, and then a few seconds later they shoot off into the stratosphere.

    Conclusion? At least 1 of these 2 issues can be fixed soon. The skins. You can't necessarily blame Mineplex for the knockback, but they could take a look at making it more stable.

    EDIT: 1 last thing. Make it so you can move Polly in Cake Wars. I found out today that you can waste 10 emeralds if you don't have an open hotbar slot.
    Posted Jun 28, 2020
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  2. I have been a bedrock player for as long as I can remember and I play java too. Bedrock is definitely my preference though and here are a few reasons why.

    1. Bedrock has more players which means more variety in people you meet.
    2. Bedrock has 128 x 128 skins which make it more customizable, they also allow spaces in names for even more customization.
    3. Playerbase is generally less toxic and the PVP is easier for combos. (IMO)

    Reasons I don't like java:
    1. Rude players and toxicity
    2. Hackers are more common
    3. Playerbase is a lot smaller so games take longer to fill and start.

    As you mentioned above about the small skins there is nothing Mineplex can do about that since it is a Microsoft provided thing which is not within Mineplex's control. The PVP is also something that has to do with Minecraft in general and not just the server.

    ps: The moving named Items thing is a known bug and is being worked on.
    Posted Jun 29, 2020 at 11:29 PM
  3. Yo!

    I don’t necessarily like one over the other, as I find both platforms have an equal amount of pros and cons which evidently balances them out with each other, but I suppose for this question I’ll have to go with Bedrock due to the fact that I’ve played it longer and am more familiar with it.

    1) I realize this can be irritating, since the small skins have a lot of advantages, but unfortunately it’s not necessarily fair to block them out. Now this reason isn’t due to the fact that it’s a Marketplace skin, but rather the fact that they could’ve paid to have that skin. Whilst yes, you could argue that they paid for a whole skin pack and could use another skin, most people would probably be pretty discouraged to play on a server that blocks out the skin of their choice. Additionally, these “advantages” that they have, aren’t that huge, rather minor. Thankfully their hit boxes are the same and the only thing you need to fret about is if they have better armor than you or not, as you are completely blind when facing this factor. Yes, this can be quite frustrating as you may be outgeared, but in the end it isn’t really a big deal.

    2) So no server is perfect, with that being said every server has its own unique knockback system. I honestly don’t see much of a problem with Mineplex’s current knockback, but then again I choose to deal with whatever knockback I’m given and work with that, whilst it may not be ideal and this knockback may not be the best for PVP purposes, at the end of the day it is just a knockback system and doesn’t really effect the server’s standing in my eyes.
    Posted Jun 30, 2020 at 12:04 AM,
    Last edited Jun 30, 2020 at 12:09 AM
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  4. Bedrock pvp is just so clunky with the way the screenshake works and the kb. Not to mention how it easy it is, like seriously, one doesn’t even need to know how to w tap, s tap, 7 tap, etc... due to how easy it is
    Posted Jun 30, 2020 at 1:31 AM
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  5. I agree that PvP is a bit clunky on Bedrock, but that's because of a numerous amount of issues that Mineplex cannot control (at least not all of them). The small skins are also quite annoying as it can be tricky to hit them due to their hitboxes, but its something you get used to when you play Bedrock every day.

    I think Mineplex should disallow the small skins as they provide an advantage to those using them. Although they have paid for the skin, I am sure people would realise that.
    Posted Jun 30, 2020 at 11:03 AM
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  6. I am mainly a java player and only a staff member on java but recently began playing on bedrock a bit more, to get a better understanding of the network in the aggregate. After playing some PvP games I noticed how different PvP is on Bedrock, and not completely for the worst.

    The first thing I would say is that it does seem a bit clunky, but I wanted to see if it was Mineplex issue or just a bedrock issue, I played on a couple of other servers briefly, and noticed they had the same clunkiness to them as well. I assume that is because Microsoft, and the partner servers, are still developing bedrock since it is a relatively new platform. You also have to remember that bedrock support windows 10, Xbox, and mobile devices, which complicate things even further.

    Similarly, Mineplex Bedrock is still considered Beta, and there are updates being pushed out on Bedrock almost daily. Mineplex is trying to improve bedrock, and you could always try to assist by giving feedback, not only here, but also in the bugs section here. By submitting bugs here, you are directly sending issues to the Quality Assurance/development team, so the issues you are talking about can be addressed even faster.

    Onto the issues with skins, I totally agree. Yesterday I was playing skywars when a Yoda skin player ran up to fight me, and I pretty much died instantly. Even though the hitboxes are the same for all skin sizes, it still is somewhat hard to hit them, as you no longer have the instant visual recognition, hit here. So I 100% agree with adding some sort of fix for this.

    So to summarize, I completely agree with the skin issue, but in terms of PvP, I think it is largely a bedrock issue and maybe ironed out with bug patches by both Minecraft and Mineplex (but again, feel free to submit a bug report, as this may help the team diagnose the issue!). Thank you so much for your idea and I hope my feedback helped. If you have any further questions, concerns, or issues, feel free to private message me!
    Posted Jun 30, 2020 at 9:08 PM

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