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<--> Proxima Adventure Map: Looking for Builders! <->

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by craftdiamonds, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Recruitment is now closed

    Hello, my name is craftdiamonds and I am the Director of a W.I.P. adventure map known as Proxima! We want this map to really be as great as it can be and surpass expectations. In order to do this, we will need to pull off some really difficult task such as custom modeled bosses, custom crafting recipes, naturally spawning custom mobs, and intricate cave builds.


    Speaking of building, we have run into a roadblock. We have realized that building this map will take quite a while to go beyond average expectations and possibly be added into Realms. That is where you, the reader, could help. We are reaching out to select individuals to help us build the map!


    Before I get into the technical information, here is a link that leads you to what Proxima is.


    Furthermore, we truly want people who know what they are doing and that we can rely on them.
    Here are the basic terms and conditions.

    o Must have a registered discord account
    o Must be able to play in 1.13.2/1.14
    o Must have a basic grip on environmental building
    o Must be decently active
    o Must be able to follow directions of staff
    o Must be Mature (unfortunately, no extreme profanity)
    o Enable Open DMs on Discord
    o Build within caves and underwater

    Before you join this team please know this…

    o All builders will be credited during the final credit sequence of the map
    o Your builds may be slightly altered in order to accommodate the player experience

    o All builders will only have knowledge of what they need to build, meaning that builders will not have knowledge of behind the scenes information


    With that out of the way, we hope you will consider applying or even checking out the map itself!
    Upon acceptance, you will be able to join our official discord.

    Apply here → https://forms.gle/y2uGFnnDigQjQtXY6
    Posted Apr 18, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 16, 2019

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