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Proxima: A ForumJelly Adventure Map (W-I-P Thread)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by craftdiamonds, Apr 3, 2019.


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  1. Proxima

    What is it?

    ForumJelly has been working on another map after our previous map Aberrant Worlds

    This map will hopefully completely change your viewpoint of adventure maps and amazing they can be! Furthermore, the map will likely be in 1.14 and up to possibly 5 players. This will be a decently long map so you better have some spare time!


    You play the role of a Space explorer when suddenly you are attacked by an unknown creature and are hurtled towards the mysterious planet known as Proxima. Your job is to venture down into the bowels of the planet and find four missing parts so that you can be able to return back to your own world.

    Custom Crafting, Items, and Mobs

    To give a special twist to this map, we have added unique items which you will be able to craft and pick up from monsters that you kill. Each monster/mob drops something unique, and when you get enough, you can put them together to form a special item to help you on your quest to escape Proxima.

    Custom Item Examples:
    Temporary barrier: Places down a mob-proof barrier for a few seconds (1-minute cooldown)
    o Tranq-gun: Freezes Mobs for 10 Seconds (Requires Ammo)
    o Gravity Gun: Will Launch Mobs (10-sec cooldown)
    o Warp Staff: Will teleport players around like a warp staff

    While for the most part, we will be using Minecraft’s default mobs, we have retextured them to make the map more unique. Some of these retextures even make fighting them harder! However, each specified area will only contain certain mobs, so to craft items you will need to venture into different areas and hopefully obtain these items. Finally, mobs will spawn naturally so you will not need to destroy those pesky spawners.

    Map made for Anyone + Modes

    We are attempting to create a map that anyone can get behind.
    If you have any ideas to help make this map for everyone, please let us know!

    Gear System:
    This map will feature a special system known as the gear system. While your main goal is to find the four missing ship parts that are needed to escape the planet. There are other pickups for those completionists out there, with these gears you are able to craft them into blocks which can be placed on the ship. These blocks when placed will grant a permanent perk throughout the entire map. Such as permanent resistance or regeneration I.

    In addition to that, we have created two modes to give players an infinite number of adventures to experience.

    Veteran Mode
    Warning: This mode is only for true players. No weaklings allowed. (cough craft)
    Players have the option of entering into an alternate mode for an even more intense gameplay experience. This mode will take place in hard difficulty settings rather than normal. You are not allowed Natural Regeneration & will not be provided with a mob drop guide explaining what mob will drop what. We are still debating whether to give you a crafting recipe book during veteran mode as well. It is recommended you try this mode only after playing the map once.

    The default way to play this adventure map. All players will receive the necessary equipment in order to fully enjoy this map along with the aforementioned gear system.

    Free Roam
    Wait. It’s not linear? No, this map is open, in a way. You may choose to play the map in any order. There are four main caves and one hub cave. This way if you ever decide to replay the map, you can attempt new routes and have even more interesting ways to play. However, each area will be around the same difficulty. Even though you will have more items prepared for other areas of the map, you will still find the adventure to be quite the challenge. Though you may be thinking, “what if I want to go back to an area, but I don’t want to walk!” Well, my answer to that is; ever play Xenoblade Chronicles? In the map, you will be provided a Skip Travel book. This means that throughout the map, as you discover important landmarks or areas, you may warp back to them at any time.

    Unique Experience + Realms

    This map will have what is known as a Custom Resource Pack. Meaning the mobs, items, music, some sound effects, some blocks, etc. will be retextured. This will truly make the map even more interesting. On your journey, you will come across custom bosses, retextured mobs, and more.

    Throughout this map, we have been trying to focus on one thing; attempting to get this map onto Realms. As you might know, it is possible for people to submit maps to be added, however, this is a really difficult task, as to get a map onto Realms, the map must be nearly free of bugs and properly balanced.

    Please leave as much feedback as possible to help us achieve this goal



    How you can help us!

    We really need as much feedback as we can get, so reply with what you think!
    Also, try to get the word out as well please <3

    --- Post updated ---
    *These were meant to be posted earlier*
    Update #1 : 3/17/19
    The map is finally alive again, we have begun to start working on the caves!
    - Worked on one of the four areas
    - Expanded the texture pack
    - Began to finalize how exactly the building will be laid out
    - Working on making the map player-friendly
    - Removed large chunks of unneeded land in order to make the map less resource demanding

    Update #2 - 4/3/19
    - All extra chunks have been removed
    - Pack assets have been improved on
    - More work has been done on the caves
    - Minor testing regarding commands have been done
    - Builders may slowly start being recruited soon
    - Created the foundation for background things
    - This unholy image

    Update #3: 4/15/10
    - Updated Screenshots
    - More building is done in the background
    - We have started to recruit builders

    --- Post updated ---
    Note: I am aware of this necro, but I forgot to post these updates on the Minplex branch of this map thread. I have been doing it consistently on other forums such as MinecraftForums and the other server. I apologize.

    Update #4: 5/8/19

    - We are in the process of obtaining a new server
    - Some background work has been done
    - Our new mapping discord is likely fully complete
    We are sorry we have not been too active, it is testing month after all. Building recruitments are still open!

    Update #5: 5/27/19
    - One of the four caves is now halfway done
    - Build members have been recruited
    - Several items have been reworked in order to be Realms friendly
    - New concepts for caves have been proposed in order to differentiate gameplay
    - Concepts have been simplified

    Update #6: 6/20/19
    - One of the four caves is completely complete!
    - Work has started on the second cave
    - Texture Pack improvements
    - Ideas were scrapped due to many of them not working
    - Work has started to become more stable and less frantic
    - Ideas were tested
    - Updated Screenshots

    Update #7: 7/27/19
    We almost lose two months of progress. We were/are in the process of switching servers again and we realized all our backups were duds, so we spent hours trying to recover the world. In the end, we did! To continue, we have had no server, as such, we are now using Aternos again. We tried to avoid using Aternos due to how much trouble it has caused us in the past. However, we will treat this as a temporary solution and I myself will try to get a hold of my own server which will hopefully negate problems like these in the future! Now onto the normal changelog

    o Almost lost two months of progress but luckily did not
    o The project has been inactive for about a week due to not having a server
    o Planned what buffs the player will receive from the gear system
    o One of our members has worked on some designs for mobs/bosses
    o Cleaned up loose pack errors
    --- Post updated ---
    Update #8: 8/19/19
    o Major improvements to the red cave, lighting up all the Redstone
    o Had some behind the door discussion and made changes to the map in order to be eligible for Realms submission
    o Discussed bosses and their abilities
    o Started to Redstone within the red caves
    o Made lots of progress in the redcaves regarding building
    o Discussed what the other two caves will be like
    o Discussed possible sound effects
    o More texturework
    o Updated Screenshots
    --- Post updated ---
    Update #9: 9/16/19
    o We are officially halfway done building, in fact I would actually say 3/5s
    o Two out of the four caves have been completed, boss room talk has started
    o Some debate on how exactly spawnpoints are going to work
    o Slowly prepping beta testing
    o Slowly prepping redstone
    o More texture work has been done
    o Enemy placement was discussed
    o Screenshots were updated using a variety of shaders to reduce noise
    We have a legit chance of finishing building before the month ends. The map is predicted to release in November-December.
    --- Post updated ---
    Update #10: 10/22/19
    o We have finished all four of the main areas in the game
    o Boss rooms have begun work
    o Starting the main command process
    o Finalization of everything
    o Slowly prepping beta testing
    o Screenshots were updated
    --- Post updated ---
    Update #11: 11/21/19
    o Boss rooms are nearly complete
    o Building is practically done!
    o Command Block work has started
    o Implementation of advancements, resource pack updates, and sounds have been done
    o Boss work has been done
    o Overall outline for command block work has been done
    Estimated Release: Mid-End Jan
    --- Post updated ---
    Update #12: 12/16/19
    The map has continued to go well, everyone is much more active. It feels really surreal to be at this stage, we have been building for so long. I plan on going back to AberrantWorlds route with these updates and give you a rundown of what we have done. I thank you all for your patience and apologize for leaving everyone in the dark with vague updates.
    Predicted Release: End of January - Beginning of February

    - Several custom items have been implemented
    - Several sound effects have been added
    - Bosses have continued development
    - Prepping for the inevitable testing phase
    - Worked our away around the gear system due to chests being a poor option
    - Map Dialogue has begun work
    - Cutscenes have begun work

    Here are two teasers of items you might be able to use during your journey!

    Posted Dec 16, 2019,
    Last edited Apr 12, 2020
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  2. Update #13: 1/13/20
    Alright, we have made a TON of progress since the last update. We took full advantage of the winter break and got pretty far!
    However, one of our team members sustained an injury and unfortunately, they are heavily needed at this stage during the production of the map. As such the release is likely to be pushed a bit. Testing will start within 2-3 weeks though!
    Estimated Release: Mid Feb

    o Nearly all of the planning required in the map has been completed
    o All little cave particles have been completed
    o Natural Mob Spawning has been implemented
    o All Items have been created and are functional
    o Credit sequence has been completed
    o Tutorial Boss fight has been completed
    o Ship Part indicators have been completed
    o Gears have been hidden
    o Gear effects have been created
    o Boss work has begun
    o Nearly all sound effects have been completed
    o Custom chests have been implemented
    o Mob Drop guide has been completed
    o Cutscenes have begun work
    o Loot tables and custom recipes have begun work
    o 1.15 port has been planned

    New trailers have been released, check them out!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 13, 2020
  3. Update #14: 2/8/20
    A good amount of progress was made, many of the smaller things we're focused on this time around. The bigger tasks are still being worked on. However, there is an issue that has arisen; 1.16. When we release the map, we would like it to be updated in the latest version of Minecraft, however, with the first snapshot just now going out some changes might need to be made and the release will have to be pushed (in addition to us not even being done with commands yet). Our main goal is to have the map added to realms, meaning it has to be in the latest version. We want the map to remain on the platform for as long as possible as well. Luckily, from what we are aware, the command API does not change all too much which is a good sign. In the end, this map started in 1.13, it might release in 1.16!

    Our plan: We will continue to work on the map and release it in whatever the latest version of Minecraft is. Once 1.16 is released, we will do our best to update the map to 1.16 as soon as we can. If the command API is mostly the same, only minor changes will have to be done, meaning that update development won't take too long. We still want to get this out to everyone after over a year of waiting!
    Estimated Release: March is most likely

    o Map has been ported to 1.15+
    o Loot tables and custom recipes have been fixed (yes fixed) and continued work
    o Cutscenes have continued development
    o Remodels were worked on
    o Texture pack updates were work on
    o Nearly all bosses are completed
    o Custom death messages have been implemented
    o Balance control was touched upon
    o QoL changes were implemented
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 8, 2020
  4. Update #15: 3/8/20
    I totally didn't wait for exactly one month later to release the next update.

    However, this is not the normal update, I am here to inform you about the current status of the map. Before I start, I will say, that this map IS NOT COMPLETELY DEAD. We are still working on it, but unfortunately, production is extremely stagnant at the moment due to reasons out of our control. I will not go into detail but command-experts of the team have been quite busy or unable to work on the project that often. We are looking for alternatives and other means to complete the project without sacrificing quality. As a result of this, we don't know when the map is going to be released, we will ensure that it will come out asap. Thank you, we apologize for all of this...
    Estimated Release: TBA
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 8, 2020
  5. Update 16: 4/12/20
    Whoops I missed the date on this one by a few days, sorry about that!
    The map is a bit more alive, in fact, we have actually completed a lot more than we realized. All that is left are the super major complicated things which might take a while but since we are stuck at home, we might as well finish it up!
    As for the alternate means, we might not have too if things continue smoothly!
    Estimated Release: TBA

    o The map is now 80% complete
    o All custom cave particles have been added
    o Any other general particle balancing has been done
    o Mobs naturally spawning has been implemented, yet to be fully tested
    o Recipes are now fully done (needed to be reworked)
    o Veteran mode has been fully completed
    o Mob drop book has been fully completed (needed to be reworked)
    o Credits have been completed
    o Cave concepts have been fully implemented
    o Map effects have been added (balance control)
    o Bosses have been completed, yet to be fully tested
    o Cutscenes continue development
    o The texture pack is nearly complete
    o Skip travel is nearly complete
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 12, 2020
  6. Update 17: 5/13/20
    oooooooh boy we have gotten a lot done lately!
    We hope to release this map very soon, we just have two more major obstacles in terms of commands before we can start beta testing. Hopefully, beta testing will not take too long :p
    Estimated Release: TBA

    o The map is now 85% complete
    o Map effects have been tweaked
    o Cutscenes continue development (one of the major obstacles)
    o The texture pack is nearly complete
    o Skip travel is now basically complete
    o Discussion on how to implement ambient sound effects and random dialogue has been discussed
    o Advancements and mob drops have begun implementation, planning and discussion have already been done
    o Additional item abilities have begun implementation
    o Started working on an official ForumJelly logo and Proxima banner
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 13, 2020
  7. Update 18: 6/17/20
    A lot of progress has been made. We are still decently far from completion as we still have testing one the command process is done but we are going at a steady pace.

    o The map still remains at around 85% complete
    o Skip travel is fully complete, was adjusted to reduce any lag potential
    o Most of the bosses have been fully tested
    o Boss tweaks are nearly complete
    o Ambient sound and random text dialogue have begun implementation

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 17, 2020
  8. Update 19: 7/17/20
    Time for the monthly update! We are almost done with all the in-game command objectives and we just have a few more obstacles left in the way!

    o The map still remains at around 85% complete
    o Boss tweaks are nearly complete (obstacle)
    o Cutscenes still continue work (obstacle)
    o QoL changes are being added
    o Advancements, Mob Drops, Dialogue, Sounds, and Mini-bosses are in the works!

    I hope that testing will start soon once we finish the tweaks

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 17, 2020

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