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PVP or Building?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Pubbsby, Apr 8, 2020.


PVP or Building?

  1. PVP

    31 vote(s)

    12 vote(s)
  3. None

    1 vote(s)
  4. Other

    4 vote(s)
  1. Hello! I always desired to get better at PVP and building, and with the help of a friend (Dacked), I have finally accomplished getting better at PVP. But for building, I tend to learn on my own and let my creativity/constructive criticism seep. Which one do you like better: PVP or construction? Let me know down below!
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
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  2. As you can tell by my game stats, I prefer PvP over building. Any intense and fast-paced game mode suits me. I am atrocious at building, as creativity is something I do not possess. My favourite games are The Bridges, Survival Games, Cake Wars, Mixed Arcade, and Skywars, and that alone makes me a better PvPer than builder.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
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  3. Hey there!

    Due to the fact that I am the basic Minecrafter and severely lacks any form of creativity, whatsoever, I prefer to compete how fast i can click and how well I can aim instead of building. I would say though, that I did have a phase back in 2016 where I got into building and actually went on a building server to build a city and roads etc.

    Here is a photo of my most accomplished building ever.

    I feel like whatever creative inside of me leaked out of me just like a bottle with a hole underneath. Now however, I've gotten more into PVP and spend most of my time playing Bridges.

    Posted Apr 8, 2020
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  4. I would definitely prefer pvp over building. I just find it an annoying mechanic to have building in Minecraft, mostly in competitive games. However, I am fine with the build skills in casual games, like master builders or whenever one is making a new map. But the mechanics like speed bridging or others are things I just find annoying in the game of minecraft. That's just my opinion, but I've preferred pvp, even if it is simply spam clicking. PvP is what has made me still play this game, not that building is not fun, but I would always prefer pvp. I personally don't like to play games like master builders, but I might sometimes learn world edit or try to make my own map myself.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
  5. Hey!

    I personally believe both are fun, but I don't think you can really compare PVP and Building. There is the PVP side of Minecraft and there is the Building side of it and both sides have something good to offer. Although I will say this, my building skills are way better than my PVP skills. Maybe that says something about me! :willy:

    - 6_figures (Jorden)
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
  6. I like a bit of both, as far as minigame servers go I definitely prefer PvP. I like the generally fast pace of PvP and the excitement of it, which to me building games do not have. On the other hand, when it comes to survival I never play on servers that have PvP enabled. For standard survival, I love being able to build without the fear of getting killed or my builds destroyed.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
  7. Personally, I’ve always preferred PVP compared to building. It’s not that I’m horrible at building - in fact I’m actually pretty good at it. PVP will just always be my preference. There’s something about it that particularly sparks my interest in PVPing. Not only that, but it’s immensely enjoyable and entertaining to partake in. Building was just never the same for me. I get bored of it quite easily, despite my ability to build efficiently. I can never get bored at PVP, as there’s always various outcomes to it.​
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
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  8. I've always preferred PvP. It's much more enjoyable and suspenseful. Building- although I'm decent at it- has never really appealed to me. I find much more interest in PvPing then I do building. You don't get the same feelings portrayed when building a house as you do when battling an opponent. I've always loved PvP games as well, and I've always found them enjoyable. I have become immensely good at PvP after practicing and after experience. I'd say my PvP skill is definitely pretty good right now. I believe I'll always prefer PvP over building, as I do now. You just don't get the same rushing sensation and beating heart from building a house- unlike you do when PvPing.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
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  9. While I enjoy doing both PVP and building, I tend to prefer PVP as it does not take as much time as building, it is more fast paced and competitive (in a fun way), and I'm just better at it than I am at building. That said, I still do consider myself to be a decent builder, but unless I'm building with friends or with a team, then I will usually partake in PVP first. I know quite a few people who would rather build than PVP however, so it's really just about one's personal preference.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020,
    Last edited Apr 8, 2020
  10. I personally love PVP. Pvp has been an active strong-suit for me and probably will be or long as Mineplex/Minecraft's a thing. :P I tried to build, I built some maps but it was boring to me. :P
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
  11. I prefer PVP; it's just more exciting and engaging. The competitive nature of it also adds to the fun. There are also more PVP games available, and PVP is a big part of most games I like. When I started to play MC, I played a lot of Micro Battles, and now it's mainly cakewars for me.
    I'm alright at building (must be all those building tutorials I used to watch) but I don't build very often. Me and a friend have built a cakewars map though, and are attempting to build an SG map, but WorldEdit is scary..
    I'm not that creative for thinking of original build ideas, but if I have a specific theme, I am capable of building something that looks half-decent.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
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  12. Hey,

    For me I'd rather build. Even though I wouldn't consider myself a good builder, I found out about Minecraft through another building game. There was no PvP or anything of that sort, just building blocks. Considering I grew up loving Lego too, I'd prefer building over any other aspect Minecraft offers.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
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  13. I love and really enjoy both, building and PVP. They're both very different from each other. Building is really relaxing, while PVP on the other hand, is the complete opposite. It's nice to be able to take a break from PVP while still on the same game once in a while. ♥
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
  14. Looks like I seem to be one of the the odd ones out, favoring building over PvP. Though I do love a good PvP game (particularly Cake Wars and SkyWars) I will always come back to building. I absolutely love Master Builders, and spend a lot of time playing it. Even above that, I adore Speed Builders. Speed Builders is my most-played, most-won game on Mineplex, and I'd like to consider myself slightly above average at it. Even if I love the PvP games, building not only has that reassuring, relaxing quality, while still having upbeat/high intensity aspects like in Speed Builders.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
  15. It kind of depends what mood I’m in, sometimes I get tired of PvP games if I play them a lot, but I think overall I’d still have to choose PvP over building. They’re just more fun and exciting for me to play. I’m not the best builder, and I definitely wouldn’t mind getting better, but I don’t really have the patience for it. Building large structures can take a long time, it can get kind of boring for me personally.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
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  16. I prefer PvP to building, I usually just get bored of building after a while. I do like switching up the different PvP modes though as sometimes I feel like playing UHC, PotPvP or SG modes for example when I'm practicing.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
  17. Hey!

    As it turns out I'm not a major fan of either one, but if I was to choose then I would build. I do like to play PvP games and they take up a lot of my time, but there is more to these and it's not all about being the best PvPer out there. I'm weighing up PvP and building by asking myself if I would rather head into a world to take down a player or team or to take some free time to build. I would never be in the mood to casually PvP as I could find it tedious - the enjoyment you get from it relies a lot on your skill. I don't have much of it when it comes to PvP!

    I prefer building as you don't need to be skilled at it to find it enjoyable. You could be the worst builder in the world but you may really enjoy building houses or interior design, which was an interest I had a few years ago. You're not under any pressure from anybody else as you can do it in your own time, and you don't have to try it with others until you are confident in your abilities. Perhaps you can even learn with them. With building there is a smooth progression curve and you take it at your own pace, unlike PvP where you are forced to work your way to the top while dealing with the "ez" and "L" attitudes of competitors.

    Building does win here for me, even though I'm not very good at either. There's just something more rewarding about having an idea for a build and turning it into reality as it involves creativity and showcases some pretty useful qualities. With PvP you're just setting out to kill in a strategic way and there isn't much more to it! This isn't bad and is skillful too; I just find building more satisfactory at the end of the day.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
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  18. Hey! :sigils_down:

    Personally, I have to go with pvp all the way. There's a couple reasons that I chose pvp over building which I'll elaborate on. The first of these reasons is that I am not at all good at building. I'm decent at it, but compared to some of the work I've seen done by other players, I my builds just not as good. I also just enjoy pvp more. To me it's more satisfying to win a pvp game, or to get a nice combo. Some people enjoy the completion of a build, and others enjoy the rather chaotic pvp scene. I personally have to say I enjoy pvp more. Well, that's my answer to the initial question, now I'm just gonna give my personal opinion on my favorite game for each type of game. (pvp or building)

    Here are my top two games for pvp and building!

    Gladiators (pvp) -
    Gladiators is a game where players are put into a 1v1 arena, and go through rounds in a tournament style. Players will fight one another with the same gear in a 1v1, and the winner advances to the next round. Do that until you reach your best two players, and they will duel to see who the final champion will be. This game is absolutely amazing, and it's a shame to see that the game itself is not played as much as it used to be. (Just as an extra tip: You can do /server GLD-1 to get into a gladiators lobby)

    Cake Wars (pvp) - Though I'm not incredibly good at it, cake wars is definitely one of the best games for people who love pvp. If you play cake wars, you will often find a very competitive spirit within the game. In cake wars, each team has a cake and a resource generator. Players capture beacons around the map to gain extra resources and unlock better armor, all of this while they try to eat the other team's cakes and disable their re-spawning. After about 10 minutes the cakes will disappear, leaving everyone without re-spawn availability. The last team standing wins.

    Draw My Thing (building) - Where I am not so good with building, I'm half decent at guessing other people's builds. In draw my thing, you need to but your quick thinking skills to the test. One player will be given a word to draw on a huge canvas, while the other players attempt to guess what they are drawing. After the drawer is done, another player is given a new word and tasked with drawing it. You earn points by guessing other people's drawings as well as the amount of people who guess yours correct. Well although one might consider it to not be a "building" game because you're only changing the color of blocks, I still have to make the argument that it is a non-pvp game that involves using the creative side of the brain.

    Speed Builders (building) - In speed builders players are given a couple seconds to memorize a small build and then re-create it to the best of their capability. You are given a % score based off of the amount of blocks placed in the correct area. One by one, Judge Gwen picks a player to eliminate and in the end, one winner will rise. This game puts you in a position where you need to be giving 100% attention to the build you must re-create. It brings building to a more competitive standard as you watch those around you build the same thing. The games are also relatively short, and you're almost always building. To say the least, if you just wanna make a couple tiny builds, speed builders is the game for you!

    Hope you all enjoyed this forum post!
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
  19. For me it's both.
    This is where turf wars come in. I love building defences when I am playing a PVP game mode.
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
  20. Hey! First, i'm glad I was able to help and give you some of the basics, you have my discord and my discord server so let me know if you want more lessons, because I would love to help to get you where you want to be. My choice for this was obviously pvp, i'm alright at building, but I enjoy pvp a lot more than I do building. First I'm better at pvp than I am building, second I find it more competitive and fun because it's usually against other players.

    Have a good day!
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
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